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Georgia universities


  • Alte University

    Alte University is a fully accredited higher education institution with 20 years of experience and history in the Georgian educational sphere, which unites more than 2,100 students from 15 countries at 4 schools: Business School, International School of Medicine, School of Law, and School of Humanities and Social Sciences. The University currently offers 12 academic programs, both undergraduate and graduate.

    The word ‘ALTE’ itself means altitude, highest point, and represents the way of constant development.

    Within this long-term period, alte university will not be just another educational institution, but it will be the life partner of its students and graduates to help them to find and to develop their unique skills, talents, and possibilities that will make them exceptional.




    Alte University is a fully authorized institution located in the capital of Georgia, Tbilisi.

    • 2,100 Students &2,350Alumni
    • Students from 15countries
    • Unique opportunity of getting practical experience during the studying process
    • Best faculty staff with professional practitioners
    • Strategic alliance with the largest healthcare providers in Georgia




    Georgia has a unique and ancient cultural heritage and is famed for its traditions of hospitality and cuisine.

    The capital of Georgia is Tbilisi where days can be spent hitting the historical streets, museums, and theaters, while during the nights one can listen to modern music. While the city is small enough to be covered in a weekend, its architectural eclecticism, a mix of ancient and modern buildings, thriving restaurant and bar scene, and wealth of cultural offerings make it unique and memorable for each visitor.

    • Population: 3.7 million
    • Time Zone: GMT +4
    • Official language: Georgian
    • Currency: Georgian Lari
    • Safety Index: 79.79




    Alte University is a fully authorized institution. The medical Doctor program is accredited by National Center for Educational Quality Enhancement (NCEQE). Receiving this status from NCEQE is directly connected to education recognition internationally, including in the US, which means the Diploma is recognized worldwide and allows the graduates to continue studying in any country and get employed internationally.

    • Recognized by World Federation for Medical Education (WFME)
    • Member of the European Association for Quality Assurance in Higher Education (ENQA) ➢ Member of the Association of Medical Education in Europe (AMEE)
    • Recognized by the Medical Council of India (MCI)


    Exchange Programs: Alte University cooperates with the European and US leading universities and offers exchange programs at various European universities to the students for one semester or a year. Thus the university has exchange programs within the individual cooperation, ERASMUS Mundus and Erasmus +




    The university focuses on practical studies and innovative approaches, which include the functioning of the university-based “Startup Garage”. It allows the students of any program to turn their ideas into a real business.

    • Mentoring program for Idea development
    • Help to turn the idea into the real business
    • Help to find the sponsors for the ideas
    • Special projects for students to develop entrepreneurial skills
    • Start-up Marathon & other special annual projects for pupil




    Alte University unites more than 2,100 students from 15 countries. The world federation for medical education (WFME) has recognized the Alte University medical program, which is also a member of the European Association for Quality Assurance in Higher Education (ENQA) and the European Medical Education Association (AMEE). The program is recognized and approved by the Medical Council of India (MCI).

    It is noteworthy that a memorandum of understanding has been signed between Alte University and the Bharath Institute of Higher Education and research, which aims to: exchange programs for medical school students and academic staff, create joint programs in IT and data sciences, facilitate the internship of medical school students in leading medical institutions of Georgia and India and organize joint conferences, seminars, and workshops.

    At Alte University international school of medicine, international students have the opportunity to study in the field of dentistry and medicine, where they will gain practical experience along with theoretical knowledge.

    The course is taught in English.




    International School of Medicine (all programs in the English language)

    • Medical Doctor in the English language
    • Dentistry in the English language

    School of Business (all programs in the Georgian language)

    • Bachelor Program of Business Administration
    • Bachelor Program in Tourism
    • Masters Program of Business Administration

    Law School (all programs in the Georgian language)

    • Bachelor Program of Law
    • Masters Program of Law

    School of Humanities & Social Sciences (all programs in the Georgian language)

    • Bachelor Program in Psychology
    • Bachelor Program of Journalism
    • Bachelor Program of English Philology
    • Bachelor Program in International Relations
    • Masters Program of National & International Security

    From 2023 will be added:

    • BBA, MBA, and Executive MBA (in the English language)
    • Bachelor in Computer Science (in both Georgian and English languages)
    • Bachelor in Information Technology (in both Georgian and English languages)
    • Medical Doctor (in the Georgian language)




    The aim of the Medical School is to prepare qualified, certified, and competitive doctors with international standards for the worldwide labor market.

     Medical Programs offered by Alte University are in line with the global labor market requirements necessary for the Medical Doctor.

