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Business plays an integral part in the development and economy of any country. Businesses are responsible for proving the jobs, goods and services need by the people in a country, hence the need for more businesses in any nation. Businesses are conducted in various ways, some may be in a sole proprietorship, limited liability, or even as a joint venture. For businesses to grow and expand very well, there is a need to have people managing the affairs of the business. How the profits are made, give financial advice, oversee the day to day use of funds, and also to bring in more investments.

The need for business administrators have always been in demand and its need has become so much because more people are venturing into owning a business and need people to help them manage its affairs well and as well make profits too. Business administrators also get their degrees now to help themselves become efficient business owners not just to work for somebody. Therefore, the increase in demand is overwhelming each year. Businesses need to survive and as such are in dire need of these professionals. Business administrators are employed to oversee the financial aspects of a business, to help it grow financially with debts and other financial crises but for the sole aim of making profits all year round.

Pursuing a business administration degree can positively impact your career and personal life, as it can provide you with the skills needed to make financial and management decisions in your career and in your own life. Additionally, a business administration degree positions you for a variety of career paths but specifically prepare you for a career in business or management, applicable to your industry of choice.


Upon completion of your degree, you should be able to:

  • Examine the role of competitive advantage in business environments using strategic and operational methods.
  • Compare and contrast regional, national, and international business environments.
  • Evaluate the legal, social, political, and economic environments of business.
  • Analyze financial information and other business data to ensure effective managerial decision-making.
  • Design effective solutions by diagnosing organizational problems.
  • Create a strategic business plan.


What is Business Administration?


Business administration or business management is a career field that focuses on the planning, analyzing, management, and organizing of various business activities and financial needs of an organization. Business administration is a very versatile field and obtaining a degree in business administration can be used on a professional level that is, as an employee or for independent and personal purposes that is, operating your own business too.

Business administrators do a lot of work and that is why they are perceived to been paid well. Their job descriptions vary from always been in charge of the day to day financial activities of the organization or business they work with, manage all financial operations, also dealing with the general activities of the business in providing goods and services, they also negotiate and approve business contracts which would be beneficial to the organization. The list of the job description of a business administrator goes on and on but in all, they are seen as the financial backbone of any business or organization that is ready to make profits or need someone to manage its financial affairs.

Business administration is a broad field that covers other fields such as accounting, finance, marketing, and managerial studies. Business administrators get to have different job roles and as a result, their job description differs in regard to the organization or different business establishment they work with.


Benefits of studying Business Administration


If you are searching for reasons why you must take a chance in studying business administration, below are outlined some of the benefits you would enjoy by obtaining a business administration degree.

You become employable: students who obtain a degree in business administration are said to have great administration skills which are transferable and these put them at the forefront of employers. As a business administer, you can get a job as a marketing executive, human resources, finance, manager, and so on.
You would be able to develop your management skills:  studying business administration helps you to sharpen and develop your management skills which are required by business employers. Some of the management skills you would learn are; problem-solving, communication, organizing, strategic thinking, leadership, project management, and others. You will definitely build your skillset which will help you to as a valuable asset to your organization.
You can be your own boss: a business administrator can be versatile in his or her choice of operation. You can choose to start your own business using all the skills you have acquired or work for a company. Owning a business administration degree outs you on the path of becoming whoever you want to be career-wise.
You have an advantage of a flexible career: getting a degree in business administration helps you to have flexibility in your career. You can choose to work as a finance manager, an accountant, human resources manager and also in any marketing firm.
You have a chance of getting career growth. As you continue in the field as a business administrator, you have more opportunities to explore in this filed. If you wish to study more in this field, you can take up the postgraduate studies which may take up to six years to finish, or even other professional courses which can be up to a year or more as the case may be. These professional studies act as an elevator for your journey as a certified business administrator.

Business administration is a very versatile field which makes use of practical tools to implement networking and marketing skills its studies.

As a business administrator, you have a list of career roles you can pick from and work hard to become a professional in yours choose field. Businesses are being created almost every day and therefore, there is an increasing demand for more business administration professionals who can run a business effectively and also make more profits for the business, which of course is the main purpose of creating a business. Business administrators play huge roles in the success or failure of any business enterprise. You can choose to make a great impact in your chosen field by choosing the right course of study in which business administration is a very good choice and would always be in demand for a long time.


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