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Riga Graduate School of Law


About School


The Riga Graduate School of Law is a private educational establishment in the Baltic region that offers study programs at Bachelor`s, Master`s, and Doctoral levels of higher education. It was established in 1998 through an international agreement between the Governments of Sweden and Latvia and the Soros Foundation. It allows students to combine their law studies with courses in Business, International Relations, Economics, and Management. 

The geography of RGSL alumni is very broad, reaching 51 countries of the world. Most of them are from Latvia, but RGSL also has graduated from Finland, France, Georgia, Germany, the Netherlands, the United States, etc. More than half of School graduates are working in different areas of the private sector. 

Riga Graduate School of Law is a place of study for over 500 promising students. A high-level studying process is provided by more than 50 members of the academic staff – famous specialists in the fields of Law, Finance, and Diplomacy.

Riga Graduate School of Law is home to an active and diverse community of students from more than 30 different countries. Every student has an opportunity to study in English with an international faculty of academics and practitioners.

Study Programs


Bachelor Programs:

  • Law and Diplomacy
  • Law and Business

Master Programs:

  • Technology Law
  • International and European Law
  • Law and Finance
  • Public International Law and Human Rights
  • EU Law and Policy
  • Transborder and Commercial Law

Specialized Program:

  • Intensive Programme in European Law and Economics
  • Online Intensive Programme in European Law and Economics
  • Specialized Online Courses

International Cooperation


In cooperation with the governments of Latvia, Norway, the US, Sweden, the Netherlands, Switzerland, and Luxembourg, RGSL hosts specialized programs providing participants with a comprehensive understanding of integration and cooperation with the EU. 

RGSL is an independent institution within the University of Latvia and teaching is conducted exclusively in English. RGSL boasts an international student body, from the various European Union member and non-member states, the Balkans, CIS states, and the Americas. The international aspect of student life is a core element of RGSL development and diversity.

The resident members of the faculty offer teaching in their respective fields of competence. Visiting professors from other universities and organizations conduct a relatively large part of the teaching. Practitioners from institutions such as the European Court of Justice and the EU Trade Marks and Designs Office appear as guest speakers on courses.


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