    Our students understand the core values of the doctor and meet the requirements of the World Federation for Medical Education. (WFMF)

    •  Programs:
    •     Medical Doctor
    •     Dentistry
    • Language of instruction: English
    • Strategic alliance with the largest healthcare providers in Georgia
    • Accesstothebestclinicalfacilityandmedicalfaculty
    • Unique opportunity of getting practical experience

    during studying process




    The School of Humanities and Social Sciences offers undergraduate and graduate programs. The bachelor’s degree includes programs in international relations, journalism, English philology, and psychology, while the master’s degree includes national and international security programs.

    The School of Humanities and Social Sciences operates modern standard curricula, lectures given by highly qualified practicing lecturers and leading specialists in the field, free Chinese Language Courses at the Confucius Institute, Erasmus + exchange programs at leading universities in Europe, and Asia, and internship programs.




    The School of Law offers undergraduate and graduate programs in law, which focus on equipping students with thorough theoretical knowledge and developing practical skills. The School of Law focuses on the development of professional and personal responsibility, professional growth, and study, as well as the motivation to uphold the norms of professional ethics and establish values so that future professionals can understand, analyze, implement and conduct practical work in their practical activities. and full realization of opportunities and career advancement as a result of successful activities.

     The School of Law offers students the opportunity to gain in-depth theoretical knowledge through teaching methods of modern standards, interesting lectures given by highly qualified practicing lecturers, active collaboration with numerous partner organizations, and involvement in research projects and simulated processes.




    The undergraduate and graduate programs in Business Administration and Tourism Administration develop diversified knowledge specialists in the field of management, which significantly increases their employment opportunities. The school’s management and academic staff constantly strive to establish high standards of education based on the implementation of innovative and effective management, permanently update the teaching methodology, develop educational programs, and create the best learning environment for the students.

    Our strengths are research-based teaching, developing partnerships with advanced educational institutions, and promoting student and teacher mobility in the international educational space.




    • At Alte university, teachers give personal attention to each student and every student, as each class comprises hardly 20 students.
    • The classrooms are well equipped with all the necessary technologies such as microscopes, Wi-Fi, round table, projectors, practical specimens, built projectors, etc.
    • The Alte University has more than 7 large buildings with ultramodern facilities. Apart from that, universities provide the best hotel facilities for international students on campus.
    • Alte university ensures that students are physically fit during medical studies, participation in sport classes are a must.
    • At Alte university, seminars are also organized every weekend to provide important information about new research.
    • Alte university also prepares students for FMGE, USMLE, and PLAB screening test examinations in the future, these tests are mandatory for every student to practice in their country.
    • At Alte University offers:
    •     Career & student success center
    •     Language clubs
    •     Cultural & art clubs
    •     Leadership Club
    •     Idea Club
    •     Student buddy services for freshmen
    •     Thematic entertainment events organized by the university




    The Alte University Library is focused on creating a comfortable environment for its customers, tailored and adapted to their needs and interests, providing educational and scientific resources, and, if necessary, providing informal consultations to interested readers.

    Currently, the University Library Fund consists of more than 10,000 print and digital units. This fund covers all the main fields of study offered by the university: business, economics, law, medicine, social sciences, humanities, technical sciences, and others.

    For a library, it is a priority to make available to its readers the latest educational and scientific products, which provides open access to a number of electronic scientific databases.




    International students do not face any challenges when it comes to finding decent accommodation in Georgia. University offers hostel facilities to its students within the Campus. Hostels are equipped with kitchen facilities that students can use to cook food for themselves.  Beds, mattresses, pillows, blankets, two side tables, one cupboard, and one table and chair are provided in each hostel room. Hot water is accessible. All of the rooms have central heating. On-call plumbers, carpenters, and electricians are all accessible.




    • Modern approaches to teachings processes
    • Reinforcing sharpening the practical skills
    • Access to the best clinical facility and medical faculty
    • Newly constructed, modern & easily accessible campus
    • Strategic alliance with the largest healthcare providers in Georgia & several international institutions
    • Students from over 15 countries
    • Interesting and distinctive student life & student services
    • Flexible and easy admission process
    • Opportunity to gain internal scholarship
    • Opportunity to participate in various exchange programs
    • Professional research activities
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  • Georgian National University SEU

    Georgian National University SEU is located in the capital city of Georgia, Tbilisi. It was founded in 2001 by Ilia Chavchavadze. Since its inception, the University has always strived to be a domestically and internationally recognized higher education institution. SEU made significant progress and quite quickly become one of the best universities in the country, especially for medical students. To help students on their way in the world of medicine, University will provide students with the knowledge relevant to the requirements of the 21st century and equip them with the skills necessary for their qualifications not only to compete but also to succeed. 

