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University of Rzeszow


About University


The University of Rzeszów is a university in Rzeszów, Poland that was officially established in 2001 by combining several older institutions in the city.  The patron of the university is Saint Queen Jadwiga of Poland. The current university comprises the former: Rzeszów branch of the Maria Curie-Skłodowska University, Higher School of Education, Economics department of the Hugo Kołłątaj Academy of Agriculture.

The University offers a variety of undergraduate and postgraduate programmes, specialist training, supplementary training, and adult education. The University has almost 20,000 full- and part-time students.The staff comprises about 2,000 people. The University of Rzeszow has the right to confer an Associate Professor degree in history and archaeology, and a PhD in five disciplines: history, physics, sociology, literature and linguistics, archaeology, agronomy, biology, health sciences.



University of Rzeszow consists of 10 faculties:

  •    Faculty of Biology and Agriculture
  •     Faculty of Economics
  •     Faculty of Philology
  •     Faculty of Mathematics and Nature
  •     Faculty of Medicine
  •     Faculty of Pedagogy and Art
  •     Faculty of Law
  •     Faculty of Sociology and History
  •     Faculty of Physical Education
  •     Branch Campus of the Faculty of Biotechnology

Student Life in Rzeszów


Rzeszów is the largest city in southeastern Poland. It is located on both sides of the Wisłok River in the heartland of the Sandomierz Basin.  It’s hard to think city of this size that offers such an incredible variation of attractions: from grizzly punishment devices, torture chambers and a castle-fortress to stunning Art Nouveau villas, Rzeszów offers something for everyone. And who could forget Colargol (aka Barnaby), the most famous resident of the Museum of Bedtime Cartoons.

To relax, recharge, take in some fresh air and admire some of the city’s fine nature, the boulevards on the banks of the River Wisłok are the green heart of Rzeszów, boasting great cycle paths, plenty of places to rest and lush vegetation.



The University of Rzeszow offers accommodation in five dormitories which include single and marriage rooms.

In one residential segment there are two bedrooms with a hall and a bathroom. In the hall there is a washbasin, in the bathroom: a toilet and a shower. The room is connected to the TV network – analogue and digital (16 TV channels) and to the Internet in the cable system.

On each floor there is one kitchen with three electrical double ceramic countertops, an oven and  a microwave. There are bins for rubbish segregation and a chute on every floor in the hallways.

In the basement of the dormitory, there are billiards, room for occasional events, ping-pong tables.

International Cooperation


The University of Rzeszów successfully continues the policy of these Institutions, but on a wider range, with new facilities and courses. University’s international cooperation is very fruitful with educational Institutions both from West and East Europe. The University of Rzeszów has its leading role in initiating and keeping great and wide scientific, social and cultural contacts with neighboring countries and our partners from the European Community. Geo-cultural conditions open many possibilities of cooperating through the structure of the Carpathian Euroregion and it is still one of its priorities to keep international cooperation fluent and profitable. A lot of faculties belong to the international associations and organizations as well as students, who take part in conferences organized in different parts of Europe in the framework of ELSA or AEGEE.


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