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Tashkent State Technical University


About University


Tashkent State Technical University named after Islam Karimov (TSTU) is one of the oldest and most famous universities in Uzbekistan. TSTU has been at the forefront of the technical universities of Uzbekistan. Its first establishment date refers to April 21, 1918. 

A high level of education quality is ensured and modern educational technologies are successfully formed and implemented here. University offers 64 bachelor’s degrees in technical sciences and 72 master’s degree programs in IT at 60 departments of 9 faculties, which are among one the leaders in the national subject ranking in Uzbekistan. Students can join undergraduate programs in a wide range of disciplines from the technical sciences.

Students of TSTU study according to specially designed university IT programs, conduct research under the guidance of experienced scientists and teachers, participate in interesting youth IT projects, and implement them in real life. In the era of information technology and innovation, the university trains a new generation of specialists and forms a progressive worldview that allows graduates to adapt to the socio-cultural life of Uzbekistan, the Central Asian region, and the countries of the world community.

There are 8 faculties, 58 departments, 735 professor-teachers, and more than 11 thousand students at Tashkent State Technical University. Tashkent State Technical Institute nowadays trains specialists and professionals following the Bachelor’s study programs (4 years), Master’s study programs (2 years), and Doctoral degrees (3 years).



There are eight faculties in the university: 

  • the Faculty of Thermal Power Engineering; 
  • the Faculty of Electronics and Automation; 
  • the Faculty of Energy; 
  • the Faculty of Geology and Mining; 
  • the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering; 
  • the Faculty of Mechanics; 
  • the Faculty of Oil and Gas;
  • the Faculty of Engineering Technology.



Tashkent State Technical University can offer renovated and comfortable accommodations for its students. can offer accommodation to all international and non-resident students. The dormitory is located close to the studying campus or you can go there by convenient public transport. The territory of the building is absolutely safe and surrounded by surveillance cameras. The conditions in dormitories, offered to students, are comfortable with all the modern conveniences included. 

All the premises are fully furnished and ensured with modern conveniences like cold and hot water, electricity, free Wi-Fi, central heating during the winter period, etc. There are also common laundry and kitchen, library, TV room, assembly hall, gym, and swimming pool, available every day of the week. The dormitories are totally safe, owing to the surveillance cameras and strict pass system. The outdoor territory is surrounded by supermarkets, cafes and coffee bars, banks, and sports centers.

International Cooperation


Tashkent State Technical University maintains contacts and collaboration agreements with prominent educational institutions and organizations in Europe and Asia. Each semester exchange students and members of the academic staff are invited to take part in the exchange programs for one or two semesters.

International experience can be gained via the Erasmus+ program. This program provides students with the opportunity to study at a cooperating university in Erasmus+ program countries. Erasmus+ offers the opportunity to gain international work experience through training abroad.

In addition to acquiring new academic knowledge, international studies are a great way to practice foreign languages, get acquainted with new cultures, make new friends, and establish contacts. For Erasmus+ students, it is an opportunity to test themselves in a new environment and to become more independent.

Participation in Erasmus+ projects is building awareness about different technical systems and equipping students and teachers with the skills that are necessary to meet all future challenges during working with technical science and modern technologies.


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