    Georgian National University values international collaboration at the highest level. International activities of the University include scientific research institutions, planning and implementing joint projects and events, establishing cooperation with foreign universities, international organizations and maintaining relationships with the existing partners (including Erasmus+), promoting and administering programs to support academic and administrative staff (internships, workshops; credit mobility programs), etc.

    The Faculty of Medicine is a member of the Association for Medical Education in Europe (AMEE) and the Association of Medical Schools in Europe (AMSE) and has signed memoranda of cooperation with universities and medical clinics around the world. The faculty students have the opportunity to take internships in foreign (US, UK, Turkey) medical clinics during the winter and summer holidays.

    The total number of students is 1000 + international students. 

    SEU offers programs for Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees in English.




    • General Medicine 
    • Information Technologies and Systems in Business 
    • Banking
    • Human Resources Management
    • Education Administration
    • Psychology
    • International Relations
    • Journalism

    Medium of Instruction: English 

    Term of Study: 

    • MBBS – 6 years 
    • PG/Ph.D. – 2 years




    • Physician
    • Law
    • Business Administration
    • Management
    • Tourism
    • Finance
    • Information Technologies and Systems in Business 
    • Banking
    • Human Resource Management
    • Education Administration
    • Psychology
    • International Relations
    • Journalism
    • Clinical Psychology
    • Social Psychology




    Student dormitories are located close to the University. They have all the necessary amenities for students.  There are equipped study rooms, recreation rooms, gyms, and a leisure center. Each room in the apartment is equipped with: a bed, bedding, desk and chair, and curtains. The bathroom is shared between double and triple roommates​. Shared facilities: refrigerator, microwave, kitchen range, toaster, TV, cooking utensils (pot, frying pan, knife, cutting board, etc.), laundry room. Free Wi-Fi is available.​ The dormitory is guarded 24 hours. There are two options for accommodation: double rooms and triple rooms.

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  • East European University

    EEU is a private university accredited in Georgia that strives to ensure the implementation of international educational standards in teaching and research and to build a notable educational center oriented on the ideals of democracy and humanism.

    In 2012 EEU obtained authorization and programs’ accreditation from the Ministry of education and Science of Georgia.

    Currently, EEU runs 19 Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Doctoral degree programs in faculties of law and Social Sciences, business and Engineering, and Healthcare Sciences. EEU offers an excellent educational and research environment guaranteed by modern academic programs, high-qualified professors, and the best infrastructure. All the facilities important for studying and scientific activities are concentrated in the university.

    Professional networking, the possibility to be employed and additional facilities for development give EEU programs much more significance. Students can take internships in more than 150 partner companies. EEU partners are state agencies, public and private organizations, the biggest hospitals in Georgia, pharmaceutical companies and etc.

    EEU is prominent with highly qualified academic staff, worldwide famous Georgian and Overseas professors, motivated practitioners and young qualified specialists, and intensive partnership with many European Universities, which allows many American, Austrian, British, and French professors to be involved in the implementation all educational programs.




    East European University recognizes the demands of the global education market and the importance of enhancing international experience in educational programs. Accordingly, the University is actively pursuing a policy of internationalization, which aims to integrate the University into the European educational system and become one of the leading institutions in the field of higher education.


    • 24 European universities
    • 7 Asian Universities
    • 2 universities in the USA
    • 1 African university
    • Partnership and affiliation with 14 European, Asian and International Organizations


    • Erasmus + grants since 2015;
    • Student exchange based on bilateral cooperation with 24 universities;
    • Possibility of obtaining a dual degree with universities of Italy, Poland, and Germany;
    • Foreign professors from the UK, Germany, Italy, Israel, and Austria were involved in the implementation of the program.





    The mission of the East European University is the formation of the university as a research-oriented institution, which conducts research relevant to scientific research priorities, provides development of research potential, and integration of research results into the educational process through encouraging, supporting, and collaborating with partner organizations.


    • East European University to be recognized internationally, as an integrated and research-oriented institution in the European educational space, for which
    • Encourages academic staff, including young researchers, new knowledge and high-quality scientific publications, the creation, also supports the development of their research potential;
    • Develops a culture of research ethics and promotes the implementation of fundamental, applied, and interdisciplinary studies;
    • Integrates research results into the educational process;
    • Provides popularization of scientific-research activities and their involvement in students;
    • Cooperates with international and local scientific-research institutions and implements research projects with organizations;
    • Ensures the use of the results obtained by scientific research activities for the welfare of society;
    • Optimally and efficiently uses intellectual, financial, and material resources for qualitative research.




    The Faculty of Healthcare Sciences of the East European University is an educational structural unit that carries out a one-cycle Medical Doctor’s (MD) educational program (English). International students from different countries of the world (India, Israel, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, etc.) study at the Faculty of Healthcare Sciences.

