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National University of Uzbekistan


About University


The National University of Uzbekistan is the leading university in Central Asia. In addition, it is the oldest and largest university in Uzbekistan. Over its century-long existence, the university has reached significant achievements, recognized throughout the world in various fields of scientific knowledge, and has trained over 100,000 highly qualified specialists.

University provides undergraduate and postgraduate educational programs in 12 faculties, and 74 departments. Studying humanities is taken place at the Scientific Research Institute of semiconductors physics and microelectronics, the Institute of biophysics and biochemistry, the Center for nanotechnologies development, 5 museums, the academic base “Botany”, the scientific library, the House of Culture, 9 dormitories, Sports Complex, and Water Sports Hall.

More than 29 academicians, more than 150 doctors of sciences and professors, and about 400 candidates of sciences, doctors of philosophy, and associate professors carry out scientific and pedagogical activities at the National University. 

The National University of Uzbekistan has extremely high scientific potential. It is the basic institution of higher education in the country. Exactly here, the state educational standards and curriculums for all universities of Uzbekistan are created and introduced into the educational process to help the student to study pedagogy and social sciences in Uzbekistan.



The National University of Uzbekistan includes undergraduate and postgraduate courses to study in 15 faculties and 74 departments. The faculties are:

  • Mathematics
  • Applied Mathematics and Intellectual Technologies
  • Physics
  • Geology and Geoinformation Systems
  • Geography and Natural Resources
  • Hydrometeorology
  • Chemistry
  • Biology
  • Social Sciences
  • History
  • Economics
  • Foreign Philology
  • Journalism
  • Taekwondo and Sport Studies
  • Uzbek-Israel Joint Faculty of Mathematical Engineering and Computer Science

All students can study in the English language. Online learning in Uzbek universities is available just for such specialties as Economics, Management, Computer Science, and Information Technologies. 

Any Bachelor’s full-time program lasts 4 years, in the case of evening classes the duration increases to 4,5 years, and if the student selects a correspondence course, he will study for 5 years. The National University of Uzbekistan Master’s program is supposed to be 2 years and Ph.D. – 3 years.



The National University of Uzbekistan provides renovated apartments for all its students. Safe and cozy living conditions are guaranteed to international students. There are special hostels for foreign citizens, located not far from the educational campuses. The accommodation is provided completely for free. The boys and girls live separately. Each room is fully furnished and shared by 2-3 people. 

The hostel includes all the necessary amenities like central heating, cold and hot running water, washing machines, a common kitchen, meeting rooms, and 24-hour access to Wi-Fi. In case of any questions, the student can address the hostel supervisor, available any day of the week. The security system includes tourniquets at the entrances of the buildings, monitoring cameras at public places, and police patrol. Within a radius of 200 meters from the hostel there are grocery stores, a clinic, a metro station, banks, and fast food restaurants.

International Cooperation


The National University of Uzbekistan cooperates with 100 higher educational and scientific institutions from 32 developed countries. Particularly, it has the most long-term partnership with Moscow State University named after V.M. Lomonosov, Seoul National University, and California State University.

The international department ensures the admission of foreign citizens to all forms of education, coordination, and control of the training of foreign specialists at various educational levels at specialized faculties and educational and scientific institutes of the University and its separate structural divisions. 

The National University of Uzbekistan has signed agreements of cooperation with many popular international institutes in Europe and Asia. International university cooperation is a fundamental component of teaching and research at Asia and Europe universities. It also strengthens the intercultural skills of students and teachers and at the same time contributes to raising the profile of Asia universities and the European higher education system.


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