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Riga Stradins University


About University


Riga Stradins University is a worldwide famous and modern educational institution in Riga. It was established in 1950 and was accredited by the Ministry of Education and Science of Latvia. The university provides a wide range of Undergraduate and Postgraduate programs for both international and national students.

Riga Stradins University is famous for its high quality of education and a top-10 ranking in Latvia. Currently, 10.000 students are studying at the university including 4.500 international students. The Student Community of Riga Stradins University has brought together the representatives of 70 countries from the EU, the USA, and Asia. 

Riga Stradins University guarantees the recognition of the degrees acquired by all the EU and the EEA Member States, according to the Convention of Lisbon. The degrees obtained at RSU are recognized in Sri Lanka, China, India, Lebanon, Syria, Israel, and Jordan. Riga Stradins University Medical Education Technology Centre (METC) is the only simulation center in Latvia and the largest one in the Baltics. The Centre has the appropriate infrastructure and equipment to ensure the acquisition and improvement of medical skills, as well as the implementation of simulation programs in various healthcare sectors. 

Riga Stradins University provides free access to all the Research and Scientific Laboratories. It provides students, residents, and doctoral students with the opportunity to develop scientific research works and adapt scientific research and assessment instruments according to modern scientific requirements. RSU provides study placements in various international hospitals for students who speak the language of the respective country.

Riga Stradins University cooperates with various medical institutions both in Latvia (Genome database of Latvian population, Riga Eastern Clinical University Hospital, Children Clinical University Hospital, etc.) and abroad (Institute of Molecular Genetics of Russian Academy of Science; Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine, Institute of Hereditary Pathology, etc.)

Studies at Riga Stradins University are integrated with Clinical Practice. Students obtain the basic theoretical material of their chosen specialty by practicing at RSU Clinical Hospitals and the main Medical Treatment and Scientific Institutions in Latvia. Students can also undergo overseas internships at partner hospitals in Germany, France, Poland, and many other countries in the EU. 

The credit system at Riga Stradins University differs from the ECTS credit system, but credits and awarded degrees are recognized abroad. One Latvian credit equals 1,5 ECTS credits approximately, which means that one complete study year has 40 credits (equals 60 ECTS). 


  • Medicine
  • European Studies 
  • Pharmacy 
  • Dentistry 
  • Law
  • Communication
  • Rehabilitation 
  • Public Health and Social Welfare 
  • Residency 
  • Doctoral Studies 
  • Humanities 


  • RSU Health Center and Dental Clinic;
  • RSU Museum of History and Anatomy;
  • RSU Study Centre at Riga East Clinical University Hospital;
  • Medical Education Technology Center;
  • RSU Anatomic Theatre;
  • RSU Business Incubator;
  • Renovated and Equipped Study Rooms;
  • Scientific and Research Laboratories.

Popular Programs and Courses

  • Dentistry;
  • General Medicine;
  • International Business and Start-Up Entrepreneurship;
  • Audio Speech Therapy;
  • Dental Hygiene;
  • Health Sport;
  • Neurosurgery;
  • Oncology;
  • Medicine of Emergency Conditions;
  • Neurology and Reflexotherapy;
  • Nursing;
  • Nutrition;
  • Occupational Therapy;
  • Pediatrics;
  • Pharmacy; 
  • Physiotherapy;
  • Psychology;
  • Public Health;
  • Social Work;
  • International Business and Sustainable Economy;
  • International, Marketing and Advertising;
  • Journalism;
  • Law;
  • Medical Engineering and Physics;
  • Multimedia Communication.



Modern and renovated RSU Student Accommodation Houses are situated right next to the RSU main building. The location makes it possible to get to the University on foot in 10 minutes. The new three-story hostel comprises 135 rooms, ten of which are adjusted to accommodate people with disabilities. 

Rooms adapted for people with various mobility disorders are larger. The furniture is lowered and showers and toilets have been adapted (shower chair, grab bars, help buttons, and adjustable mirrors).

Student rooms consist of bedding, furniture, a kitchen area, and a bathroom. The rooms are fully furnished and equipped with a fridge and an extractor hood.  Each room has a bed with a pillow, blanket, bed sheets, desk, chair, shelf, and closet. Please note that students must provide their kitchenware (utensils, pans, pots, etc.).

Students are also provided with educational and entertainment facilities, lockable bicycle storage, self-service laundry facilities, and rooms specifically designed for exercise, fitness, and wellness.


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