    All proper conditions are created for students to study and work independently at the Faculty of Healthcare Sciences. The Faculty is equipped with both human and relevant material and technical resources to achieve the learning outcomes defined by the educational program.




    The Clinical and Practical Skills Development Center based in the Faculty of Healthcare Sciences carries out its functions equipped with the latest technologies in accordance with modern standards of medical education.

    University infrastructure and material and technical resources are also available to faculty students without restrictions, including:

    Properly equipped classrooms, and offices for academic and administrative staff.

    Conference hall.

    Library equipped with computers and information-communication technologies, where relevant printed and electronic literature provided by the syllabi of the program is available.

    Computer resource centers, computers connected to the Internet and internal network, and the software necessary for the teaching/learning process, etc.

    To develop practical skills for the students of the Faculty of Healthcare Sciences, the University has signed memoranda of cooperation with affiliated clinics.

    International partner organizations include the World Health Organization (WHO), the International Association for Medical Education (AMEE), the Association of Medical Schools in Europe (AMSE), and the Medical Council of India (MCI).

    The Faculty of Healthcare Sciences continuously supports the development of the educational process and scientific research, promotes the involvement of faculty students and academic staff in educational and research projects, supports the integration of research results into the educational process, and promotes the professional growth of students and the academic staff.




    Aspirants at East European University are granted with a seat at the hostel:

    • EEU provides its students with on-campus housing, dormitories, and hostels for students.
    • Dormitories on the campus of EEU are divided into two main blocks, the female and male dormitories.
    • For all requests and problems, students can contact the person responsible for dormitories.
    • The safety of students is of major importance at the university. Therefore, the security works to safeguard the buildings.
    • Every entrance and exit from the campus is monitored, based on the schedule determined by the internal rules of the University. Thus, the safety of students is at a maximum level at the university.




    A library is a structural unit of the University, which provides all kinds of personnel and students with modern books, as a kind of electronic and digital media resources.

    An important part of the Library resources is an electronic library, which includes the literature provided by the training program.

    The Fund is registered in the Electronic catalog. There are more than 5,000 books and more than 3,000 digital entries in the library.




    Students from different countries are participating in cultural, charitable, intellectual, and cognitive activities living the joyous life at East European University, Georgia:

    Guest meetings are conducted periodically through which the students can get vital career exposure and they will get excellent interactions with guests.

    The university cooperation with the international sports federation so that the students can get actively involved in sports activities conducted by a sports federation.

    Students who are devoted to sports can show interest in the following streams:

    • Football
    • Basketball
    • Volleyball
    • Chess
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  • Ken Walker International University

    Ken Walker International University provides the highest level of educational programs based on the evidence and experience of the leading western educational institutions. State of the art private university based in the beautiful country of Georgia, collaborates with the Emory University School of Medicine (USA), to provide students with the highest quality education, research, and experience. KWIU aspires to become the global leader in medical and dental education and to prepare healthcare professionals for the future worldwide. A professional team and strong collaboration with leading academic, clinical, and scienti­c organizations is a guarantee for success.

    Innovative and integrated curriculum forces collaboration of modern requirements of medical education, with considerations of requirements by the World Federation of Medical Education (WFME). Integration of fundamental knowledge of biomedical and clinical sciences, research, clinical skills and professionalism, a wide range of practical experience, and networking opportunities, equips KWIU students with the most comprehensive professional abilities.




    Active internationalization activities at the University provide an open academic environment for Georgian and international students, academic, invited, and administrative staff, which in turn facilitates the full realization of their personal potential, integration into international educational, research processes, and sharing experience of foreign colleagues/researchers.


    • An International Association For Medical Education – AMEE
    • Vladimir Bakhutashvili Institute of Medical Biotechnology
    • Eliava International Phagotherapy Center, Ltd
    • Georgian-American Nursing College
    • Association For Science
    • Kamara, Ltd
    • Georgian Biosafety Association




    Ken Walker International University LLC’s Research Development Strategy is based on the Law of Georgia on Higher Education, the University Mission, and Vision, and the University Strategic Development Plan for 2021-2027.

    The challenge of the University is to become one of the leading medical educational institutions at the national level that will offer students a comprehensive, innovative, and internationally recognized standard education.

    The research priorities of Ken Walker International University identify two main directions:

    •  Public health
    • Medical Education

     In addition to these priorities, the University accepts the challenge of promoting fundamental and

    clinical research in the country.

    Defining research priorities does not limit other types of research activities. Any employee of the University (academic, invited staff) has the right to submit and receive appropriate assistance from the University (given the feasibility and relevance of the research topic) in terms of idea implementation.




    The Faculty of Medicine and Stomatology is established at the University for the implementation of relevant educational programs. The faculty is the main educational unit of the University, its goal is to implement the educational programs and scientific-research activities of the University, to create and develop an educational environment in accordance with modern standards.

