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Education in Russia


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Russia, undoubtedly, attracts a great number of students from around the world. With its large territory, the country has hundreds of universities in major cities one can choose from. While studying in Russia, foreigners have a great opportunity to get excellent knowledge and skills in a particular field, learn Russian, experience genuine atmosphere of the Russian hospitality, observe unique historical and cultural heritage and authentic beauty of Russian nature – marvelous country landscapes, magnificent mountains and seascapes. 

In the last year alone, the number of foreign students in Russian universities increased by 40% and amounted to more than 250,000 people. 

Russian higher education institutions are on the rise, proving to be ever stronger competitors to European universities.


There are three basic kinds of higher education institutions in Russia: Universities, Academies and Institutes.

  1. Universities offer a wide variety of programs on the highest educational level.
  2. Academies provide higher education at all levels and engage in a large amount of research – usually specialized in one branch such as science, art or architecture. 
  3. Institutes are independent parts of universities or academies providing professional education programs.


Russia has more university graduates than any other country in Europe. Historically, education in Russia has had a strong focus on science and technology, and most state educational institutions specialize in this field. In fact, this is also one of many areas where Russian higher education truly shines.


Higher education in Russia normally lasts between four to six years. The first four years of full-time studying leads to a Bachelor’s degree. The Bachelor’s degree is awarded in all fields except Medicine, where the first stage takes six years.
Once students have obtained the degree, they are eligible for receiving a specialist diploma and entry into a Master’s degree program. The Master’s degree is awarded after two years of study, wherein one year is dedicated to a research, as well as practice, preparation and defending a thesis.
Both Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees were implemented to conform to the Russian system in accordance with the Bologna Process.
Russia has joined the Bologna process, which means Russian degrees are recognized and accepted worldwide
The Master’s degree makes a student eligible for entering postgraduate education. Postgraduate education is obtained at a university or scientific institute and consists of two parts. The first level usually is a Candidate of Sciences, and it is roughly equivalent to a Ph.D. in the United States.
Further Postgraduate Education (2-4 years) leads to a Doctor’s degree.


As number of foreign students is increasing every year, one can find English medium of instruction at almost all universities. Russia has become the best place to study abroad due to affordable tuition fees and high-quality education. Large number of students come to Russia from China, Africa, India, America and Europe. An important advantage of Russia is that there is an opportunity to get education without knowing the Russian language. You can choose a program taught in English, or you can start from the preparatory department and take the Russian course for one year, which would be sufficient for studying and comfortable life in Russia.


For decades thousands of students have left their home countries in the pursuit of good education. It is very essential for them to find a good country where they can find a reputable university and the courses they are willing to study. When the question “Where to go to study medicine?” comes, then Russia is the answer for all those promising students who are willing to pursue their career in the field of medicine for the minimal cost.
There are more than 100 medical universities where students can continue their education in the field of medicine. Almost every Medical University of Russia is recognized worldwide, over 500,000 international students who graduated from the Medical Universities of Russia are working in reputable hospitals and medical institutions in their home country. Most of medical universities of Russia are 100 or even 200-250 years old. Every year medical universities of Russia accept thousands of students from African, Asian, European, North American and South American continents. Medical universities in Russia are considered to be the most affordable universities for the middle class. Most of medical universities in Russia provide all courses both in Russian and English medium of instruction including master courses. In medical universities of Russia students can find the specialized courses which they can’t find or are hard to find in any other country. Every medical university of Russia provides the best training under the highly-qualified teaching staff which includes doctors, scientists, researchers, professors and candidates of science. Every medical university of Russia has its own hospitals, clinics and research centers, which helps students to sharpen their practical skills along with theory and to be a successful doctor in the future.
Thus, Russian universities are becoming more attractive for international students in both European and Asian countries. In addition to affordable prices and high quality of education, Russian universities offer more and more relevant programs, which allows graduates to obtain a profession that is in demand in the job market and promote their further employment.


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      18 responses to “Education in Russia”

      1. sediqa says:

        I want study my master in
        Russia in english

      2. Olivia Scheffers says:

        i would like to study in Russia

      3. dear sir! my name is temesgen dessie i live in ethiopia i am graduated from mekelle universty in forest & nature conservation so i wish learn & attend masters degree programme in russia i write this letter to recommendation to apply & learn masters degree in forestry or agroforestry and other related field catagories. so, please contact or asisst me with my adress.:0918667712 or 0942951996 with best regards thanks u.

        • Edugain Overseas says:

          Good day! Thank you for contacting us. Sure, we can definitely help you to find the university with a course of your liking. Have a nice day!

      4. Abdul Qahar says:

        My name is Abdul Qahar khairpoor and I am working in Agricultur department in Bakhshan provence and i am hopping to be a master courses student in one of the Russian Universities

      5. muhammad ahmad says:

        hellow dear,
        I hope you are fine ,
        i am from kurdistan region of iraq,
        i want to study in once university in Russia like (Mosco state university),
        can i take an english language course and russian language in one institute in russia and i wana be ready to study (telecommunication engineering college ) ,
        can you give me an information about application or what am i suppose to do at the fierst time ?
        i want to get all ways step by step.
        i appreciate your help ?

        kind regards,

        • Edugain Overseas says:

          Good day! Thank you for contacting us. We will be happy to guide you through the process. We have contacted you via email. Have a nice day!

      6. George says:

        Hello it’s George from Egypt I graduated from Helwan University faculty of commerce department of political science so I want apply for master in Russia so I need to know the steps of it

        • Edugain Overseas says:

          Hello! All the steps and the other information you may need to get admission is sent to you via email. Have a nice day!

      7. I want to gone studied Sociology in Russia it is this reason that my pushed to apply on this quote.

      8. I want thé universtiy éducation in Russia

        • Edugain Overseas says:

          Good day! We have sent you all the necessary information about your options via email. Have a nice day!

      9. Abubakar Dahiru Yaro says:

        Pls I want to study civil engineering your country, I am from Nigeria. Help me with University that is good in Civil engineering.

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