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University of Lodz


About University


The University of Lodz is a fully accredited, state-owned, traditional university founded in 1945 in Lodz, Poland, as a continuation of three higher education institutions functioning in Lodz in the interwar period — the Teacher Training Institute, the Higher School of Social and Economic Sciences and the local division of the Free Polish University of Warsaw.

The University provides programmes in 117 fields of study and 218 specializations. In addition, the University offers doctoral programmes, and more than 50 postgraduate curricula. The 24 000 students that attend classes at different faculties of the University are taught by 2217 academic teachers.

Modern infrastructure, high quality of education, and a wide range of courses studied in foreign languages attract a large number of international candidates both for full-time degree programmes and for student exchange. 



University of Lodz consists of 12 faculties:

  • Biology and Environmental Protection;
  • Chemistry;
  • Economics and Sociology;
  • Philology;
  • Philosophy and History;
  • Physics and Applied Informatics;
  • Mathematics and Computer Science;
  • Geographical Sciences;
  • Educational Sciences;
  • Law and Administration;
  • Management;
  • International and Political Studies.

Student Life in Lodz


Lodz is one of the biggest Polish cities that has its own unique atmosphere. It features fine Art Nouveau architecture, a rowdy nightlife, and the most famous Polish film school. A typical visit to Łódź starts with a walk along Piotrkowska Street – one of the most famous streets in Poland and a long walking promenade with shops, cafes, restaurants. 

Manufaktura is a favorite spot for both locals and visitors. This show stopping red-brick, multi-storey shopping mall and leisure center has been brought to life thanks to an epic renovation project of former industrial textile factories. In addition to several bars, restaurants, and cafes, the complex includes a theater and cinema, the  Art Museum, and the Factory Museum, which recounts the long and interesting history of the site. The enviable list of attractions also includes a climbing wall, a bowling alley, an urban beach with deckchairs and a zip line offering a bird’s-eye view of Manufaktura for braver visitors.



The University’s campus offers housing in 10 dormitories situated in a beautiful green area reasonably close to the city center, and next to most Faculty buildings. The Campus also includes the Centre for Physical Education and Sports, which is a modern complex featuring a sports hall, swimming pool, gyms, and a health and beauty salon. Near it, you can find a medical unit, a bank, and various shops.

Student Exchange Programs


The University of Lodz puts great importance on its international relations. The UL cooperates with over 210 partner institutions from all over the world within institutional bilateral agreements. This cooperation gives our students the possibility of spending a semester or a year abroad and, in return, we receive many students from abroad spending a period of their studies in Lodz. University of Lodz takes part in other exchange and research programmes such as Erasmus+ (over 1250 agreements with 400 partner institutions), International Credit Mobility, Horizon 2020 Compostela Group, Campus Europae, CEEPUS, Mizuta Scholarship, and Erasmus Mundus.

There are also opportunities for student mobility outside the EU. University of Lodz runs an exchange scheme within bilateral agreements for students of partner institutions from anywhere in the world.


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