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Uzbek State University of Physical Education and Sport





The Uzbek State University of Physical Education and Sport is considered a single fundamental high educational Institution in training highly qualified employees in the sphere of sport in our Republic. The Tashkent physical school of physical education was founded in 1935 by the need for training highly qualified experts in physical education in the Uzbek nation. The University is officially recognized by the Ministry of Higher and Secondary Specialized Education of Uzbekistan. 

There are eight faculties within the university: faculty of all-around sports, faculty of sports management and tourism, faculty of sports games, faculty of football, paralympic faculty, faculty of wrestling, faculty of medicine, and the faculty of winter and difficult sports.

There is also the Uzbek-Belarusian Joint Faculty of Physical Culture, Sports and Tourism, which was introduced in 2019. The joint faculty is an agreement between the university and the Belarusian State University of Physical Culture to provide students with the opportunity to study and practice in both Uzbekistan and Belarus.

There are more than 30 clubs and societies on offer for students to join including a range of sports clubs that compete at both national and international levels throughout the academic year. There are a number of research centers and departments based at the university such as the Centre for Digital Learning Technologies, the Department for Quality Control of Education, and the Department of Scientific and Pedagogical Training. In 2021 the university established the Research Institute of Physical Education and Sports to facilitate its various research projects. 




  • Faculty of Single Combat 
  • Faculty of Sports Games 
  • Faculty of All-Around Sports 
  • Faculty of Sports Management And Tourism 
  • Faculty of Football 
  • Uzbek-Belarusian Joint Faculty of Physical Culture, Sports, And Tourism
  • Faculty of Wrestling 
  • Faculty Winter and Difficult Sports
  • Paralympic Faculty 
  • Faculty of Medicine 

All the educational courses are available in English and Russian. Every faculty provides Undergraduate and Postgraduate study specialties in conjunction with dedicated clinical and theoretical departments. Clinical Residence and Internship programs are also available for a medical specialty. The main aim of the clinical residency is to provide professional knowledge and improve the medical skills of specialists to prepare highly qualified doctors for autonomous work in the healthcare field. 

MD/MBBS – 6 years

PG/Ph.D. – 2 – 4 years 

Every Faculty of the University is a place of learning, discovery, expression, and innovation. We develop our medical courses of study according to international programs, such as TEMPUS and Visegrad Fund. We are focused on training highly skilled and professional experts to become prominent specialists in the medical fields both in Uzbekistan and abroad. 

Dedicated University Departments: 

  • Department of Adaptive Physical Education and Sports
  • Department of Sports Psychology and Pedagogy
  • Department of theory and methodology of athletics
  • Department of Theory and Methodology of winter sports
  • Department of theory and Methods of complex technical sports
  • Department of Theory and Methods of National Wrestling
  • Department of theory and methodology of international sports
  • Department of theory and methods of physical culture, sport
  • Department of sports management and Economics
  • Department of theory and methods of sports gymnastics
  • Department of Organization of sports events
  • Department of theory and methods of volleyball, basketball
  • Department of theory and methodology of handball, tennis, badminton
  • Department of Tennis, Badminton Theory and Methodology
  • Department of theory and methods of Boxing, fencing
  • Departament of taekwondo, theory and methodology of karate




The dorm rooms are divided into single & double rooms. All modern facilities are available & depend on the charge. There is a student cafeteria in the university, that offers various dishes. The Student Center on campus provides a variety of dishes and buffets. There are many restaurants outside the campus, in addition to shopping and entertainment, there are KFC, McDonald’s, Pizza Hut, sushi restaurants, Muslim restaurants, and many other restaurants, suitable for your different tastes and requirements. 

Among the thousands of students studying at the university, there are students from the Republic of Korea, the United Kingdom, the Russian Federation, the Republic of Tajikistan, Turkey, the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, the Republic of India, Afghanistan, and Kyrgyzstan, as well as doctors from neighboring regions. It should be noted that our institute has all conditions for receiving education, which meets the level of modern requirements.

The “Spirituality and Enlightenment” rooms, which are the center of cultural leisure-time activities in the dormitories of the university, are well equipped and furnished. Branches of the institute’s library have been created in the dormitories and are stocked with more than 3 000 unique books. All students living in the dormitories are signed up for membership and can easily use them. For students’ cultural activities, the dormitories have televisions on every floor and all rooms have new furniture. 




The need to acquire modern educational and technical equipment for the organization of the educational process to the level that meets the requirements of quality today arose in the field of anatomy and physiology the Medical Faculty implements: 

  • Anatomical Pirogov table is known that the science of anatomy is one of the main disciplines of Medicine, and now it is forbidden to work with human corpses in the study of the structure of the human body. Pirogov’s table is recommended to the attention of students in different color images to screen information on the human body at a different structural level. Through the Pirogov table, the harp organ shows the structures inherent in the organisms of men and women with 3 digits. Table-interactive learning is a visual experience, which is able to control and evaluate students ‘ knowledge in teaching. Pirogov’s desk is available only for future trainers with students of the medical faculty at the University. Pirogov’s desk is a modern interactive learning tool that ensures that the learning process is conducted at a visual and qualitative level.
  • Due to the opening of the medical faculty in the 2021 academic year, several new medical biological sciences were introduced into the educational process, Jum in the sentence, the science of anatomy, the science of histology, the science of Physiology, the science of biology, the science of Medical Genetics, the science of biophysics, the science of Biochemistry, analytical chemistry, therapy, and other disciplines
  • 467 million so-called analyzers were obtained for both medicines, for the full and qualitative conduct of sports biochemistry disciplines, especially for laboratory studies on hematological, immunological, and biochemical parameters.
  • Chemical equipment for the establishment of the biochemical laboratory 
  • The equipment was obtained for biochemistry to ensure that the learning process meets modern requirements.




Tashkent State Dental Institute advisors will help the students choose the subjects and living conditions that suit their career goals as well as budget preferences. The staff of the Institute assists students with the preparation of the necessary documents for obtaining of Admission Confirmation Letter, Invitation Letter, and VISA. The International Office will complete the admission process and registration process for students to be able to start the classes as soon as they arrive in Tashkent. 

There are services we provide: 

  • Professional assistance via e-mail or phone
  • Assistance with Admission and Invitation Letters obtaining
  • Providing a VISA support letter from 
  • Pre-Departure briefing
  • Meeting at the airport
  • Assistance with Immigration Clearance
  • Assistance with the Insurance documents
  • Assistance with the documentation during the period of application
  • Preparing the student ID card, dormitory card, international student card
  • Visa Support during the study period
  • Assistance with opening Bank Account
  • The assistance with preparing the Equivalence Certificate
  • Any other assistance that may be required by the student

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