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Transport and Telecommunication Institute, Riga


About Institute


Transport and Telecommunication Institute is the largest and most popular non-state technical higher educational and scientific establishment in Riga, the capital of Latvia. University was established in 1999 based on a Technical and Aviation School that dates back to 1919.  

Institute provides a studying process for more than 3,000 students and gave great career opportunities for over 7,500 alumni. Transport and Telecommunication Institute, Riga cover a range of technical specialties in the field of electronics and Telecommunications, Information Technology and Computer Science, Economics, Management and Business Administration, Transport, and Logistics.

Students from Latvia, Russia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Moldova, Ukraine, Azerbaijan, India, Great Britain, and other countries can study at TSI and get a European Degree. The most popular among foreign students areas of study are logistics, information technology, and aviation.

TSI conducts multi-faceted research work. According to the results of expert evaluation, the Institute of Transport and Communication, the only one among private universities, is included in the list of leading scientific institutions operating in Latvia. Institute of Transport and Communications achieved excellent results, taking 2nd place among private universities in Latvia.



The institute is divided into several faculties and departments, including

  • Faculty of Computer Science and Electronics
    • Mathematical Methods
    • Computer Networks
    • Electronics
    • Telecommunications
  • Faculty of Management Sciences, Economics, and Transport
    • Management
    • Economics
    • Transportation Technology and Logistics
    • Social Sciences and Law
  • Department of Continuing Education
  • Department of Basic Sciences
  • Telematics and Logistics Institute
  • Leadership Institute
  • Latgale Branch

Mission and Research


The mission of the Transport and Telecommunications Institute is to become a top-ranked European-level university of applied science offering education and scientific research in the field of telecommunication, engineering, IT, and transportation fields. 

TSI enhances its position through the delivery of excellent teaching, engagement in the research of international quality, cooperation agreements with other educational establishments, and knowledge services of the highest standard, enabling Institute to make a significant contribution to the social, cultural, educational, and economic development. Research excellence and innovation are integral to TSI’s vision. Its goal is to address fundamental and strategically essential questions and to deliver economic, social, and cultural impact at regional, national, and international levels.

The most important research mission of the Institute is the integration of TSI into the global research and educational system through leading research, information, and learning technologies, creating a novel HR system and forming a highly professional research staff, developing strategic communications, and achieving high recognition of TSI nationally and globally. The development of the innovation ecosystem to support the growth potential of TSI in knowledge and technology transfer is the main aim of all research and cooperation agreements of the Institute.


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