    Educational Departments

    To provide academic support for the university educational programs, to implement them effectively, improve them, organize specialized staff, to improve their professional development and coordination, the teaching departments are established in the faculty, in which the academic staff is united according to the occupied academic position/discipline. The departments of the Faculty of Medicine and Stomatology are:

    Preclinical Department.

    Clinical Department.

    Stomatological Department.




    Ken Walker International University is proudly affiliated with leading hospitals throughout Georgia. As a leading institution in medical education, the medical faculty is committed to helping students build a strong foundation for future success in their medical careers.

    • N.Kipshidze Central University Clinic, Ltd
    • National Institute of Endocrinology, Ltd
    • Institute of Clinical Oncology, Ltd
    • O.Ghudushauri National Medical Center, Ltd
    • Insitute for Personalized Medicine, Ltd
    • Khechinashvili University Hospital , Ltd
    • Healthy Baby Med, Ltd
    • Tbilisi State Medical Univeristy and Ingorokva High Technology Medical Clinic, Ltd
    • UniDent, LTD
    • G.Chapidze Emergency Cardiology Center, Ltd
    • Ken Walker Medical Rehabilitation Univeristy Clinic, Ltd
    • National Center of Otorinolaryngology, Janapridze-Kevanishvili Clinic, Ltd
    • Center for Pediatric Surgery, Ltd
    • Pineo Medical Ecosystem, Ltd
    • TIM – Tbilisi Institute of Medicine, Ltd
    • Jerarsi, Ltd
    • Inova, Ltd
    • Jordania Clinic, Ltd
    • Tbilisi Central Clinic, Ltd
    • Kani, Ltd
    • Rustavi Mental Health Center, Ltd
    • Bokhua Memorial Cardiovascular Center, Ltd
    • Jordania-Chikovani Clinic, Ltd
    • Sachkhere Medical Center, Ltd
    • Eliava Insitute Phage therapy center, Ltd
    • Medex, Ltd
    • Cedex, Ltd
    • Bio-denti, Ltd A1, Ltd
    • IC Dent




    Studying at Ken Walker International University is supported by a modern and very well-equipped University Library.

    The Library offers diverse services and training and has the added function of a medical science information center. Its resources are mainly used by students, postgraduates, research, and academic staff, as well as health professionals from the region and scientific institutions elsewhere.

    Details of the library resources are available in online catalogs.

    Printed and digital resources are available for use in two stylish reading rooms, with PC workstations and wireless Internet connection.




    While you are studying at Ken Walker International University, you are provided with comfortable hostels.

    Each hostel is divided into blocks. A block includes two rooms, a bathroom, and a lavatory; each room is for 2 to 3 people. Your room has already been equipped with modern furniture and technical appliances, which will help organize your comfortable accommodation and studies! The Internet and Wi-Fi are not a problem at all – you can access a high-speed network at our hostels.




     At Ken Walker International University, the teaching methods and other equipment and technology adopted are of extraordinarily high standards and can render a student fit for pursuing a career in any country in the world.


    There are plenty of opportunities for students who want to enhance their student life with different activities. There is a Year-Round Recreation Program that includes various sports activities like basketball, tennis, football, skiing, and skating in the winter season and swimming in the summer season. There are a lot of interest-based clubs and student organizations at Ken Walker International University available for the students. Some of them are the Student Scientific Society, English Speaking Club, Volunteer Clubs, and much more!

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  • Caucasus International University

    26 years have passed since Caucasus International University (CIU) – LLC was founded. The University operates as a Legal Entity of Private Law – a limited liability company. The university was founded as a medical institute “Clinitsist” in 1995. The university received a license from the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Georgia in the same year. In 2005 it was granted Accreditation by the Accreditation Council of Higher Education Institution. In 2006, the name and founders of the institute “Clinitsist” were changed and it was formed as a multi-profile higher education institution – Caucasus International University – LLC.

    Caucasus International University Awards

    “Leader of 2018” – Caucasus International University was nominated at the 48th National Business Leaders Award Ceremony. The event was organized by Georgian National Business Ratings Union and the Swiss Rating Association.

    On March 4, 2019, by the unanimous decision of the Accreditation Council members of Higher Educational Programmes of the National Center for Educational Quality Enhancement, the number of CIU students increased by 2700 and has been defined in total as 7400.

    CIU offers Bachelor’s, One-step, Master’s, and Doctoral programs.




    International Relations Department defines the priorities of international collaboration with various universities, higher education institutions, scientific-research centers, and foundations all over the world. It provides the establishment of international contacts of the university, participation of students, academic and administrative personnel in exchange programs and internships; invitation of guests from different universities; participation of scientists and researchers in international conferences; attraction of international students at CIU; involvement of the university in international projects; working out educational projects with foreign universities; partnership with international organizations; finding new partner higher education institutions.

