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Georgian Technical University


About University 


Georgian Technical University is a state university founded in 1922 in Tbilisi, Georgia. The Georgian Technical University (GTU, formerly V.I. Lenin Georgian Polytechnical Institute) was initially created as a polytechnic faculty of Tbilisi State University. GTU is the main and largest technical university in Georgia. It is located in the capital city of Tbilisi.  In 1928, the Departments of the polytechnic faculty was transformed into an independent Institute and named Georgian Polytechnic Institute (GPI).

By 1970, the Institution already had 15 full-time and 13 part-time faculties. In the 80s, the students at the Institute were already carrying out high volumes of advanced scientific research and works. During this period, the Institute became the largest higher educational institution in the Caucasian region for its students (total 40 000) and academic staff (total of 5000). Polytechnical Institute took first place in the USSR’s higher educational institutions ranking. 

In 1990, Georgian Polytechnic Institute was granted university status and named the Georgian Technical University. After Georgia’s Independence, GTU underwent critical reforms and restructuring of the curriculum in 1995. And gradually GTU began the installation of new training standards introducing the Credit System.

Today, Georgian Technical University remains the main and largest technical university of Georgia, with global recognition, special accreditations, and the starting point for many research centers, and technical and engineering universities in Georgia. Georgian Technical University has the honor to offer its local and International students modern facilities and a learning environment in which they can gain high-quality education as well as practical experience. The knowledge and skills acquired at our university are a guarantee of a successful career not only in Georgia but also in the international labor market.


  • Faculty of Civil Engineering 
  • Faculty of Power Engineering and Telecommunications 
  • Faculty of Mining and Geology
  • Faculty of Chemical Technology and Metallurgy 
  • Faculty of Architecture, Urban Planning, and Design 
  • Faculty of Informatics and Control Systems 
  • Faculty of Transportation and Machine-Building 
  • Faculty of Business Technologies 
  • Faculty of Engineering Economics, Media-Technology, and Social Sciences 
  • Faculty of Law and International Relations 
  • International Design School 
  • Faculty of Agricultural Sciences and Bio-systems Engineering 



The university accommodates students in two dormitories of apartment and corridor types. First of all, international students and non-city residents are settled. Every student has free access to all dormitory rooms as study rooms, reading rooms, libraries, gym, and student canteen.

Accommodation is prepared in over 1,300 places in double, and triple rooms, shared kitchens, showers, and toilets. All student rooms are renovated and equipped with all necessary furniture and technologies such as modern TV and free Wi-Fi.


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