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About Uzbekistan


Uzbekistan, officially the Republic of Uzbekistan is a doubly landlocked country located in Central Asia. The central Asian nation offers a welcoming environment to international students. Uzbekistan maintains a thousand-year history with numerous ancient monuments, beautiful sceneries, and natural beauty. Uzbekistan was labeled the second-best destination to visit in Asia. 



The population is 35.3 million.
Territory is 447.400 km².
Capital Tashkent.
The state language is Uzbek but Russian, Tajik, and English are also spoken widely.



Uzbekistan has an arid and continental climate characterized by large variations in temperature within days and between seasons. Summers are long, hot and dry, with an average monthly temperature of 27.2°C in the hottest month (July), and with an average daily maximum of 35°C in many of the major cities. Winters are cold, with average monthly temperatures of -1°C to -3°C between December and February.



Tourism in Uzbekistan has always drawn people from far and wide. For anyone who knows about the country, this is easy to understand – bright colours, intricate patterns, rich flavors, and friendly people await every visitor. The Republic of Uzbekistan is famous for its numerous architectural monuments, incredible natural landscapes, magnificent palaces, ruins of fortresses of past civilizations, outstanding cultural events, gastronomic delights, and famous craft workshops



The Republic of Uzbekistan is located between the rivers Amu Darya and Syr Darya. The length of the territory from west to east is 1,425 km and from north to south – is 930 km.

In the northeastern, the republic borders Kazakhstan, on the east and southeast – with Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan in the west – Turkmenistan, in the south – with Afghanistan. The total length is 6,221 km of borders. The territory of Uzbekistan is a peculiar combination of flat and steep terrain. The plains are located on the southwest and northwest and consist of Ustyurt, the Amu-Darya delta, and the Kyzyl-Kum desert. In the central and south-western parts of the desert is quite a large mountain hill. The largest rivers of both Uzbekistan and throughout Central Asia are Amu-Darya and Syr-Darya. The total length of the Amu-Darya River is 1437 km, and the Syr-Darya river – is 2137 km.



Uzbek food is among the most delicious in the world, over the centuries it absorbed and adapted the best recipes from neighboring cultures to create a flavorful and satisfying cuisine. A highlight of Uzbek cuisine in comparison with its Central Asian neighbors is that they enjoy not only meat dishes but vegetables and salads too.

Meat, particularly beef, and lamb, remain the basis of the local diet today. Horse meat is also enjoyed as a delicacy, while poultry is less popular. Uzbekistan’s signature dish is palov (or plov). There are many regional variations of the dish. In the past, the cooking of palov was reserved for men, but the Soviets allowed women to cook it as well. Green tea is the national hot beverage consumed throughout the day; teahouses (charkhas) are of cultural importance. Black tea is preferred in Tashkent, but both green and black teas are consumed daily, without milk or sugar.



Uzbekistan is a safe and friendly country that opens its arms to everyone all over the world. Uzbekistan is ranked as one of the top 5 safest nations in the world to visit. This includes independent female travelers, who overwhelmingly report feeling safe while in the country.

Policemen and border patrol agents have shown a very positive stance towards foreigners and tourists in recent years, and most are eager to make you feel at ease and provide assistance as needed.

People in Uzbekistan remain very welcoming towards tourists and will often go out of their way to assist a guest in need. In fact, a warm reception by the gentle and hospitable people of Uzbekistan is one of the factors that endear the country to many.



There is no doubt that Uzbekistan is a great place to enjoy a quality education and a cool quality of life. What makes it even better is that Uzbekistan offers excellent value for money, with living expenses and tuition costs comparable to other neighboring countries. Student life is an extraordinary time filled with exceptional energy of action, a desire for understanding the world, and accumulating knowledge.

The students take an active part in sports events held at the universities, and in the framework of general cultural development, they attend exhibitions held in city museums and galleries.

The diversity of student life enables students not only to expand their educational opportunities but also to take an active life position, develop creative abilities, improve themselves, and feel life in all its bright and vivid flashes.



Some of the sports that originate in the country are the kurash, which is a type of upright wrestling. Other types of wrestling are belbogli kurash, turon, and boyqurgan all having the same origins. Other popular sports in Uzbekistan are football, basketball, boxing, wrestling, and judo.


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