    Affiliation and Recognition of LLC Caucasus International University

    • World Health Organization (WHO);
    • World Federation for Medical Education (WFME);
    • Foundation for the Advancement of Medical Education and Research (FAIMER);
    • Organization of PhD training programs in the field of biomedical and medical sciences in the European system (ORPHEUS);
    • Association for Medical Education in Europe (AMEE);
    • Association of Medical Universities of the Kyrgyz Republic (AMUKR);
    • Association of Medical Schools in Europe (AMSE);
    • Asian Medical Education Association (AMEA);
    • International Network of Higher Education Quality Assurance Agencies (INQAAHE);
    • International Federation of Medical Students Association (IFMSA);
    • Asia Pacific Quality Network (APQN);
    • Asian Medical Students Association (AMSA)




    The Department of Scientific Researches coordinates the scientific activities of Caucasus International University. University supports the establishment of a partnership with academic circles, business companies, the public sector, and non-governmental structures both locally and internationally to widen the scope of new knowledge and introduce the practice.

    CIU scientific portal allows strengthening integration with CIU academic/scientific personnel and offers a platform for creating new projects, interdisciplinary partnerships, and sharing knowledge and experience.




    The faculty of Medicine has been operating since 1995 and has numerous successful and highly qualified alumni.

    CIU is a member of The World Directory of Medical Schools (World Federation for Medical Education (WFME) and Foundation for Advancement of International Medical Education and Research (FAIMER)).

    Caucasus International University was included in the list of acknowledged foreign Medical Institutions by the Medical Council of India (MCI) in 2016 and it became a member of the International Association for Medical Education “AMEE” in 2018.

    The Faculty offers the following accredited Educational Programs:

    • Undergraduate Educational Program in Pharmacy;
    • Educational Program in Medicine;
    • Educational Program in Medicine, the language of instruction is English (for entrants admitted through Unified National Exams);
    • English Educational Program in Medicine;
    • Educational Program in Dentistry;
    • English Educational Program in Dentistry;
    • Therapeutic Dentistry Residency Program.




    Practical classes are conducted in leading Georgian clinics and Medical Institutions, thus allowing successful students to be employed in the future.

    Anatomical Theatre and Clinical Skills Center are functioning at the faculty of Medicine, Caucasus International University. They are equipped with the latest educational-medical technologies – modern computer and high-tech equipment, simulators, and other educational models manufactured by the International Corporation “3B Scientific”. The above-mentioned corporation represents the world leader company in the manufacturing of anatomical and medical–biological patterns (Hamburg, Germany). Medical simulators imitate real patients, which provides the development of students’ clinical and communicative skills. Clinical Skills Centre aims to give efficient and up-to-date education in clinical and practical skills to future doctors. Students have an opportunity to acquire basic clinical, emergency, obstetrics and gynecological, resuscitation, therapeutic, and surgical practical skills. Clinical Skills Centre plays an important role in the upbringing and formation of highly qualified medical personnel.

    Within the framework of the Dentistry Program, Phantom Cabinets and University Dental Clinic are operating at the university, which enables students to have direct contact with patients from an early stage of studies.

    Teaching at the faculty is carried out in accordance with international standards. The University provides all the conditions for gaining high-quality knowledge and leading an interesting student life. Academic courses are conducted by highly-qualified academic personnel and visiting professors.




    Printed and electronic book fund which is in the possession of the university and is compatible with the literature mentioned in the syllabi of educational programs, is used to ensure the quality of the study process. Currently, there are in total of 23971 units in the book fund of the university library. The number of textbooks corresponding to the educational programs is 18614 and they are indicated in educational programs, and 5357 units are supporting literature.

    The library has subscribed to 30 different periodicals. 22 scientific (Georgian, Russian, and English) journals and 8 newspapers. The university library is included in the International Electronic Library Network and has become a member of the Georgian Library Association since 2010. The students are allowed to access 24 types of international scientific databases, electronic books, use copies, and compact discs which are available at the library.

    The electronic library program is available at the CIU library. It is printed as well as an electronic catalog organized in accordance with library principles with book funds and electronic cards of readers. A registration journal and reader cards function at the library.




    Caucasus International University (CIU) students have the opportunity to obtain detailed information on student life and services.

    Student Activities

    Caucasus International University plays a significant role in the public, and social/cultural life of the country and contributes to the development of the country and society. In addition, it facilitates the development and implementation of effective learning tools. Various events are systematically organized in the university. Every academic year at Caucasus International University is distinguished by the number of events and thematic diversities.

