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Living expences

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Living expences


Living expenses in every country depend on its level of economic development, location, taxes, the density of its population, and wage levels. Prices for living vary from country to country. Managing living expenses is an inevitable part of adulthood and we encourage the students to know how much money they have to be ready to spend to cover basic expenses abroad

What are living expenses? Living expenses are expenditures necessary for basic daily living and maintaining good health. They include: 

  • housing (accommodation rent, utilities, insurance);
  • food (food and grocery);
  • clothing (daily clothing, formal wear, boots, shoes, and coats);
  • healthcare (health insurance, medical services, and pharmaceuticals);
  • transportation;
  • leisure activities and nightlife 

Understanding the cost of each of these will help with managing the budget for them. 

Average Cost of Living


Poland is an affordable European country with a stable economy and low taxes, therefore living expenses are much lower compared to other developed countries. Living costs for international students vary between 500 – 900 EUR per month. You can adjust your budget depending on the city or area you wish to study in. That is why Poland is one of international students’ most popular studying destinations. 

Students from all countries can get an education in the Russian Federation in various specialization programs. Russia has a developed infrastructure and low taxes, which made it attractive for international students. The cost of studying and living in Russia depends on the location of the educational institution, and the specialty chosen. However, the average amount of basic expenses vary between 300 – 700 EUR per month

The cost of living in Georgia is typically considered to be one of the most affordable you can find. The average student will spend the equivalent of between 500 – 1000 EUR per month. With top-notch education standards, low taxes, and affordable prices for living, Georgia is fast becoming a favorite study destination amongst international students. 

Latvia is one of the most popular higher education providers in Europe. With its safe and welcoming cities, spectacular coastline, and low prices it has become a quite popular destination for international students. Remember, all living expenses depend on your lifestyle and daily routine, place of living, and preferences. The average cost of living is 600 – 900 EUR per month for international students. 

As for Ukraine, prices for accommodation and groceries are often much lower than in all European countries. Ukraine is a country of opportunities for young and prominent specialists. Due to its affordable prices and low taxes country has become attractive to international students. Living costs for international students vary between 400 – 800 EUR per month, including accommodation and utilities.

Uzbekistan is one of the most popular Asian countries among students. It amazes students with its culture, history, and level of development. Living and studying in Uzbekistan will open a wide range of opportunities concerning future career and life paths. As for the cost of living, due to the fast development of the economy and infrastructure, prices are lower than in other Asian countries. The average price of living in any Uzbek city is over 500 – 700 EUR per month.


One of the most important things you need to know about the country you choose for studying and living in is the national currency. It varies from country to country and every international student after arriving should first visit the currency exchange. The amount of money you’ll get for a given amount of your country’s currency is based on internationally determined exchange rates. 

Name of the country National Currency in Euro
Poland 1 PLN (zloty) 0, 20 EUR
Russia 1 RUB (ruble) 0, 016 EUR
Georgia 1 GEL (lari) 0,36 EUR
Latvia National currency is Euro  
Ukraine 1 UAH (hryvnia) 0, 026 EUR
Uzbekistan 1 UZS (som) 0,000087 EUR



All our Universities have their Student Dormitories and provide high-level accommodation and all-needed comfortable living facilities for international students. The cost of rooms depends on the location of the University`s dormitory, and its conditions.  As usual, the administration of the universities provides all the needed facilities such as central heating, free Wi-Fi, hot and cold running water, permanent access to the gym, library, reading rooms, and all equipment for students studying and living. 

In some cases, students prefer to live in a rented apartment. Under certain circumstances, renting a flat for a small group of individuals can be more profitable. If you decide to rent accommodation by yourself its price can vary on your budget, lifestyle, and the level of comfort you need. We can say every European and Asian city has a huge amount of available accommodation, which differs by location, area, and condition, that is why every international student can find a place to live.

Name of the Country Average Cost of Dormitory Average Cost of Apartments 
Poland 900 – 8400 EUR per year 400 – 800 EUR per month 
Russia 200 – 3700 EUR per year 200 – 700 EUR per month
Georgia 100 – 2500 EUR per year 500 – 1500 EUR per month
Latvia 780 – 5040 EUR per year 350 – 1000 EUR per month 
Ukraine 500 – 1200 EUR per year 250 – 1000 EUR per month 
Uzbekistan 500 – 700 EUR per year 250 – 800 EUR per month 

The cost of apartment you rent depends on its location and area. Of course, if you prefer to live in a 3-room flat in the city center and have all the needed modern facilities – be ready to pay for it much more. Ordinary students choose a single-room flat near the University Campus or prefer to live with their classmates and share payment. It will be cheaper and give you the opportunity to find new friends. 



The major expense for every person is spending on food. Our partner countries are rich in restaurants, cafes, bars, and other amazing places with delicious food and drinks with their atmosphere and vibe, so you will want to come back there again. You can find places with entirely different designs and energy, cuisine, and drinks that will suit your mood and pleasantly surprise you with prices.

National cuisine and groceries are also among the top things you should try in every country. You can find groceries with local food and drinks everywhere, and cook dishes on your own. Sometimes it can be cheaper than eating in cafes or even University Restaurants.

Name of the country Average cost of food per month
Poland 250 – 300 EUR
Russia 350 – 400 EUR
Georgia 350 – 400 EUR
Latvia 300 – 500 EUR
Ukraine 250 – 400 EUR
Uzbekistan 350 – 500 EUR 

Remember, your food expenses in every country will depend on the city you choose to live in, your lifestyle, habits, and food preferences. If you prefer to have breakfast or dinner at a restaurant, are likely to cook dishes from expensive imported products, or have a tradition to visit bars or cafes every weekend – be ready to pay much more.



