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Uzbekistan State University of World Languages


About University


Uzbekistan State University of World Languages is one of the leading universities in Tashkent city and Uzbekistan. The University of Uzbek State World Languages was established under the name of Tashkent State Pedagogy and Foreign Languages Institute in 1949. In 1992, after gaining independence, both the title and name of the institution were changed to the university and World Languages.

University campuses are unique places to obtain knowledge and language skills for more than 6,000 students who desire to study languages in Uzbekistan. In fact, the university trains bachelors of languages in 15 directions and masters in 13 specialties on the basis of the “National Program of personnel training”. Qualified personnel training at the university is conducted following state educational standards.

It has also the main national responsibility for training and requalification ESL teachers, creating and updating language textbooks, teaching methods, and strategies of study in Uzbekistan. In addition to that, the University also maintains its own printing service and coordinates the Centre for Development of Language Teaching Methods.

University has more than 500 lecturers and teachers and more than 61 of them have or hold a doctorate degree in languages. All members of the academic staff are ready to assist students in all issues concerning their studying process and research works in journalism or philology. 



Uzbekistan State University of World Languages mainly focuses on language-related fields and it’s divided into 7 faculties. The faculties are listed as follows:

  • First English language faculty
  • Second English language faculty
  • Third English language faculty
  • Roman and German Philology
  • Russian Philology
  • Translation Studies
  • International Journalism



All the Uzbekistan State University of World Languages dormitory rooms are equipped, and the size and amount of conveniences vary. Two or three students can share a room at a hostel. Every room has a bed, mattress, pillow, blanket, desk, chair, heating, water system, and appropriate lighting for studying and leisure. There are open places where students can socialize and have fun. Particular accommodations are given to students upon their arrival on Campus, and following a satisfactory health report, the student is accommodated in the room that has been prepared for him. High-speed Wi-Fi is available in all rooms.

Students have access to a kitchen at the hostel where they can prepare food to their preference. Students will also have their kitchenware. Food can be purchased from a variety of places. Self-study rooms are available in all hostels and are equipped with desks and chairs. Each hostel also has a laundry, canteen, gym, and library

International Cooperation


The International Relations Department of the Uzbekistan State World Languages University has been functioning on the basis of the tasks arising from the “National Program on Preparation of the Specialists”, and also performs such functions as training highly qualified personnel, upgrading the teaching staff of the university in the best higher education institutions in Uzbekistan, along with leading universities and scientific centers of the world. Also, the priority areas of the department are the improvement and expansion of international cooperation of the university.

The University concluded cooperation agreements with more than 25 foreign universities in Germany, Austria, France, the UK, the USA, Italy, Spain, Greece, Poland, China, South Korea, Egypt, Malaysia, India, and Russia. This process is strengthened through effective cooperation with diplomatic missions of foreign countries in Uzbekistan, educational and cultural centers, and international organizations 

On the basis of the above-mentioned agreements, 18 foreign visiting professors are working at the University and teaching young specialists in philology. The University cooperates with the British Council within DUET (Development of Uzbekistan English Teachers). The training course consists of 144 hours and is conducted in three stages: face-to-face module – 2 weeks, distant learning module – 1-1,5 months, and second face-to-face module – 2 weeks. Networking – the University has been actively participating in TEMPUS and Erasmus Mundus projects of the European Union.


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