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South Russian State Technical University (Novocherkassk Polytechnic Institute)


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Platov South Russian State Polytechnic University (NPI) was established on October 18, 1907 with the greatest approval of Nikolay II as Don Polytechnic Institute. DPI was the first higher educational institution in the south of Russia.

SRSPU (NPI) has made a significant contribution to the development of engineering education in Russia, having trained more than 150 thousand of experts. Currently the SRSPU (NPI) basic activities are the large-scale fundamental and applied scientific researches, innovative technologies aimed at training the highly qualified engineering personnel corresponding to strategic problems of the government in ensuring transition from the resource economy to the economy of innovative type.

SRSPU(NPI) is actively implementing the system of advanced training for the military-industrial complex of the country on the basis of the university participation in military R&D, based on the latest developments of modern science and technology. Its target is a comprehensive training of the system engineer – the modern engineering expert of a wide profile capable of solving production problems in modern conditions of the Russian economy.

One of the most important components of the university development is the organized system of strategic partnership the functioning efficiency of which creates conditions for improving the quality of educational services and the competitiveness of the university.

SRSPU (NPI) is noted among Russian and the CIS leading universities. According to the studies conducted by the “Expert RA” rating agency (RAEX), SRSPU (NPI) is included into:

The leading universities of the CIS countries;
50 best technical universities of Russia with the highest reputation among employers;
100 of the best Russian higher educational institutions;

Postal address: 132 Prosveschenia Str., Novocherkassk, Rostov Region, 346428


Arts & Humanities Business & Social Sciences Language & Cultural Medicine & Health Engineering Science & Technology
Applied Arts




Fine Arts



Museum Studies

Performing Arts


Religion and Theology

Visual arts

OTHER Arts & Humanities Studies

Accounting / Finance

Anthropology / Archaeology

Business / Commerce / Management

Communication and Media Studies

Development Studies




Library and Information Science

Physical Education / Sport Science

Political and International Studies

Social Policy / Public Administration

Social Work

Sociology / Psychology

Tourism / Hospitality

OTHER Business & Social Science Studies

Aboriginal / Indigenous People Studies

African Studies

American & Caribbean Studies

Ancient and Modern Languages

Asian Studies

English Studies

European Studies

French Studies

Germanic Studies

Indian / South Asian Studies

Italian Studies

Middle Eastern Studies

Portugese Studies

Russian / Eastern European Studies

Spanish Studies

OTHER Language & Cultural Studies



Biomedical Science



Medicine / Surgery

Natural / Alternative Medicine


Obstetrics / Gynaecology

Optometry / Ophthalmology








Speech / Rehabilitation / Physiotherapy

OTHER Medical & Health Studies

Aeronautical Engineering

Agricultural Engineering

Architectural Engineering

Biomedical Engineering

Chemical Engineering

Civil and Environmental Engineering

Computer and IT Engineering

Electronic and Electrical Engineering

General Engineering

Geological Engineering

Industrial Engineering

Mechanical / Manufacturing Engineering

Mining and Metallurgical Engineering

OTHER Engineering Studies

    Agriculture / Forestry / Botany

Aquaculture / Marine Science



Biology / Biochemistry / Microbiology


Computer / Information Technology

Energy / Environmental Studies

Food Science


Mathematics / Statistics



Pharmacy / Pharmacology


Textiles and Fibre Science

Zoology / Veterinary Science

OTHER Science & Technology Studies


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      14 responses to “South Russian State Technical University (Novocherkassk Polytechnic Institute)”

      1. I want to study in Russia want to study entrepreneurship please help me

      2. Alan Ibrahim Hamadamin says:

        good days
        we ask about study engineering for international student
        about tuition fee university
        and life

        • Edugain Overseas says:

          Greetings! We will send you all the information you have requested for via email. Have a nice day!

      3. Osman Ibrahim says:

        I would like to apply for master in psychology if possible.

      4. Mmuogugha Levi says:

        Hello, I have been through the information above about this great citadel of learning and I wish to apply to study Computer and IT Engineering.Please guide me properly so as to fasten the application.

        • Edugain Overseas says:

          Hello! We will gladly contact you via email to provide you with all the information needed. Have a nice day!

      5. Sérgio Fernando Vecchio Salomon says:

        Environmental Engineering focus on Reuse of Public solid waste. Do Russia Universities have that kind of subject. I do not have Knowledge of russian language but I speak, read and understand english language very well.

      6. Raphaella Ribeiro Vecchio Salomon says:

        Architectural Engineering. Specialization in Structural Architectural structures. I do not understanding russian language but only portuguese, Spanish and english.

      7. Ali says:


        i would like to study “Management” in NPI but can you provide me with the tuition fee please

        • Edugain Overseas says:

          Hello! Yes, sure, we will send you all the admission details as well as tuition fees via email. Have a nice day!

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