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Tashkent Medical Academy


About Academy


Tashkent Medical Academy is one of the oldest and largest higher education institutions in Uzbekistan, and the center of medical education and research in medicine and life sciences in Uzbekistan. It is recognized as “one of the leading medical institutes in the Republic of Uzbekistan”.

In 1972, Tashkent Medical Institute was awarded the Order of the Red Banner of Labor which is the labor counterpart of the military Order of the Red Banner. On April 22, 2020, Times Higher Education (THE) listed TMA as one of the best universities in Uzbekistan and worldwide for the first time, making it a 301+ ranking in Medicine and Health Sciences out of 721 universities included. The publication evaluated the results of statistical analysis of activities, data audit, the results of an annual global survey of representatives of the international academic community, employers, as well as the financial performance of the university.

The main campuses are located in Tashkent, the capital of Uzbekistan. The TMA includes six faculties, 52 departments, the Multidisciplinary Clinic of TMA, as well as the Interuniversity Research Scientific Laboratory to conduct research in Medicine. There are three branches of TMA, which function as independent institutions in the cities of Urgench, Termez, and Fergana. 

One of the main tasks of the Termez branch is the training of medical personnel who meet modern requirements and develop advanced technologies in medicine and healthcare in Uzbekistan. The main objective is to produce physicians who are prepared to serve the fundamental purposes of medicine and give young specialists opportunities to study abroad. Physicians must possess the attributes that are necessary to meet their individual and collective responsibilities to society.



As of September 2005, the TMA has six faculties for undergraduate studies, over 40 Master’s degrees in Medicine and Residency programs in Medicine and Life sciences, over 50 departments in Medicine, Biology, Education, Social and Humanitarian subjects, and Faculty of Continuous Medical Education. 

  • Faculty of Medicine
  • Faculty of Dentistry
  • Faculty of Pharmacy
  • Faculty of Neuroscience
  • Faculty of Pediatrics
  • Faculty of Surgery
  • Faculty of Postgraduate Programs



There are 5 Student Dormitories that can accommodate more than 1,700 students at the institute. Tashkent Medical Academy’s student hostels are managed by the TMA administration and the Dormitory Directorate following the academy’s regulations. A turnstile is erected at the hostel’s entrance to prohibit strangers from entering the hostel and to safeguard the safety of the students. Student dormitories are assigned to individual district guards. Each hostel offers a common area with a modern TV and furniture, as well as a kitchen, computer rooms, and a library.

All apartments are renovated and comfortable to live in and study for every international student in Uzbekistan. All rooms are separated for boys and girls and equipped with needed furniture, mattress, bedsheet, pillow, pillowcases, quilt cases, blankets, and quilts. Every student has free access to common kitchens and can prepare dishes at any time. 

International Cooperation


Tashkent Medical Academy has formed partnerships with several foreign departments of education and research organizations to build partnerships between prominent higher education institutions in NIS nations and abroad. The University is recognized by WHO, MCI, and UNESCO. 

  • Recognized by MCI (Medical Council of India)
  • NMC and WHO approved
  • Seoul University
  • Humboldt University (Berlin)
  • Russian State Medical University
  • Samara State Medical University
  • Moscow State Medical University
  • Family Medicine Residency center
  • Chkhonnam State University (Korea)

Tashkent Medical Academy takes part in a huge amount of student exchange programs with foreign universities and international organizations. They aim to encourage students to study abroad, exchange cultural experiences, develop their interpersonal skills and give them the possibility to participate in international internships and exchange programs.


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