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Alte University


Alte University is a fully accredited higher education institution with 20 years of experience and history in the Georgian educational sphere, which unites more than 2,100 students from 15 countries at 4 schools: Business School, International School of Medicine, School of Law, and School of Humanities and Social Sciences. The University currently offers 12 academic programs, both undergraduate and graduate.

The word ‘ALTE’ itself means altitude, highest point, and represents the way of constant development.

Within this long-term period, alte university will not be just another educational institution, but it will be the life partner of its students and graduates to help them to find and to develop their unique skills, talents, and possibilities that will make them exceptional.




Alte University is a fully authorized institution located in the capital of Georgia, Tbilisi.

  • 2,100 Students &2,350Alumni
  • Students from 15countries
  • Unique opportunity of getting practical experience during the studying process
  • Best faculty staff with professional practitioners
  • Strategic alliance with the largest healthcare providers in Georgia




Georgia has a unique and ancient cultural heritage and is famed for its traditions of hospitality and cuisine.

The capital of Georgia is Tbilisi where days can be spent hitting the historical streets, museums, and theaters, while during the nights one can listen to modern music. While the city is small enough to be covered in a weekend, its architectural eclecticism, a mix of ancient and modern buildings, thriving restaurant and bar scene, and wealth of cultural offerings make it unique and memorable for each visitor.

  • Population: 3.7 million
  • Time Zone: GMT +4
  • Official language: Georgian
  • Currency: Georgian Lari
  • Safety Index: 79.79




Alte University is a fully authorized institution. The medical Doctor program is accredited by National Center for Educational Quality Enhancement (NCEQE). Receiving this status from NCEQE is directly connected to education recognition internationally, including in the US, which means the Diploma is recognized worldwide and allows the graduates to continue studying in any country and get employed internationally.

  • Recognized by World Federation for Medical Education (WFME)
  • Member of the European Association for Quality Assurance in Higher Education (ENQA) ➢ Member of the Association of Medical Education in Europe (AMEE)
  • Recognized by the Medical Council of India (MCI)


Exchange Programs: Alte University cooperates with the European and US leading universities and offers exchange programs at various European universities to the students for one semester or a year. Thus the university has exchange programs within the individual cooperation, ERASMUS Mundus and Erasmus +




The university focuses on practical studies and innovative approaches, which include the functioning of the university-based “Startup Garage”. It allows the students of any program to turn their ideas into a real business.

  • Mentoring program for Idea development
  • Help to turn the idea into the real business
  • Help to find the sponsors for the ideas
  • Special projects for students to develop entrepreneurial skills
  • Start-up Marathon & other special annual projects for pupil




Alte University unites more than 2,100 students from 15 countries. The world federation for medical education (WFME) has recognized the Alte University medical program, which is also a member of the European Association for Quality Assurance in Higher Education (ENQA) and the European Medical Education Association (AMEE). The program is recognized and approved by the Medical Council of India (MCI).

It is noteworthy that a memorandum of understanding has been signed between Alte University and the Bharath Institute of Higher Education and research, which aims to: exchange programs for medical school students and academic staff, create joint programs in IT and data sciences, facilitate the internship of medical school students in leading medical institutions of Georgia and India and organize joint conferences, seminars, and workshops.

At Alte University international school of medicine, international students have the opportunity to study in the field of dentistry and medicine, where they will gain practical experience along with theoretical knowledge.

The course is taught in English.




International School of Medicine (all programs in the English language)

  • Medical Doctor in the English language
  • Dentistry in the English language

School of Business (all programs in the Georgian language)

  • Bachelor Program of Business Administration
  • Bachelor Program in Tourism
  • Masters Program of Business Administration

Law School (all programs in the Georgian language)

  • Bachelor Program of Law
  • Masters Program of Law

School of Humanities & Social Sciences (all programs in the Georgian language)

  • Bachelor Program in Psychology
  • Bachelor Program of Journalism
  • Bachelor Program of English Philology
  • Bachelor Program in International Relations
  • Masters Program of National & International Security

From 2023 will be added:

  • BBA, MBA, and Executive MBA (in the English language)
  • Bachelor in Computer Science (in both Georgian and English languages)
  • Bachelor in Information Technology (in both Georgian and English languages)
  • Medical Doctor (in the Georgian language)




The aim of the Medical School is to prepare qualified, certified, and competitive doctors with international standards for the worldwide labor market.

