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Akaki Tsereteli State University


About University


Akaki Tsereteli State University (ATSU) is located in Kutaisi, Georgia. ATSU is one of the oldest Caucasian multi-profile higher academic institutions, which ensures the unity and high quality of educational, research, and business processes – aims at preparing professionals and leaders who will contribute to the development of their country and the world by creating, accumulating, and spreading knowledge. 

The history of Akaki Tsereteli State University started eight decades ago and now, it is a higher educational institution in Georgia distinguished with its excellent traditions, which have found a decent place in the cultural-intellectual and moral upbringing of generations. The University has gained universal recognition as a result of staff training, high-quality scientific potential, and wide-ranging links with scientific institutes of advanced countries.

The study process at ATSU has been carried out at every level: Bachelor, Master, and Ph.D., which are accredited by the Ministry of Georgia of Education and Science. At present, due to the success of the renovations, the University has about 10,000 students in nine faculties.

Akaki Tsereteli University is one such university that offers loan-based MBBS studies, doctorate studies, or low-cost medical sciences study. Other types of advanced physician or advanced medicine courses and internships are also available. There is highly competent medical faculty available to teach all aspects of medical sciences to the students. 


  • Faculty of Humanitarian
  • Faculty of Pedagogics
  • Faculty of Exact and Natural sciences
  • Faculty of Business, Law and Social sciences
  • Faculty of Medicine
  • Faculty of Technical Engineering
  • Faculty of Technological Engineering
  • Faculty of Agriculture
  • Faculty of Maritime and Transportation



University provides high-quality accommodation for students pursuing MBBS and other degrees. The hostel is very close to the college campus. The students are provided with fully furnished rooms on sharing basis. There are around 7 hostels on the ATSU campus. The hostels have kitchens, laundry rooms, rooms for study and training sessions, recreation rooms, a gym, etc. The complete hostel complex is equipped with internet access.

The ATSU aims at providing maximum comfort to the students. The hostel rooms are designed such as 2-3 students can share one room. The rooms are equipped with air-conditioning and a centralized heating system. The location of the hostels is very near to the center of the city. The local markets and other amenities are easily accessible to the students.


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