Our partner countries are rich in shopping malls and a wide range of stores, where you can find clothes and shoes for all seasons. Every international student will find a large selection of various clothes available at different price levels. The level of economical development, the number of international agreements in trade between countries, and the demand for specific products made a great impact on clothes expenses. 

In various countries different clothing lines and mass markets are presented therefore cost of it may vary. The amount of money you will spend on clothes depends on your style, clothing brand, the season for what you buy them, and your preferences. Shopping at thrift stores, or garage sales, and focusing on recycled clothing can help you save money on your next shopping trip for apparel.

Name of the country Average cost of jeans Average cost of T-shirt Average cost of pair of shoes
Poland 50 – 100 EUR 20 – 65 EUR 40 – 150 EUR
Russia 40 – 70 EUR 20 – 60 EUR 40 – 80 EUR
Georgia 20 – 80 EUR 10 – 60 EUR 15 – 80 EUR
Latvia 40 – 100 EUR 15 – 50 EUR 40 – 100 EUR
Ukraine 20 – 70 EUR 10 – 50 EUR 30 – 100 EUR
Uzbekistan 20 – 60 EUR 15 – 45 EUR 40 – 90 EUR

Remember, price of clothing you buy depends on your preferences, places you bought it and brands you choose. Most financial experts recommend spending no more than 5% of your monthly take-home pay on clothing. Depending on your salary and spending habits, that percentage may seem like too little or too much.



Transportation is a significant expense and an important thing for every city resident.  A convenient and modern transportation system is an indicator of city development. Millions of people use it every day to make their life comfortable and manage time. For all students, convenient transportation is the way to see the city and take to the place they need to in time.

Sometimes University Dormitories can be situated far from the Campus, which is why all its residents will need to use convenient transportation to arrive at their classes. The cost of transportation is quite affordable in almost all country and depend on the level of city development, gas prices, and taxes rates. 

Name of the country Average price of short-time ticket Average price of reusable ticket
Poland 3,4 PLN (0,32 EUR) 110 PLN (23,5 EUR)
Russia 25 RUB (0,4 EUR) 1200 RUB (20 EUR)
Georgia 0,35 GEL (1 EUR) 40 GEL (14,4 EUR)
Latvia 1,15 EUR 50 EUR
Ukraine 8 UAH (0,21 EUR) 375 UAH (10 EUR)
Uzbekistan 1200 UZS (0,15 EUR) 60,000 UZS (5,20 EUR)

Leisure Activities 


Leisure activities is one of the most important parts of students life. It allows you to find new friends, make valuable contacts, receive unforgettable experiences, and just relax after hard work or study. As usual, student life is a period when you become an adult, start your independent life, and make the first steps in finding your path. We learn to grow emotionally, physically, philosophically as well as socially. 

The majority of students spend their free time on various leisure activities. As for activities, you can find everything you want or like to do. All our partner countries amaze you with their nature and sightseeing. Everywhere you can find opportunities to do sports alone or with friends. If you are an active person and prefer to be always on the move – you can use one of the well-equipped sports facilities or explore beautiful local nature in forests, meadows, and coastlines while cycling, hiking, horse-riding, sailing, canoeing, ballooning, or any other way you want. 

Every country and city is wonderful with its culture, religion, and history. Living or studying abroad gives you an opportunity to plunge into other customs and life. Those who like sightseeing should visit local churches, castles, museums and many other attractions. If you are culture-oriented, you can choose between many theatres and galleries as well as philharmonics, concerts, and music clubs. You can enjoy local cinemas, visit restaurants with national or foreign cuisine or just go for a walk through famous historical places. Let`s try to compare the average price of such pastime options in different countries.

Name of the country Average price of cinema ticket Average price of a meal in the cafe Average price of museum ticket Average price of gym membership
Poland 20 PLN 

(4,25 EUR)

60 PLN 

(12,75 EUR)

25 PLN 

(4,5 EUR)

100 PLN 

(22 EUR)

Russia 350 RUB 

(5,5 EUR)

800 – 1200 RUB 

(13 – 20 EUR)

400 RUB 

(6,5 EUR)

17,000 RUB 

(272 EUR)

Georgia 49 GEL 

(17,5 EUR)

100 GEL 

(36 EUR)

10 GEL 

(3,6 EUR)

40 GEL 

(14,5 EUR)

Latvia 6 EUR 20 – 40 EUR 10 – 15 EUR 20 EUR
Ukraine 150 UAH

(4 EUR)

500 – 800 UAH

(14 – 22 EUR)

150 UAH

(4 EUR)

600 – 900 UAH

(16 – 24 EUR)

Uzbekistan 20,000 UZS 

(1,8 EUR)

40 000 UZS 

(3,5 EUR)

20,000 UZS 

(1,8 EUR)

100,000 – 200,000UZS 

(16 – 24 EUR)

Average cost of your activities will depend on your preferences and lifestyle. In some cities, prices can be higher due to their level of density, development of infrastructure, and cultural richness. All our partner universities are situated in wonderful countries and cities, which are beautiful places for spending a student life. It is a pleasant experience, where we gather knowledge and make friends. Student life makes you braver, responsible, and emotionally well-receptive.


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