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National Medical Academy of Post-Graduate Education Named After P.L. Shupik


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Zaporozhye Medical Academy one of the oldest educational institutions of the CIS, invites foreign students who have graduated from medical institutions of higher education of the CIS countries and abroad to take a clinical post-graduate course, a post-graduate course,  a course of magistracy and probation. The Academy possesses significant scientific potential, the percentage of the Doctors of Sciences is the highest as compared to other medical institutions of higher education of Ukraine (24%). 36 professors, doctors of medical sciences, 103 Candidates of Medical Sciences, 6 Honored Workers of Science and Engineering of Ukraine work at 27 faculties of the Academy. The scientific and pedagogical staff of the Academy carries out a big work in the field of post-graduate training of doctors. Annually about 5,7 thousand doctors improve their qualification at the departments of the Academy. Besides within one year 300 doctors-interns, 45 hospital physicians, 29 post-graduate students, 15 probationers, 9 holders of a Master’s degree, 60 foreign citizens from Europe, Asia, Africa and Latin America undergo training in the Academy.
The Academy has the 4th level of accreditation (the highest level of accreditation in Ukraine). A new concept, which envisages integrated system of actions, directed at high, world-standard level of medical staff training, high-quality assistance to the population, development and introduction of modern medical technologies and comprehensive cooperation with foreign medical institutions, was developed.



In 1926 the Board of the People Commisariat of Heath Care of Ukraine made the decision about opening the clinical institute of advanced training of doctors in the city of Odessa.  In order to bring qualified medical personnel to the industrial centers of the country in 1955, the institution was transferred to the city of Zaporizhzhya.

By the Order of Cabinet of Ministry of Ukraine from 26.11.2003 №704-r Zaporizhzhia State Institute of Advanced Training of Doctors was reorganized in Zaporizhzhia Medical Academy of Post-Graduate Education (since 2011 – State Institution “Zaporizhzhia Medical Academy of Post-Graduate Education Ministry of Health of Ukraine”).

From the first years of foundation at institute therapeutic and surgical faculties worked. On execution of the State program of reforming of primary medic and sanitary help to the population on bases of the general practice / family medicine in 2002 the faculty of family medicine was opened. Today in academy there are three faculties: therapeutic, surgical and faculty of family medicine which unite 26 departments on which preparation of doctors on 62 base medical specialties (disciplines) in the direction 1201 “Medicine” is carried out. In “Zaporizhzhia Medical Academy of Post-Graduate Education Ministry of Health of Ukraine” the Institute of cardiovascular surgery and transplantology, and also scientific research institute of eye diseases work. Strategy of activity of “ZMAPO Ministry of Health of Ukraine» is ensuring quality of the higher education, preservation of achievements and traditions of the Ukrainian medical school, integration into world system of the higher education. The academy has considerable cultural traditions and executes mission of the center of professional development of doctors in the Zaporizhzhya region, and reproduction of intellectual potential of the country.

University Today

Currently, the Academy is one of the leading higher medical post-graduate education in Ukraine, which employs 156 research faculty members, including 2 – Honorary Scientist of Ukraine, 5 – Honored Doctors of Ukraine, 38 – Doctors, 35 – Professors, 34 – Associate Professors, 100 – Candidates of Medical Sciences.

The main objectives of the Academy are – specialist training qualifications for institutions of public health, specialized clinics and offices, research and educational institutions, government health care, and performing medical advisory work, research and dissertations and the preparation of teaching staff in the master’s and postgraduate courses.

26 departments three faculties of the Academy, in accordance with the current requirements of continuous multistage training of medical staff, introduced all kinds of postgraduate training of 45 medical specialties.

Annually at the Academy are approximately 7,000 postgraduate training of doctors, enrolled in the internship over 300 medical interns, more than 100 physicians annually enrolled in graduate school, master’s degree and clinical studies, including studies on contractual obligations of 40-50 medical residents, most of whom – from abroad. According to the State of rating of the personnel policy of Ministry of Health of Ukraine, the Academy takes 2-3 places among university medical schools.

