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Bialystok University of Technology


About University


Originally established in 1949 as a Private Evening Engineering College with the departments of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering, and nationalized in 1951, Bialystok University of Technology (BUT) finally acquired its university status in 1974.

Today Bialystok University of Technology employs more than 620 academic educators and provides graduate courses for more than 7000 students (350 international students) University offers 30 first degree courses, 20 second degree courses, 8 rights to confer PhD degrees, 5 rights to confer post-doctoral degrees, over 500 bilateral agreements in scientific and educational cooperation with foreign partners, 20 double-degree agreements.


  • Bialystok University of Technology consists of 6 faculties:
  • Faculty of Architecture;
  • Faculty of Civil Engineering and Environmental Sciences;
  • Faculty of Electrical Engineering;
  • Faculty of Computer Science;
  • Faculty of Mechanical Engineering;
  • Faculty of Engineering Management.

Student Life in Bialystok


Białystok is northeastern Poland’s largest city and the capital of the Podlaskie Province.  Sitting close to the borders with Belarus, Lithuania, and Russia, Białystok is a very culturally diverse city and home to the inventor of the universal language Esperanto. The city is surrounded by numerous natural and historical sites. Among these is the UNESCO listed Białowieski National Park, the habitat of the European bison.

These are all well worth putting on your list of must-sees: the Saint Sophia Orthodox Church of Divine Wisdom, which was modeled on the Hagia Sophia in the former Constantinople (Istanbul); the Muslim Prayer House that now serves as a mosque; and what used to be known as the Cytron Synagogue, which today is home to the Śledziński Gallery, displaying artifacts from the famous Śledziński family.



The Bialystok University of Technology student hostels, located almost in the town center (500 m from the Zwierzyniecki Park), offer nearly 1400 places. Student Residence Halls provide reasonably priced and good standard accommodation with Internet access for over 2 000 students. The bus stops and public bicycle stations near the student hostels enable our students to reach any destination in Bialystok or its neighborhood with no problem. There are sporting facilities such as a modern sports hall, gyms, tennis courts as well as student clubs. Bialystok University of Technology also has its own recreation center „Dwór Mejera” picturesquely located near the Lithuanian border.

Student Exchange Programs


Bialystok University of Technology cooperates with many academic centers all over the world. We have over 500 active bilateral agreements in scientific and educational cooperation with foreign partners.

Under the Erasmus+ Programme you can study for 1 semester or 2 semesters at one of our partner universities, get to know other cultures and languages, and meet new friends. Every year, nearly 500 students take this opportunity. Universities in Italy, Spain, Portugal, and Denmark are very popular among our students and staff, while our university is mostly visited for a semester or two by guests from Portugal, Spain, and Turkey. International guest students can also apply as so-called free-movers, which means they can study for 1 or maximum 2 semesters without taking part in an exchange programme.


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