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Karshi State University


About University


Karshi State University is a large, multidisciplinary university in Uzbekistan operating in a multi-level education system. It was founded in 1952 and during years of working become one of the most popular study destinations in Uzbekistan. More than 55,000 prominent students have completed their studies and get invaluable knowledge and skills.

University was accredited by the State Inspectorate for Quality Control in Education under the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan. Karshi State University welcomes international students from different countries and provides them with access to high-quality education through innovative methods of teaching and learning which are responsive to their needs and development priorities.

University is a multidisciplinary educational establishment that offers Undergraduate and Postgraduate courses and study programs in English in several areas of study. At present, University has 14 faculties to study humanities and technical sciences, 42 departments, and a separate Pedagogical Institute across three campuses. The university also includes the Kasan College of Agrotechnology, Guzar Industrial College, and the University Academic Lyceum.

Karshi State University offers undergraduate and postgraduate courses for about 26,000 students in all forms of education, including branches. Over 1,100 are studying in secondary vocational education programs of humanities. The university has 1,571 employees in various positions, that are famous as specialists in the field of technical sciences or humanities and are ready to be in permanent touch with students and assist them concerning all issues in the studying process.


  • The Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Sciences;
  • The Faculty of Chemistry and Biology;
  • The Faculty of Arts;
  • The Faculty of Physical Training;
  • The Faculty of Philology;
  • The Faculty of History;
  • The Faculty of Roman-German Philology;
  • The Faculty of Pedagogy;
  • The Faculty of International Educational Programs;
  • The Faculty of Physics;
  • The Faculty of English Philology;
  • The Faculty of Geography and Agronomy;
  • The Faculty of Medicine;
  • The Faculty Oo Economics.



Karshi State University provides its international students with apartments in Student Dormitory. The building has all conditions for living, studying, and relaxing. A typical residence has a living room (equipped with modern TV, and upholstered furniture), a spiritual room, a few kitchens, and a library. Every student has an opportunity to enjoy their free time at the Campus territory during sports activities in the gym, football fields, basketball fields, and tennis courts.

All rooms at the student dormitories are fully equipped and furnished: a single bed, mattress, pillow, blanket, study desk with a chair, a cupboard, etc. Every apartment has unlimited Internet access to provide permanent access to study.  A great majority of supermarkets, and shopping malls, are located nearby, so, you will not have any problems buying everything you need. Karshi State University ensures 24/7 security to give students a feeling of comfort and safety.

International Cooperation


Cooperation agreements have been signed with 45 foreign universities at Karshi State University. The University is an active participant in international educational programs. Currently, the university has signed agreements on cooperation in science and education with more than 70 foreign educational institutions. The university implements a wide range of international educational programs in humanities in the amount of 6 bachelor’s and 3 bilateral master’s programs. 

Studying abroad is a great opportunity to find yourself in another country. Students exhibit higher degrees of awareness, and acceptance of cultural diversity, and an increase in their cultural capital. Students also get to experience studying and living in other countries, they can master the local language, develop their self-confidence in students and help prepare themselves for university. Karshi State University gives its students the possibility to implement the results of their studies in life during all exchange processes.

Karshi State University international key partners:

  • Dongduk Women’s University;
  • Korea International Cooperation Agency;
  • Royal Institute of Technology;
  • Belgorod State University;
  • Erasmus+
  • The University of Chemical Technology and Metallurgy, Sofia, etc.


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