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V.N. Karazin Kharkiv National University


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About University


V.N. Karazin Kharkiv National University (hereinafter the University) is among one of the oldest Eastern European universities. 1804 is the year of the University’s establishment, at the initiative of outstanding scientist V.N. Karazin and in compliance with Tsar Alexander I’s charter. Nowadays, the University is a part of leading Research and Educational Institutions in Ukraine.

Distinguished scientists and social leaders from all over the world, namely J.W. Goethe, A. Humboldt, I. Franko, L. Tolstoy, and others, have been awarded Honorary Members and Doctorates at the University at different times.

Currently, the University comprises 20 schools and 125 departments that provide high-quality education in 61 different fields for 15,000 students and 500 postgraduates in the University. 308 Doctors of Sciences and Doctors of Letters, full professors and about 800 PhDs, associate professors including 15 academicians and corresponding members of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine and Sectoral Academies deliver students’ training as well as research activities.


  • signed the Magna Charta Universitatum (Bologna, 1998);
  • a co-founder of the Eurasian Universities Association;
  • an active participant of the International Association of Universities and European University Association;
  • a training center for about 1500 international students, postgraduate and doctorate students;
  • a partner in research and educational cooperation with more than 100 universities and other organizations all over the world.

The University is characterized by its 24 worldly-recognized scientific schools, and it has the greatest potential and resources for producing highly qualified staff in Eastern Ukraine. The University has around 20 Expert and Senior Expert Examining Boards, with 10-15 Doctorate and over 60 Ph. theses defended each year. More than 150 international and national conferences on research and teaching techniques are held at the University every year.

The University also encourages a diverse, intimate, and beneficial collaboration with the National Academy of Sciences’ Research Institutions and Ukraine’s Sectoral Academies, and continues to develop and strengthen relations with sectoral research institutes and businesses. There were 17 university departments established within the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine’s Research Institutes. The School of Physics and Energy was established in partnership with Ukraine’s National Academy of Sciences.


  • Department of Biology
  • Department of Chemistry
  • Department of Ecology
  • Department of Economics
  • Department of Foreign Languages
  • Department of Geology and Geography
  • Department of History
  • Department of International Economic Relations and Tourist Industry
  • Department of Law
  • Department of Mathematics and Mechanical Engineering
  • Department of Medicine
  • Department of Philology
  • Department of Philosophy
  • Department of Physics
  • Department of Professional Re-Training
  • Department of Psychology
  • Department of Radio Physics
  • Department of Sociology
  • The International Students Education Centre

Institute of High Technology (University’s Subdivision)

  • Astronomical Observatory
  • Biological Station
  • Botanical Garden
  • Central Scientific Library of Kharkiv National University (one of the biggest libraries of Ukraine)
  • Department of Computer Science
  • Department of Physics and Energy
  • Department of Physics and Technology
  • Museum of Archaeology and Ethnography of Slobodska Ukraine
  • Museum of Kharkiv University History
  • Museum of Nature
  • Radiation Dynamics Group
  • Radio-physical Observatory
  • Scientific Research Institute of Biology
  • Scientific Research Institute of Chemistry
  • Scientific Research Institute of Laser Biology
  • Scientific research institution
  • Thin Film Laboratory
  • Young Scientists’ Council



The hostel system of the University is excellent, with fully equipped rooms, a quiet study atmosphere, and a recreation facility nearby.

All international students who obtain educational admission from the University are guaranteed housing placement services. International students have a variety of housing alternatives, and it is essential to decide whether you like an independent lifestyle or living in a community.

In order to profit the full life of the University, combine the advantages of living on or near campus, participate in different programs that will help you succeed academically, build lifelong friendships, as well as enjoy comfortable and affordable living in Ukraine. Guard security service is responsible for students’ safety at the University’s grounds, as well as the main student routes from the hostels to the campuses.

Students have access to rooms on campus. All of the hostel rooms are fully equipped, also the size and amount of conveniences vary. Two or three students can share a room in the University hostels. There is a common hall and a common kitchen on each floor. A medical cabinet for first aid is located on the ground floor.

Kharkiv is a nice city with no rush. While some students may miss their hometown surroundings, traditional cuisines, or a fast pace at first, they quickly learn to appreciate and embrace a culture that is not their own.


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