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MBBS in Russia


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Nowadays, studying MBBS in Russia gains popularity among international students, because the Russian Federation has a number of the best medical Universities in World. Tuition fee for MBBS in Russia is very nominal and affordable in comparison with other countries because it is subsidized by the Russian government. Russian Medical Universities operate under the aegis of the Ministry of Public Health of the Russian Federation and are included in the World Health Organization’s Directory of “World Medical Schools”. They rank among the top ten medical universities in Russia with a large number of Indian students. Russian Medical colleges are recognized by MCI, USMLE and WHO, they opened up new opportunities for foreign students to study MBBS in Russia. Thousands of doctors are already practicing in their homeland, who studied MBBS in Russia. Thanks to World Health Organization listing, students passing MBBS from Russian medical Universities and are eligible for the screening tests in their countries.
“The best thing about studying in the MBBS program in Russia is that there are no entrance exams for admission to Russian medical colleges/universities. Degrees are validated by WHO and UNESCO”.
Note: Please be informed that from all world over, there is a large number of applicants who want to study MBBS in Russia and the seats are limited and hence admissions are given strictly on a first come first served basis and depend on the final discretion of the university as per the availability. Therefore, in order to enter the best medical universities in Russia, it is better to apply admission in advance. 



Most popular medical courses among international students in Russia are:

  • Medicine: it is a six-year course, Doctor of Medicine (MD or MBBS) is the awarded degree;
  • Dental: it is five-year course, Bachelor of Dentistry (BDent) is the awarded degree;
  • Pediatrics: it is a six-year course, Doctor of Medicine is the awarded degree;
  • Nursing: it is a four-year course, Bachelor of Nursing (BN) is the awarded degree;
  • Dental orthopedics: it is a two-year course, Bachelor of Dental Orthopedics is the awarded degree;
  • Postgraduate studies: duration of study is 2-3 years.




The Medical course at the Any Russian University takes six years and leads to MD (Doctor of Medicine) or MBBS. In the undergraduate program, during six years of study the students learn different subjects from fundamental subjects to special medical subjects. This is an exciting time in medicine as we look forward to developing new avenues in health care excellence. The practice of medicine remains one of the most requested of all professions and we believe that our Universities are the perfect places to acquire medical knowledge and obtain the degree. They want to provide care for people and they feel that as physicians they can make a difference in their communities. For that reason, we have great faith that there is a bright future for health care.
The successful students who will complete study of five years, then on graduation work for another year under probation in order to gain general registration. There is a wide range of specialization available in the public and private sectors, involving research, academic medicine, public health, clinical medicine and other areas. Specialties include Cardiology, Oncology, Pediatrics, Psychological Medicine, Surgery, Pathology, Public Health, General Practice and many others. Most doctors complete postgraduate training in their chosen specialty.
Here is the course description with detailed MBBS syllabus
For 6 years of training 13,474 hours out of them:

  • ● Humanitarian subjects — 1,576 hours
  • ● Social-economic subjects — 432 hours
  • ● Fundamental (general scientific) subjects — 2,180 hours
  • ● Professionally oriented subjects — 6,098 hours
  • ● Elective courses — 324 hours
  • ● Practical training — 972 hours
  • ● Sub-internship (in the 6th year) — 1,892 hours

There are more than 100 Medical Universities where students can continue their education in medical field. Almost every Medical University of Russia is recognized worldwide, over 500,000 foreign international students who graduated from the Medical Universities of Russia are working in reputed hospital and medical institution in their homeland. Most of the Medical Universities of Russia are more than 100 years old and even older. Every year medical universities of Russia accept thousands of students from African, Asian, European, North American and South American continents. Medical Universities in Russia is considered to be the most affordable universities for average class income group. Most of the Medical Universities in Russia provide all the courses both in Russian and English mediums of instruction including master courses. In the Russian Medical Universities students can find the specialized courses which they can’t find or are hard to find in any other country. Every Medical Universities of Russia provide best training under their highly qualified pedagogical staff which includes doctors, scientist, researchers, professors and candidates of science. Every Medical Universities of Russia has its own hospitals, clinics and research centers which help students to develop their practical skills along with theory and to be the good successful doctor in the future.

Thus, Russian universities are becoming more attractive for international students in both European and Asian countries. In addition to affordable prices and high quality of education, Russian universities offer more and more relevant programs, which allows graduates to obtain a profession that is in demand on the labor market and promotes their further employment.


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      1. Hello, i need full scholarship in faculty of medecine. Thanks

        • Edugain Overseas says:

          Hello! We do not offer scholarships for international students. But we can send you all the information about medicine courses and your options via email. Have a nice day!

      2. Siyabonga Benedict Zuma says:

        I am currently looking for an English course in Medicine. I have an undergraduate degree in Basic Sciences is it possible that I can get credits and start in 3rd year for the Medical degree.

        • Edugain Overseas says:

          Good day! Kindly send us your documents via email so the universities could evaluate your degree and you can get your answer. Have a nice day!

      3. Alfred Essereke says:

        I have my daughter graduating from high school pretty soon and I would like to enrol her in a Russian language training then later on for medical school. Can you please give me the estimates yearly costs?
        Best regards

        • Edugain Overseas says:

          Hello! Yes, sure, we will send you all the costs via email, so kindly check your inbox. Have a nice day!

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