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What is Web Design


As the name indicates, the field of web design focuses on the work involved in designing websites. Individuals who aspire to be web designers need to be both artistically talented as well as efficient in the latest computer technology because a website is built with the combination of the two skills. Websites need to be visually attractive and user-friendly. If a website is visually well-designed but too difficult for users to navigate it will not be successful. Many web designers are self-employed thus they work for various companies on a contractual basis. There are some web designers, however, who work full-time for specific companies, non-profits, institutions, and government agencies.

About the Course


The Bachelor in Web Design degree prepares students to work as entry-level designers in a variety of exciting industries that use screen-based content, including advertising, marketing, branding, social media, and corporate communications. If you’re interested in earning a web design degree, this program provides a strong foundation in all forms of digital design with a strong focus on web design.

Behind every screen today is a digital designer deciding what content goes where what moves, and how to marry both form and function in order to create an enjoyable brand journey. Students learn the design process, including concept development, visualization techniques, stylistic trends, composition, typography, color theory, user experience, interface concepts, and responsive design. Students will also learn the fundamentals of HTML and CSS, content management systems, and analytics, and create dynamic visual content in every studio course. This digital design degree program aims to create adept designers with a set of skills that appeal across all sectors of the economy and will offer growth opportunities well into the future.

Students will take courses that support foundational creative skills, skill enhancement, motion graphics, and portfolio development. Throughout the portfolio process, students are encouraged to use their creativity to highlight their distinct skillset.

In courses such as Designing for New Technologies, User Experience, Application Design, Content Management Systems Designing with Motion Graphics, students will acquire these core competencies:

  • The design and application of branded content in screen-based applications
  • Theories of user experience and interaction (UI/UX) as applied to the design of mobile and web products
  • The design and creation of motion graphics across multiple mediums to meet the needs of client businesses

During their senior year, students create their own professional portfolios to showcase their skills and talents to prospective employers. Throughout this degree, students develop their design skills, communication skills, problem-solving abilities, and critical thinking capabilities. They explore the fundamental principles of ethical leadership as well.

Why Study Web Design


We live in an information-driven society. A digital design degree equips students to use their design skills to create real-world design solutions. Throughout the program, students will learn principles of design, color, composition, and typography while using industry-standard software. In addition, students are provided opportunities to specialize in different areas of interest.

Digital design students continually refine their craft by developing prototypes and responding to actionable feedback. Portfolio classes and portfolio development will support students in their design efforts and provide them with material to showcase to future employers. Digital web design students will graduate equipped to enter the workforce and apply their skills in a wide range of industries.

Career Prospects


Graduates who possess the design skills necessary to create websites, apps, kiosks, and interactive displays may pursue work across virtually any industry, including private companies, the public sector, and nonprofit organizations. Some of the jobs include the following:

  • Graphic designer
  • Art director
  • Special effects artist and animator
  • Artist


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