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East European University


EEU is a private university accredited in Georgia that strives to ensure the implementation of international educational standards in teaching and research and to build a notable educational center oriented on the ideals of democracy and humanism.

In 2012 EEU obtained authorization and programs’ accreditation from the Ministry of education and Science of Georgia.

Currently, EEU runs 19 Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Doctoral degree programs in faculties of law and Social Sciences, business and Engineering, and Healthcare Sciences. EEU offers an excellent educational and research environment guaranteed by modern academic programs, high-qualified professors, and the best infrastructure. All the facilities important for studying and scientific activities are concentrated in the university.

Professional networking, the possibility to be employed and additional facilities for development give EEU programs much more significance. Students can take internships in more than 150 partner companies. EEU partners are state agencies, public and private organizations, the biggest hospitals in Georgia, pharmaceutical companies and etc.

EEU is prominent with highly qualified academic staff, worldwide famous Georgian and Overseas professors, motivated practitioners and young qualified specialists, and intensive partnership with many European Universities, which allows many American, Austrian, British, and French professors to be involved in the implementation all educational programs.



East European University recognizes the demands of the global education market and the importance of enhancing international experience in educational programs. Accordingly, the University is actively pursuing a policy of internationalization, which aims to integrate the University into the European educational system and become one of the leading institutions in the field of higher education.


  • 24 European universities
  • 7 Asian Universities
  • 2 universities in the USA
  • 1 African university
  • Partnership and affiliation with 14 European, Asian and International Organizations


  • Erasmus + grants since 2015;
  • Student exchange based on bilateral cooperation with 24 universities;
  • Possibility of obtaining a dual degree with universities of Italy, Poland, and Germany;
  • Foreign professors from the UK, Germany, Italy, Israel, and Austria were involved in the implementation of the program.




The mission of the East European University is the formation of the university as a research-oriented institution, which conducts research relevant to scientific research priorities, provides development of research potential, and integration of research results into the educational process through encouraging, supporting, and collaborating with partner organizations.


  • East European University to be recognized internationally, as an integrated and research-oriented institution in the European educational space, for which
  • Encourages academic staff, including young researchers, new knowledge and high-quality scientific publications, the creation, also supports the development of their research potential;
  • Develops a culture of research ethics and promotes the implementation of fundamental, applied, and interdisciplinary studies;
  • Integrates research results into the educational process;
  • Provides popularization of scientific-research activities and their involvement in students;
  • Cooperates with international and local scientific-research institutions and implements research projects with organizations;
  • Ensures the use of the results obtained by scientific research activities for the welfare of society;
  • Optimally and efficiently uses intellectual, financial, and material resources for qualitative research.



The Faculty of Healthcare Sciences of the East European University is an educational structural unit that carries out a one-cycle Medical Doctor’s (MD) educational program (English). International students from different countries of the world (India, Israel, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, etc.) study at the Faculty of Healthcare Sciences.

All proper conditions are created for students to study and work independently at the Faculty of Healthcare Sciences. The Faculty is equipped with both human and relevant material and technical resources to achieve the learning outcomes defined by the educational program.



The Clinical and Practical Skills Development Center based in the Faculty of Healthcare Sciences carries out its functions equipped with the latest technologies in accordance with modern standards of medical education.

University infrastructure and material and technical resources are also available to faculty students without restrictions, including:

Properly equipped classrooms, and offices for academic and administrative staff.

Conference hall.

Library equipped with computers and information-communication technologies, where relevant printed and electronic literature provided by the syllabi of the program is available.

Computer resource centers, computers connected to the Internet and internal network, and the software necessary for the teaching/learning process, etc.

To develop practical skills for the students of the Faculty of Healthcare Sciences, the University has signed memoranda of cooperation with affiliated clinics.

International partner organizations include the World Health Organization (WHO), the International Association for Medical Education (AMEE), the Association of Medical Schools in Europe (AMSE), and the Medical Council of India (MCI).

The Faculty of Healthcare Sciences continuously supports the development of the educational process and scientific research, promotes the involvement of faculty students and academic staff in educational and research projects, supports the integration of research results into the educational process, and promotes the professional growth of students and the academic staff.



Aspirants at East European University are granted with a seat at the hostel:

  • EEU provides its students with on-campus housing, dormitories, and hostels for students.
  • Dormitories on the campus of EEU are divided into two main blocks, the female and male dormitories.
  • For all requests and problems, students can contact the person responsible for dormitories.
  • The safety of students is of major importance at the university. Therefore, the security works to safeguard the buildings.
  • Every entrance and exit from the campus is monitored, based on the schedule determined by the internal rules of the University. Thus, the safety of students is at a maximum level at the university.



A library is a structural unit of the University, which provides all kinds of personnel and students with modern books, as a kind of electronic and digital media resources.

An important part of the Library resources is an electronic library, which includes the literature provided by the training program.

The Fund is registered in the Electronic catalog. There are more than 5,000 books and more than 3,000 digital entries in the library.



Students from different countries are participating in cultural, charitable, intellectual, and cognitive activities living the joyous life at East European University, Georgia:

Guest meetings are conducted periodically through which the students can get vital career exposure and they will get excellent interactions with guests.

The university cooperation with the international sports federation so that the students can get actively involved in sports activities conducted by a sports federation.

Students who are devoted to sports can show interest in the following streams:

  • Football
  • Basketball
  • Volleyball
  • Chess


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