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About Russia


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Living in Russia is an incomparable experience. In addition to the ancient education system, Russia is rich in its antique traditions and beliefs. Russians are calm, reserved, and helpful. It doesn’t matter which race or country you came from they will welcome you with respect, that is why most of the students who want to live off-campus rent an apartment or a room in a family apartment. In comparison with any European country, Russia is very much cheaper to live in.



Nowadays known as Russia or the Russian Federation was formed in December 1991 after the USSR collapsed. The country is a well-known homeland for a lot of famous military commanders and politicians. 

Russian Federation is also famous for its natural beauty.

Capital: Moscow

President: Vladimir Putin 

Russia covers an area of 17 075 500 km2, making Russia the world’s largest country.

Every year a significant number of foreign students arrive in Russia for higher education in such fields as medicine, engineering, economics, and natural and social sciences. 

The Russian education system can be compared to European standards. Today Russia has a huge amount of scientists in the field of medicine and technology.

Unlike in other countries, higher education in Russia is inexpensive. 

Affordable prices should be taken into account while choosing a university, and it is a good enough reason to obtain an MBBS degree in Russia. In addition, Russia is a favorable choice for studying due to its low cost of living. 



The beauty of Russia’s natural landscapes will amaze you!

All four seasons are completely different. Due to the vast extended area from south to north and from west to east, the climate in Russia varies in different parts of the country.

Winter is usually cold with an average temperature of -5°C and down to -15°C or -20°C. The Siberian region is a bit colder than other parts of the country, however, it is bearable for all members of different nationalities, as there are a lot of foreigners from hotter countries such as Africa or India who enjoy the weather. Russia has more than 12 million kilometers of rivers. There are plenty of fresh and salt lakes in Russia. Lake Baikal is the largest and the deepest (maximum depth of 1620 m.) freshwater lake in the world. Those who prefer a healthy lifestyle can get benefit from the climate of Russia, because of fresh air and oxygen enrichment.



In Russia, you can spend a great time with friends and open-hearted people.

Russia is the fifth-largest country in the world (148,8 million people) after China, India, the United States, and Indonesia.

Basically, 73 percent of Russian citizens live in urban areas. As a rule, Russians are broad-minded, self-motivated, and calm. Each of them can have both feet on the floor and reach out in times of need. International students should have no difficulties in communicating with locals. According to the UNESCO Institute of Statistics, all age groups in Russia have a normal rate of literacy.



Feel safe and calm!

The Russian Federation has a high level of safety and security! Staying in a hostel, walking along the streets, and traveling within the country you will not have any worries about something bad happening to you. If there are any problems and you need someone’s help, for sure there will be people who will do their best to answer your problems or tell you where you should go and how to get somewhere. Campuses, hostels, and university premises are equipped with security cameras and alarms. The security companies of the University ensure the 24-hour safety of their campuses and halls of residence. Universities’ campuses, including some of the largest residential sites, have been operated with CCTV cameras. The cameras are used by security staff in the case of an incident, and the companies work closely with the police.



Taste the various flavors of Russian cuisine. You won’t be able to resist!

Russian cuisine is authentic and quite unique, and, like any other national cuisine, it was affected by various environmental, social, geographic, economic, and historical factors. It is considered to have an abundance and variety of products for cooking. The cuisine offers a great number of vegetarian dishes including mushrooms, pickles, and many others. In addition, there are plenty of meat, poultry, and fish dishes in Russian cuisine, which are served on different occasions.



Cultural heritage and modern art will definitely inspire you. 

Russia has over 50,000 state public libraries, which contain over a billion books. There are about 1500 museums such as historical, and ethnographic, museums dedicated to folk crafts, theatres, music, technology, military and many others. Folk architecture, arts, and everyday life are presented by twenty open-air ethnographic museums. 



Get to know about the most contemporary scientific and technological research and outstanding inventions of notable Russian scientists! Russia was one of the countries where many branches of scientific research began to be developed and explored.

Those inventions are well-known nowadays. Among them, you can discover a light bulb, a radio, a helicopter, a space rocket, a video recorder, an animated feature, a light-emitted diode, an artificial heart, thermonuclear and atomic bombs, a gasoline-powered engine, and many others.

The number of research and development organizations in Russia is about 4,000 and the government owns and controls about 70% of these organizations.



Enter a top state university and have a life full of independence, new experiences, emotions, and friends! Studying is not the only thing in student life. You can enjoy visiting museums, cinemas, amazing local concerts, live shows, and performances, as well as making new friends from all around the globe. This is a fun, challenging, and fascinating experience.

Students have the opportunity, during their study in Russia, to discover Russian hospitality, the country’s history and culture, reflected in the sacred heritage left to future generations, as well as the authentic beauty of its nature along with its cities and towns, including both ancient and modern architectural styles.

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