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Ken Walker International University


Ken Walker International University provides the highest level of educational programs based on the evidence and experience of the leading western educational institutions. State of the art private university based in the beautiful country of Georgia, collaborates with the Emory University School of Medicine (USA), to provide students with the highest quality education, research, and experience. KWIU aspires to become the global leader in medical and dental education and to prepare healthcare professionals for the future worldwide. A professional team and strong collaboration with leading academic, clinical, and scienti­c organizations is a guarantee for success.

Innovative and integrated curriculum forces collaboration of modern requirements of medical education, with considerations of requirements by the World Federation of Medical Education (WFME). Integration of fundamental knowledge of biomedical and clinical sciences, research, clinical skills and professionalism, a wide range of practical experience, and networking opportunities, equips KWIU students with the most comprehensive professional abilities.



Active internationalization activities at the University provide an open academic environment for Georgian and international students, academic, invited, and administrative staff, which in turn facilitates the full realization of their personal potential, integration into international educational, research processes, and sharing experience of foreign colleagues/researchers.


  • An International Association For Medical Education – AMEE
  • Vladimir Bakhutashvili Institute of Medical Biotechnology
  • Eliava International Phagotherapy Center, Ltd
  • Georgian-American Nursing College
  • Association For Science
  • Kamara, Ltd
  • Georgian Biosafety Association



Ken Walker International University LLC’s Research Development Strategy is based on the Law of Georgia on Higher Education, the University Mission, and Vision, and the University Strategic Development Plan for 2021-2027.

The challenge of the University is to become one of the leading medical educational institutions at the national level that will offer students a comprehensive, innovative, and internationally recognized standard education.

The research priorities of Ken Walker International University identify two main directions:

  •  Public health
  • Medical Education

 In addition to these priorities, the University accepts the challenge of promoting fundamental and

clinical research in the country.

Defining research priorities does not limit other types of research activities. Any employee of the University (academic, invited staff) has the right to submit and receive appropriate assistance from the University (given the feasibility and relevance of the research topic) in terms of idea implementation.



The Faculty of Medicine and Stomatology is established at the University for the implementation of relevant educational programs. The faculty is the main educational unit of the University, its goal is to implement the educational programs and scientific-research activities of the University, to create and develop an educational environment in accordance with modern standards.

Educational Departments

To provide academic support for the university educational programs, to implement them effectively, improve them, organize specialized staff, to improve their professional development and coordination, the teaching departments are established in the faculty, in which the academic staff is united according to the occupied academic position/discipline. The departments of the Faculty of Medicine and Stomatology are:

Preclinical Department.

Clinical Department.

Stomatological Department.



Ken Walker International University is proudly affiliated with leading hospitals throughout Georgia. As a leading institution in medical education, the medical faculty is committed to helping students build a strong foundation for future success in their medical careers.

  • N.Kipshidze Central University Clinic, Ltd
  • National Institute of Endocrinology, Ltd
  • Institute of Clinical Oncology, Ltd
  • O.Ghudushauri National Medical Center, Ltd
  • Insitute for Personalized Medicine, Ltd
  • Khechinashvili University Hospital , Ltd
  • Healthy Baby Med, Ltd
  • Tbilisi State Medical Univeristy and Ingorokva High Technology Medical Clinic, Ltd
  • UniDent, LTD
  • G.Chapidze Emergency Cardiology Center, Ltd
  • Ken Walker Medical Rehabilitation Univeristy Clinic, Ltd
  • National Center of Otorinolaryngology, Janapridze-Kevanishvili Clinic, Ltd
  • Center for Pediatric Surgery, Ltd
  • Pineo Medical Ecosystem, Ltd
  • TIM – Tbilisi Institute of Medicine, Ltd
  • Jerarsi, Ltd
  • Inova, Ltd
  • Jordania Clinic, Ltd
  • Tbilisi Central Clinic, Ltd
  • Kani, Ltd
  • Rustavi Mental Health Center, Ltd
  • Bokhua Memorial Cardiovascular Center, Ltd
  • Jordania-Chikovani Clinic, Ltd
  • Sachkhere Medical Center, Ltd
  • Eliava Insitute Phage therapy center, Ltd
  • Medex, Ltd
  • Cedex, Ltd
  • Bio-denti, Ltd A1, Ltd
  • IC Dent



Studying at Ken Walker International University is supported by a modern and very well-equipped University Library.

The Library offers diverse services and training and has the added function of a medical science information center. Its resources are mainly used by students, postgraduates, research, and academic staff, as well as health professionals from the region and scientific institutions elsewhere.

Details of the library resources are available in online catalogs.

Printed and digital resources are available for use in two stylish reading rooms, with PC workstations and wireless Internet connection.



While you are studying at Ken Walker International University, you are provided with comfortable hostels.

Each hostel is divided into blocks. A block includes two rooms, a bathroom, and a lavatory; each room is for 2 to 3 people. Your room has already been equipped with modern furniture and technical appliances, which will help organize your comfortable accommodation and studies! The Internet and Wi-Fi are not a problem at all – you can access a high-speed network at our hostels.



 At Ken Walker International University, the teaching methods and other equipment and technology adopted are of extraordinarily high standards and can render a student fit for pursuing a career in any country in the world.


There are plenty of opportunities for students who want to enhance their student life with different activities. There is a Year-Round Recreation Program that includes various sports activities like basketball, tennis, football, skiing, and skating in the winter season and swimming in the summer season. There are a lot of interest-based clubs and student organizations at Ken Walker International University available for the students. Some of them are the Student Scientific Society, English Speaking Club, Volunteer Clubs, and much more!


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