    Student life significantly defines the formation of an individual’s professional and personal values; correspondingly, CIU is oriented toward creating a healthy student environment at the university. Our aim is to assist and allow every student to reveal himself/herself, develop his/her sphere of interest and participate in student events on behalf of the university.

    Student Clubs

    CIU Art Studio organizes summarizing exhibitions annually.

    The ensemble Caucasian unites students interested in folk songs and instruments. The ensemble is actively involved in University events and various charitable activities.

    Theater troupe -Wine Theatre is successfully functioning in CIU. The troupe annually participates in an international festival of amateur student theatres – Mask and wins prizes.

    The club of the cheerful and sharp-witted has been established at CIU. The team Old Boys has won the title of Georgian Champion for the second time during the last three years.




    CIU is actively concerned with the employment of students during the student period as well as after graduation. Career Development Service has been functioning at Caucasus International University since 2012, aiming at facilitating career planning for students and alumni. The service supports them to acquire the skills necessary to succeed in professional careers.

    The goal of the service is to support the career and professional development of entrants, students, and graduates to carry out the following activities:

    • Offer consultations on professional orientation and career planning;
    • Organize events and projects facilitating employment and career development;
    • Conduct social research (labour market, indicator of student employment, etc.);
    • Develop a Job Search Strategy for students and graduates;
    • Produce/update the base of a potential employer;
    • Produce/update database of job seekers;




    Hostel And Mess Facilities available at LLC Caucasus International University

    University has a very good hostel campus with free Wifi access. Accommodations for students are available as singles, doubles, and triples. Additionally, there are separate hostels for women and men. All hostels are furnished with beds, chairs, tables, and other necessary items. Facilities within the campus include a supermarket, a clinic, a pharmacy, etc. The hostel is monitored by CCTV 24 hours a day.

    • Well-equipped facilities

    Students have all conditions for comfort: heating, cooling, TV, Internet, bathroom, kitchen, and security.

    • Feel safe and supported

    Student Support Officers are responsible for student support including your welfare and all matters of discipline. The security of the Hostel also makes sure our campuses are safe and secure.

    • Efficient Internet connection

    Students can use the internet for study anytime.

    • All-inclusive rent

    Electricity, water, heat, gas, garbage disposal services, expanded cable TV service, Ethernet Access, and some laundry.

    • Near to the university

    The advantage of our accommodation, as opposed to others, is the closeness to the University. The Hostel is located 15 minutes distance from CIU, which makes it more comfortable for the students.

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  • Tbilisi Medical Academy

    Tbilisi Medical Academy is one of the first private medical schools in the history of independent Georgia. TMA was founded by a notable Georgian physician and pediatric surgeon, Prof. Petre Shotadze. From its humble beginnings in 1992 for almost 30 years, TMA is one of the pioneers of medical education in Georgia and remains to be one of the most competitive and dynamically developing institutions. During these years we have trained hundreds of successful physicians who currently work in the leading clinics in Georgia and abroad.

    TMA, as a student-oriented higher education institution, primarily seeks to teach and advance the capacity of national and international healthcare professionals innovatively by using evidence-based knowledge, whilst practically benefiting the community in Georgia through research-based outreach activities. The main goal of TMA is to elaborate independent and critical thinking, scientific reasoning abilities, and reasonable judgments among students, to support their development into highly qualified specialists.




    • International Collaboration with Partner Organizations
    • Global Educational Exchange in Medicine and the Health Professionals (GEMx; A service of ECFMG)
    • Association of Medical Education in Europe (AMEE)
    • European Medical Students Association (EMSA)
    • World Directory of Medical Schools (WDOMS)
    • The Association of Medical Schools in Europe (AMSE)
    • IFMSA International Federation of Medical Students’ Associations  
    • GMSA Georgian Medical Students Association   
    • Cormack Consultancy Group


    Tbilisi Medical Academy aims to provide high-quality education through internalization and establish an international academic reputation through engagement in academic and research processes with strategic partners of the Academy while retaining its core values of equality and equity.

    Being part of ERASMUS+ and MEVLANA exchange programs, Tbilisi Medical Academy is proud of its existing connections with some of the leading European Universities and aspires to extend its network.

    Partner Universities in the frames of Bilateral Agreements:

    TMA has bilateral cooperation agreements with the University of Granada, Vilnius University, Klaipėda University, Riga Medical College of the University of Latvia, Hacettepe University, and Masaryk University, which implies the exchange of students and teaching and administrative staff between the universities in accordance with the terms outlined in each agreement.