 Medical Programs offered by Alte University are in line with the global labor market requirements necessary for the Medical Doctor.

Our students understand the core values of the doctor and meet the requirements of the World Federation for Medical Education. (WFMF)

  •  Programs:
  •     Medical Doctor
  •     Dentistry
  • Language of instruction: English
  • Strategic alliance with the largest healthcare providers in Georgia
  • Accesstothebestclinicalfacilityandmedicalfaculty
  • Unique opportunity of getting practical experience

during studying process




The School of Humanities and Social Sciences offers undergraduate and graduate programs. The bachelor’s degree includes programs in international relations, journalism, English philology, and psychology, while the master’s degree includes national and international security programs.

The School of Humanities and Social Sciences operates modern standard curricula, lectures given by highly qualified practicing lecturers and leading specialists in the field, free Chinese Language Courses at the Confucius Institute, Erasmus + exchange programs at leading universities in Europe, and Asia, and internship programs.




The School of Law offers undergraduate and graduate programs in law, which focus on equipping students with thorough theoretical knowledge and developing practical skills. The School of Law focuses on the development of professional and personal responsibility, professional growth, and study, as well as the motivation to uphold the norms of professional ethics and establish values so that future professionals can understand, analyze, implement and conduct practical work in their practical activities. and full realization of opportunities and career advancement as a result of successful activities.

 The School of Law offers students the opportunity to gain in-depth theoretical knowledge through teaching methods of modern standards, interesting lectures given by highly qualified practicing lecturers, active collaboration with numerous partner organizations, and involvement in research projects and simulated processes.




The undergraduate and graduate programs in Business Administration and Tourism Administration develop diversified knowledge specialists in the field of management, which significantly increases their employment opportunities. The school’s management and academic staff constantly strive to establish high standards of education based on the implementation of innovative and effective management, permanently update the teaching methodology, develop educational programs, and create the best learning environment for the students.

Our strengths are research-based teaching, developing partnerships with advanced educational institutions, and promoting student and teacher mobility in the international educational space.




  • At Alte university, teachers give personal attention to each student and every student, as each class comprises hardly 20 students.
  • The classrooms are well equipped with all the necessary technologies such as microscopes, Wi-Fi, round table, projectors, practical specimens, built projectors, etc.
  • The Alte University has more than 7 large buildings with ultramodern facilities. Apart from that, universities provide the best hotel facilities for international students on campus.
  • Alte university ensures that students are physically fit during medical studies, participation in sport classes are a must.
  • At Alte university, seminars are also organized every weekend to provide important information about new research.
  • Alte university also prepares students for FMGE, USMLE, and PLAB screening test examinations in the future, these tests are mandatory for every student to practice in their country.
  • At Alte University offers:
  •     Career & student success center
  •     Language clubs
  •     Cultural & art clubs
  •     Leadership Club
  •     Idea Club
  •     Student buddy services for freshmen
  •     Thematic entertainment events organized by the university




The Alte University Library is focused on creating a comfortable environment for its customers, tailored and adapted to their needs and interests, providing educational and scientific resources, and, if necessary, providing informal consultations to interested readers.

Currently, the University Library Fund consists of more than 10,000 print and digital units. This fund covers all the main fields of study offered by the university: business, economics, law, medicine, social sciences, humanities, technical sciences, and others.

For a library, it is a priority to make available to its readers the latest educational and scientific products, which provides open access to a number of electronic scientific databases.




International students do not face any challenges when it comes to finding decent accommodation in Georgia. University offers hostel facilities to its students within the Campus. Hostels are equipped with kitchen facilities that students can use to cook food for themselves.  Beds, mattresses, pillows, blankets, two side tables, one cupboard, and one table and chair are provided in each hostel room. Hot water is accessible. All of the rooms have central heating. On-call plumbers, carpenters, and electricians are all accessible.




  • Modern approaches to teachings processes
  • Reinforcing sharpening the practical skills
  • Access to the best clinical facility and medical faculty
  • Newly constructed, modern & easily accessible campus
  • Strategic alliance with the largest healthcare providers in Georgia & several international institutions
  • Students from over 15 countries
  • Interesting and distinctive student life & student services
  • Flexible and easy admission process
  • Opportunity to gain internal scholarship
  • Opportunity to participate in various exchange programs
  • Professional research activities


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