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Tashkent State Pedagogical University


About University


The Tashkent State Pedagogical University was founded on September 14, 1935, as a pedagogical institute based on the pedagogical faculty of Central Asian State University. On February 24, 1998, the Institute was accreditated by the decision of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan.  

The highly qualified scientific and pedagogical staff of the University provide high-quality education for students wanted to study at Uzbek university. Students and teachers can work in modern laboratories of Uzbekistan, information resources centers, information technology centers, centers for advanced training and retraining, and educational and recreational camps and get their invaluable knowledge and skills. 

University prepares students in undergraduate courses in 23 educational directions and postgraduate courses in 32 specialties, and doctoral studies in English medium in 16 specialties. The University has a specialized scientific council for the defense of doctoral dissertations (Ph.D., DSc). Highly qualified scientific and pedagogical staff (467 specialists) of the University provide high-quality education for students.

University provides a study of natural science for 5,127 students. The university also has a second form of higher education, part-time and evening education. A total of 640 students are enrolled in second tertiary education in Uzbekistan. The number of students studying in the form of correspondence education was 200, and in the form of evening education – 75.

The University has established international cooperation with many reputable foreign universities. There are also many extensive facilities for foreign students. Currently, the university enrolls more than 4,000 international students to study biology and natural science



The Faculty of Natural Sciences includes the following departments:

  • The department of Methods of Teaching Biology
  • The department of Methods of Teaching Geography
  • The department of Zoology and Anatomy
  • The department of Botany, Ecology, and Cell Biology
  • The department of Methods of teaching Chemistry

The other faculties are as follows:

  • Faculty of Primary Education
  • Faculty of Pedagogics
  • Faculty of Physics and Mathematics
  • Faculty of History
  • Faculty of Vocational Education
  • Faculty of Foreign Languages
  • Faculty of Pre-Military Training
  • Faculty of Special Pedagogy
  • Faculty of Innovation Pedagogy
  • Faculty of Part-Time Department
  • Faculty of Preschool Education

All the educational courses are available to study in English and Uzbek. Every faculty provides Undergraduate and Postgraduate courses in biology, chemistry, and life sciences. 

     Bachelor’s degree – 4 years

     Master’s degree – 1.5-2 years



Tashkent State Pedagogical University pays special attention to the safety and living comfort of foreign students and invited foreign lecturers and professors. All dormitory buildings are renovated and well-furnished. Necessary furniture and equipment had been installed by the beginning of this academic year.

TSPU campus is equipped with all modern security systems – reliable fire and video camera systems. There is a spacious hall with video and TV equipment on each floor of the dormitory, there is a kitchen, toilets, and showers in each section. Study and reading rooms take place on each floor and are freely accessible to all students and international lecturers. The rooms are qualitatively different from the old-style hostels. They were created for the comfort and coziness of University students and guests and were made with modern design and furniture. All rooms are equipped with bedding, bookshelves, and study tables. 

Kitchens are common for every floor, but always available for every hostel resident.

International Cooperation


The university is expanding its cooperation with foreign universities and international educational organizations. It raises the educational system of Uzbekistan to international standards and becomes an urgent task for the country. In recent years, the university has established partnerships with leading European and Asian universities, such as Germany, Latvia, Spain, the Republic of Korea, China, Egypt, Russia, Kazakhstan, and Turkmenistan.

The main activities of the International Relations Department are:

  • international cooperation with foreign educational institutions, scientific centers, and international organizations;
  • admission to Uzbek universities;
  • conducting international events (meetings, seminars, conferences, symposiums, anniversary dates);
  • participation in international exchange programs (projects, grants, scholarships);
  • sending representatives of the University to study abroad to improve the level of professional skills, and acquaintance with the general system of education in the directions of scientific research in priority areas;
  • invitation of foreign teachers, and lecturers and conducting joint research, etc.

TSPU signed agreements on cooperation with more than 20 Korean universities, as well as several European and Asian universities:

  • Freiburg university named after Albert Ludwig
  • Freiburg Pedagogical University
  • Egyptian Universities Helwan and Banha
  • Leningrad State Pedagogical University named after Pushkin
  • Moscow State University
  • Omsk State Pedagogical University
  • Ural State Pedagogical University
  • Taraz State Pedagogical University (Kazakhstan)
  • The Spanish University of Malaga
  • The Azerbaijan State Pedagogical University
  • Gyanja State University
  • Shaanxi Normal and East China Universities (China).

The university community also is actively working with the Embassy of Azerbaijan and the Cultural Center of Heydar Aliyev in Tashkent. Various delegations from foreign higher education establishments regularly visit the TSPU to exchange experiences in the field of education. On the basis of academic mobility, teachers, professors, and students are regularly sent to foreign universities to study the experience, improve their skills and participate in various conferences.


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