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Kauno Technikos Kolegija KTK


About Kolegija


Kauno Technikos Kolegija (KTK ) also known as Kaunas University of Applied Engineering Sciences was established in 1920, the University has been producing world-class engineering specialists for nearly a century. The University fosters a creative, inclusive, open environment and encourages innovation.

According to Nerijus Varnas, the head of KTK, the university currently focuses on preparing professionals for engineering, and construction industries as well as electronics and aviation. Since its establishment, KTK has prepared nearly 30,000 graduates for successful careers in Engineering.

This higher education institution focuses on the goal of modern studies, therefore the provisions of active learning are followed. Lecturers use interactive knowledge transfer methods in their lectures in order to convey knowledge as comprehensively as possible and to take into account the changing learning habits and technological achievements of students.

KTK positions itself as a college of industrial businesses and supports partnerships with a Kauno Tiltai company for 70 years. The company contributes to the training of specialists in both mentoring and internships as well as participation in the formulation of final thesis topics and the defense process. Also, the company is investing in the college financially, helping to expand the academic base and laboratories.


  • the automotive engineering;
  • materials processing engineering;
  • motor transport electronics;
  • electronic engineering;
  • aircraft maintenance engineering;
  • construction engineering;
  • road engineering;
  • electrical energy;
  • avionics systems engineering.

Student Life in Kaunas


Kaunas, the second largest Lithuania city, keeps the authentic spirit of the country‘s national character alive. The city is located at the confluence of the two largest Lithuanian rivers, surrounded by hills, and situated at the crossroads of the most important roads in Lithuania

Kaunas is a colorful city, famous for its Interwar architecture which was awarded the European Heritage label and is on its way to UNESCO. Kaunas is the only city in the world where so much of the style of the buildings has survived to the present day.

Discover Kaunas as a great place for meetings, experience the city’s unique ambiance, and get introduced to a number of modern conference facilities and quality services, along with exciting leisure activities. The unique atmosphere of Kaunas can be explored, which is distinguished by the heritage of the painter and composer M. K. Čiurlionis.

Green streets, tree-lined avenues, and wide-open squares create surroundings to match everybody’s moods. Kaunas is proud of its great number of museums, theatres, universities, colleges, fine hotels, restaurants, cafes, and bars. Guests can try a range of cuisine from many European and Asian countries as well as an abundance of traditional Lithuanian food, drink, and hospitality.



All international students are provided with guaranteed accommodation at KTK students’ residences located within walking distance of the main campus (5-10 minutes). Students can use kitchens, WCs and showers, and shared facilities. The equipment of rooms includes everything necessary for a comfortable life and study, namely: beds, writing tables with lamps, shelves, and cabinets for personal belongings. The rooms have internet access

Cooperation with Business 


Successful partnerships are being developed with aviation companies: Avia solutions group, Kaunas Aircraft Maintenance Services, Termikas, and FL Technics. The latter company gave the college a gift – a part of an Airbus – which is used as a teaching tool.

Another example of multifaceted cooperation is with the company Kitron. With the help of KTK, the company retrained a significant number of professionals, who came from other fields. In addition, it invested over 100 thousand euros into an electronics assembly laboratory. Thus, if previously the specialists of Lithuanian electronics companies were certified according to the IPC standard by experts from Poland, then now, the process has been successfully taken over and carried out by the KTK.

In addition to this KTK supports the Ateitis Elektronikams (Future for Electronics Specialists) initiative. It is a campaign developed together with Kaunas IN to promote electronic engineering, which united large electronics industry companies, such as Continental Automotive Lithuania, HELLA Lithuania, Kitron, Littelfuse LT, and Teltonika in a common goal – to double the number of new electronic engineering students in Kaunas. By training the necessary specialists, we become a significant part of this campaign, thus helping Kaunas remain and also consolidate its position as a center of the electronics industry.


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