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All of our partner Universities in Ukraine, Poland, Georgia, Uzbekistan, Russia, and Latvia provide a great dormitory system with renovated Campuses, well-furnished rooms, a pleasant study environment, and recreation places nearby. Edugain Overseas guarantees placement services for all of our international students who got an academic offer. International students have a variety of accommodation choices, and it is essential to decide if they like to live independently or in a community. 



Many students prefer to live in a hostel. It depends on the University, $200-$8000 per year.

All the dormitory rooms are equipped, and the size and amount of conveniences vary. Two or three students can share a room at a hostel. Every room has a bed, mattress, pillow, blanket, desk, chair, heating, water system, and appropriate lighting for studying and leisure. There are open places where students can socialize and have fun. Particular accommodations are given to students upon their arrival on Campus, and following a satisfactory health report, the student is accommodated in the room that has been prepared for him. High-speed Wi-Fi is available in all rooms.

Students have access to a kitchen at the hostel where they can prepare food to their preference. Students will also have their kitchenware. Food can be purchased from a variety of places. Edugain Overseas delivers Indian, African, and Arabic meals to our students in most universities. Self-study rooms are available in all hostels and are equipped with desks and chairs. Each hostel also has a laundry, canteen, gym, and library

Edugain Overseas daily and nightly maintains security and emergency services at the hostel enabling assistance if you need it.



First-year Students are encouraged to live in a hostel for convenience and safety points. During the next years of study, students have the opportunity to choose between living in Student Dormitories and renting a private apartment. 

Off-campus living can be less expensive than on-campus accommodation. You are likely to enjoy more independence, liberty, privacy, and space. Private flats are often quieter and have fewer interruptions, making them ideal for studying. But finding a place can be hard.

Undergraduates have a variety of accommodation options to choose from. Usually, prices of such accommodation are determined by the country and city the student chose to study for, facilities, condition of the apartments, district, and the number of rooms. Private accommodation price varies, due to additional costs for water, heating, electricity, and Wi-Fi. International students can rent their apartments or share one with other students.


  • Price. Living off-campus can be cheaper than university housing. 
  • Independence. Dorm life has its laws and regulations, so it is important to familiarize yourself with them. If you reside off-campus, you will not follow these rules. Living off-campus can be the best option for you if you want to be more independent and live sustainably. 
  • Privacy. It will be easier for you and your roommates to keep an eye on each other, and your neighbors will not be nearby. You and your housemates will have greater privacy as a result of this.
  • Space. Students can move into a home, which means they will have a lot more space to work with. Even better, students can enjoy their own private space! Real-world experience. Living in your way in a new city and country gives every student an unforgettable experience and helps them o feel more confident and independent. Moreover, having a rental history will make it easier to get a place after you graduate. 
  • Living Options. Every student can choose from a wide variety of apartments. A larger home with more storage and a separate bedroom is a better option than a small apartment. Off-campus apartments provide everybody with additional alternatives for the number of rooms they have.



The international student hostel is the greatest choice for foreign students coming to our partner Universities in Ukraine, Poland, Georgia, Uzbekistan, Russia, and Latvia for the first semester, particularly those who are new to the country.

  • Convenience. Student Hostels are situated near colleges, usually in the city’s center, and groceries are within walking distance. Because dorms are so close to Campus, there’s no need to drive — save that gas money and spend it on what you love. Residents can walk back to their rooms between classes for some much-needed relaxation time or a quick nap.
  • Safety. The international Student  Hostels are quite safe due to 24-hour security. The Security Centers of the universities provide 24-hour security coverage for the campuses and resident halls. A comprehensive CCTV system operates all across all studying buildings, including some of the larger residential areas. The Centers work closely with the police and use the cameras to send security personnel to incidents.
  • Permanent Support. Edugain Overseas offices are frequently located in Student Hostels or university buildings. The Student Services group can respond quickly to any issues that arise.
  • Payment. It is easy to pay at reception. All bills are included in the rent (except internet fees), and there are no extra charges that you would experience in rented accommodation. 
  • Meet new people. Living in a dorm, residents meet other students from all walks of life, enriching their university experience. Unless you live in a single, you’re probably sharing a room with one or two other people. Sharing a space with others allows students to learn from each other and grow, all while building a solid circle of friends and acquaintances. Some dorms even place together students with similar majors to better foster a sense of community.

At the same time, we encourage our students to live at the Hostel, where the University administration oversees security and order daily.


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      1. I would like to stay in the hostel of Chechen state university in acamadic sessions 2020-21.

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          Hello! We will provide you with all the information you may need via email. Have a nice day!

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