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Flight Academy of National Aviation University – Kirovograd


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Its history began more than 50 years ago. The 60th Military Aviation Flight College was created in Kirovograd in 1951, and prepared the flight crews for Soviet Army Military Air Forces until 1960.

In connection with the decision of the Soviet Government concerning the USSR Military Forces reduction, the College was transformed into the Kirovograd Civil Aviation High School.

Kirovograd Civil Aviation High Flight School was carry out the training of Aviation Personnel for Aeroflot and Aviation Companies all around the world from 1960 until 1978.

In the 60th., new Aviation hardware, Jet and Turboprop Aircraft were introduced into Civil Aviation.

This fact complicated the process of Air Traffic and raised the demands of aviation staff. It became necessary to create Civil Aviation Higher Education establishments.

Beginning in 1978, on the base of Kirovograd Civil Aviation High Flight School the Kirovograd Civil Aviation High Flight College started functioning. The Technical and Training base and Aviation Staff High Education Programs were improved.

In 1993, by the order of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, the College got the status of the State Flight Academy of Ukraine. So, the high quality of training at the Academy is based on great experience and many years of tradition.

During the period of its, Operation Academy prepared more than 110 Thousand Aviation Personnel, including more than 4 thousand Specialists from 66 Countries of the world. Our graduates work on all the main lands of the Earth (except Australia) and hold different posts.

Among them is Pilottthe he s, Air Traffic Controllers and Heads of the Services, Flight Crews and Detachments Captains, Chiefs of Departments, Air Companies, and Flight Complexes Directors. Besides, our graduates are heads of Aviation Services in Mongolia, Bulgaria, Moldova, and several African countries.

For the high-quality, training of Cuba Republic Specialists, the Academy was awarded the Cuban order “De la SOLIDARIDAD”, and for the great contribution into high-qualified personnel training for Ukrainian Aviation, it got the Silver Medal of International Academic rating “Golden Fortune”.

In 2000 the State Flight Academy joined the UN Program TRAINAIR (Civil Aviation Personnel Training International Program), and also became a Member of the Innovation Centre of International Educational Programs “INCOS”.

The activity of the State Flight Academy of Ukraine is Certified by International Aviation Committee (CIS), got the License from the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, and the 4th level of Accreditation.

About University


The State Flight Academy of Ukraine in Kirovograd is considered, being one of the best International Flight Schools and is a unique component of National Education in Ukraine.

As a flight school, it has been training aviators since 1951. Over 120 thousand specialists from 80 countries of the world have been trained here.

The academy runs a full cycle of training: two faculties, a military department, a graduate school, postgraduate studies, and two specialized Academic Councils for thesis defense.

Two training airfields; training aircraft; simulators; aviation-technical base certified in accordance with Eurostandard requirements allow the Academy to conduct both theoretical training and qualitative practical training of cadets. 

Aviation Technical Maintenance Base 


Flight Simulator Center

The main task of Flight Simulator Training is a high level of flight safety. At present, there are the following complex flight simulators at the State Flight Academy: Yak-42, Yak-40, А n-24, А n-26, L-410 UVP, Aircraft and А n-2 и Yak-18 Т, Aircraft for pilots.

Scientific and Technical Library 

The Flight and Technical Department keeps the documents that regulate the flight work (ICAO, IATA, Ukrainian aviation, flight manuals for all aircraft types).

SPORTS CLUB “ICAR” is established for Flight Academy students

CLUB, HOSTELS, AND DINING ROOM are available in the territory of Flight Academy.

Faculties and Specialties


 At present, the Academy provides training in the following Specialties:

  • Aircraft Flight Operation (Commercial Pilot for Single Engine aircraft, Commercial Pilot for Multi-Engine Aircraft),
  • Aircraft Production, Technical Maintenance and Repair (Technical Diagnostic and Non-Destructive Methods of Monitoring, Flight Engineer),
  • Air Traffic Servicing (Air Traffic Controller, Air Navigation Information and Flight Planning Officer, Computer Flight Servicing Officer, Emergency Servicing and Flight Safety Officer).

The State Flight Academy of Ukraine went through many difficulties in living in the new economic formation and now is both the only Flight Education establishment in Ukraine and world level Center of 21st Century Aviation personnel training.


  • Faculty of Flight Operation
  • Faculty of Air Traffic Services
  • Faculty of Management
  • Faculty of Distance Education


  • Department of Air Traffic Services
  • Department of Information Technology
  • Department- Center of Intensive Learning Foreign Languages
  • Department of Search, Rescue, and Aviation Safety
  • Department of Aeronautical Meteorology
  • Department of Flight Safety
  • Department of Mechanics and Design of Aircraft
  • Department of Air Navigation
  • Department of Physics and Mathematics
  • Department of Physical and Psychophysiological Training
  • Department of Management and Economics
  • Department of Social and Human Sciences and Professional Education
  • Department of Military Training


  • Aero Navigation, Bachelor Level Training term 4 years
  • Aircraft Flight Operation, Qualification Commercial Pilot of Multiengine Aircraft (Pilot-Engineer). The training term is 5 years. Flight training is carried out on the following Aircraft types: NARP, TL-232, Yak-18T, AN-2, L-410, AN-24, and An-26.
  • Aircraft and Engines Production Technical Maintenance and Repair, qualifications – “Flight engineer” and “Engineer for Technical Diagnostics and Non-Destructive Methods of Monitor”.The training term is 5 years.
  • PRIVATE PILOT (PPL)-the ICAO course №231. Course duration is 9 months. Total flight time is 46 hours (including 40 hours on Aircraft). 
  • COMMERCIAL PILOT (CPL) – ICAO course №232. The course duration is 18 months. Total flight time is 165 hours (including 140 hours on aircraft).  
  • COMMERCIAL PILOT with the right to fly multi-engine aircraft by instrumental flight rules – (CPL/MEL/IR) ICAO course №236. The course duration is 30 months. Total flight time is 300 hours (including 265 hours on aircraft).
  • POST-GRADUATE Level Courses are available as well, the training term is 3 years
  • PREPARATORY Course for foreign students, training term is 10 Months. The training is conducted in Russian & English.


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