Academy departments using advanced equipment, new technologies and learning, which provides the postgraduate training of specialists in a professional manner. Since 2002, there are conducted cycles of thematic improvement of transplantation.
Clinical departments of the Academy are located at the bases of the best medical facilities in the city of Zaporizhzhia. Each year, the staff conducts more than 100,000 consultations over 8000 surgeries. The clinical base of the Academy is more than four thousand beds.

Activity of structural divisions of ZMAPO aims to implement the National Action Plan for the reform of health and conditions of “Concept of reforming the system of training doctors in Ukraine and bringing it into line with the needs of the labor market and European standards.”
Expanding and improving the educational activities carried out by the main ZMAPO areas:

  • Preparation of new training modules and courses, postgraduate education and continuing professional development of physicians;
  • Introduction of innovative technologies and modern learning (distance learning, telemedicine technology, conducting interactive seminars and short cycle information, part-time training);
  • Development and improvement of technical training;
  • Introduction to teaching practice of contemporary clinical studies, evidence-based medicine, bioethics, clinical and economic standards of the medical and social important nosology according to international experience.

An important goal of scientific, educational and medical advisory work of professionals of the Academy is the scientific study and practical implementation of measures to reform health care in Zaporizhzhia region as well as the full participation of professionals in ZMAPO implementation of national health programs. Priority directions of scientific research and medical advisory Activities of ZMAPO defined health problems in rural areas.
Important tasks of the Academy are:

  • ● Development and implementation of innovative medical diagnostic technologies in the practice of public health;
  • ● Implementation of telecommunications technologies for the diagnosis and treatment of diseases, as well as managers and medical management of the process;
  • ● Study on public health and the practical implementation of this program, using international experience.


  • ● Department of Eye Diseases
  • ● Department of Transplantation and Endocrine Surgery with the course of Cardiovascular Surgery



Faculty of Surgery

  • ● Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology,
  • ● Department of Anesthesiology and Intensive Care
  • ● Department of Oncology
  • ● Department of Otolaryngology
  • ● Department of Eye Diseases
  • ● Department of radiation diagnostic
  • ● Department of Transplantation and Endocrine Surgery with the course of Cardiovascular Surgery,
  • ● Department of Surgical and Therapeutic Stomatology
  • ● Department of Urology,
  • ● Department of Surgery with the course of septic surgery

Faculty of Therapeutics

  • ● Department of Infectious Diseases
  • ● Department of Clinical Laboratory
  • ● Department of Cardiology
  • ● Department of Nervous Diseases with the course of Psychiatry
  • ● Department of Pediatrics
  • ● Department of Therapy, Physiotherapy and Health Resort
  • ● tuberculosis and Department of Pulmonology
  • ● Department of Disaster Medicine
  • ● Department of Social Medicine, organization and management of health care andmedical-social expertise


  • ● Department of Family Medicine
  • ● Department of Surgery and Proctology
  • ● Department of Traumatology and Orthopaedics,
  • ● Department of Gastroenterology Therapy and
  • ● Department of Therapy, Clinical Pharmacology and Endocrinology
  • ● Department of Medicine Urgent States
  • ● Department of Laboratory Diagnostics and General Pathology


Academy has 5 hotels, scientific and belletristic literature libraries with reading halls and computer rooms, a beauty studio, medical center, student’s sanatorium-dispensary, sports center, courts and stadium, some canteens and cafes, Internet cafe on its territory. There is a canteen at the University with Indian cuisine which is very popular with foreign students. Trees, bushes and lawns surrounding the campus, the picturesque banks of the largest river of Ukraine -the Dnieper – promote a favorable climate and conditions for creative studies.

Student hostels of the Academy accommodate about 3000 persons; three of them are for foreign citizens. The hostel buildings are of a modern block type and consist of the rooms for 1-2-3 persons with all the conveniences. There are Internet halls in the hostels for foreign citizens. The rooms of the hostels have access to the Internet. Together with the firm NEO Educational Organization Indian cultural centre and computer class were organized in hostel No. 1.


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