    • University of Granada (Spain)
    • Vilnius University (Lithuania) 
    • Klaipėda University (Lithuania) 
    • Riga Medical College of the University of Latvia (Latvia)
    • Masaryk University (Czech Republic) 
    • Medical University of Bialystok (Poland)
    • University of Lodz (Poland)
    • Pavol Jozef Safarik University Kosice
    • University of Bari Aldo Moro (Italy)
    • Antwerp University (Belgium)
    • Sakarya University (Turkey)
    • Lokman Hekim University (Turkey)
    • Ataturk University (Turkey)
    • Hacettepe University (Turkey)
    • Istanbul University-Cerrahpaşa (Turkey)
    • Giresun University (Turkey)
    • Recep Tayyip Erdoğan University (Turkey)




    To maintain and further develop scientific-research activities of TMA’s staff, young researchers, and students, TMA implements grant programs for “Facilitation of Scientific-Research Activities”. In the frames of these programs, we already implemented 11 projects, and 3 projects are ongoing, 2 joint basic and 1 science popularization project funded by Shota Rustaveli National Science Foundation of Georgia. To facilitate students’ interest in the field of research TMA organizes the Science Club and Student Debates.




    Petre Shotadze Tbilisi Medical Academy (TMA) has been successfully implementing the one-step educational program of Medicine since 2012, with English as the language of instruction.

    The 6-year degree program enables students to attain education of international quality assurance standards while studying in Georgia. The program is guided by cutting-edge curricula, similar to those implemented in European and American universities, and fully meets the international requirements in the field of Medicine.

    The teaching is led by experienced faculty and professors, based on the latest and up-to-date foreign textbooks and educational material. The assessment and examination systems applied by TMA are compliant with international standards defined by the Bologna process. The latter prepares students for international qualification examinations (USMLE, PLAB, MCI, etc.) from the earliest steps of their learning and promotes the internationalization of the students.

    In the learning process, students have the opportunity to strengthen their theoretical knowledge in the laboratory and clinical skills center of the Academy and to practice clinical medicine at the University Clinic of TMA, as well as other leading medical institutions in Tbilisi.

    As of today, more than 300 students from Georgia and foreign countries are enrolled in the English program MEDICINE. The international students come from the United States, the United Kingdom, Israel, India, Bhutan, Nigeria, and other countries.

    The Academy offers an enabling environment and a complete set of resources for the professional growth and development of every student. TMA students participate in various exchange programs, summer schools, and scientific events, both in Georgia and abroad.




    The Clinical Skills Centre provides practical skills training within a simulated environment, to facilitate the achievement of necessary clinical competencies. These practical skills in their turn imply the performance of practical procedures, communication skills, and early exposure to the patient’s physical examination as well as an introduction to necessary skills for patient consultation within the scope of various clinical disciplines (Internal Diseases, Surgery, Pediatrics, Obstetrics/Gynecology).

    The digital ‘Anatomage’ table allows to visualize and study human anatomy at macroscopic and microscopic levels, perform anatomical dissections, and study anatomy at organ and organ systems levels. ‘Anatomage’ allows for integration with other anatomy subjects, such as Histology, Physiology, Radiology, and Pathology. Anatomage comprises four (two female and two male) refined human cadavers (true-to-life visuals created from millimeter-precise human body dissections) as well as a 31-week pregnant female with digital scans of the fetus.




    TMA library provides an attractive environment that facilitates the student-oriented teaching process and research-based activities through the provision of effective service and access to resources. TMA Library collections include up-to-date textbooks and international teaching platforms and scientific databases, such as

    • Amboss
    • Hinari
    • Elsevier
    • Web of Science
    • Turnitin




    Tbilisi Medical Academy provides well-equipped hostel facilities at a very feasible cost.

    The hostel rooms are full-fledged with all the basic amenities required for healthy and comfortable living & study such as Electricity, Internet facility, 24- hour hot water supply, Separate study rooms, and two kitchens with modern gadgets, etc.

    Indian food availability is an added advantage for Indian students.




    The life of students studying at Petre Shotadze Tbilisi Medical Academy is as follows:

    • Students are precious assets and thus the university strives to provide the best educational experience to its students.
    • It provides a large well-equipped library to its students consisting of over 2000 books and study materials.
    • Study process at this university is recognized by international standards.
    • At Petre Shotadze Tbilisi Medical Academy students have opportunities to participate in various exchange programs, become part of exciting short-term internships in European clinics, and gain scientific experience both on a national and international level.
    • At the university, there is a Student Academy which is a students’ voluntary union, developed to facilitate students’ involvement in TMA activities, support maintenance or contacts with TMA students and graduates, and encourage student initiatives.
    • This university also takes care of students’ health and well-being which is supported by the First Aid center, at the Objectively Structured Clinical Skills Examination (OSCE) Centre, which is fully equipped with necessary inventory and medication for quick delivery of emergency care.
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