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Samarkand State Medical Institute


About Institute


Samarkand State Medical University was founded by the decision of the Government of the Republic in 1930. During its glorious history, Institute has passed a long way toward becoming one of the leading medical universities not only in Uzbekistan but also in the entire Central Asian region. Students have the opportunity to study MBBS in Uzbekistan and get the knowledge and skills needed for performing professional duties in the fields of healthcare and disease prevention.

The Samarkand State Medical Institute (since April 2022 – the University) received a special development after the republic achieved independence. In 1997, the country adopted the “National Training Program”, and in 1998, the state program for health care reform, which resulted in the creation of the Faculty of Higher Nursing in 1999. 

Institute offers Undergraduate courses in Medicine, Masters and Doctoral courses to improve skills and study medical science from another side. It is the best institution in Uzbekistan for over prominent 8,100 students. At Samarkand State Medical University there are 83 departments to study medicine and biology, including courses where 624 scientists and teachers conduct scientific and pedagogical activities.

Lecture halls, classrooms, and education and clinical laboratories are equipped with the latest multimedia projectors, video recording, and audio equipment to ensure quality teaching and research. A distance education program in medicine is also implemented. International connections of the Institute include Russia, the US, Ukraine, South Korea, and others. In addition to carrying out projects under grants from the Centre for Science and Technology, the Samarkand Medical Institute engages in basic research in collaboration with the Uzbekistan Academy of Sciences.


  • General Medicine Faculty
  • Pediatrics Faculty
  • Faculty of Medical Pedagogy
  • Faculty of Higher Nursing
  • Faculty of Dentistry
  • Faculty of Pharmacy
  • Faculty of Medical Prophylactics, Public Health, and Medical Biology
  • International Faculty
  • Faculty of Postgraduate Professional Training of Physicians

International students studying at the Samarkand State Medical Institute (SSMI), can choose any of the faculties and study directions available in English or Russian medium.

All the educational medical courses in Uzbekistan are available in English and Russian. Every faculty provides Undergraduate and Postgraduate MBBS study specialties in conjunction with dedicated clinical and theoretical departments. Clinical Residence in Uzbekistan and internship programs abroad are also available for each specialty. The main aim of the clinical residency in medicine is to provide professional knowledge and improve the medical skills of specialists to prepare highly qualified doctors for autonomous work in the healthcare field.



Samarkand State Medical Institute provides its student with renovated dormitories, equipped with the most modern technics and furniture. International students of the Institute are accommodated in Student Dormitory and are 100% provided with dormitory rooms. Rooms are equipped with new beds, chairs, study tables, and wardrobes. Every student has his place in the room to relax after the hard studying process. 

The hostel is hosting a local computer network with the ability to access the Internet. The hostel has work rooms where students have the opportunity to study, and conduct various cultural events. Dormitories are residential buildings of block type, with self-study rooms, relaxation rooms, and a gym. On each floor of the hostel are 20 blocks with 2 separate rooms with bathrooms and 2 shared kitchens. The campus contains sports grounds, a cafe, laundry, dry cleaning, pharmacy. All the hostels are compactly located near the main study buildings. 

International Cooperation


Samarkand State Medical Institute is developing international relations, based on the principle of equal rights of all partners participating in international cooperation and academic exchange, and within the framework of more than 60 existing agreements on scientific and educational cooperation with the government and international organizations, foreign universities, and research centers. 

The development of partnerships with medical universities in Europe, Asia, North America, and the CIS countries is aimed at the development of academic mobility and joint educational programs in medicine. Institute has connections and partnerships with more than 75 higher educational institutions and research centers near and far abroad.

Currently, the Samarkand State Institute has active ties with the following universities and clinics:

  • Graz Medical University (Austria)
  • Tbilisi State Medical University (Georgia)
  • Almaty State Institute for Advanced Training of Doctors (Kazakhstan)
  • University of Pisa (Italy)
  • South Ural State Medical University (Russian Federation)
  • Omsk State Medical Academy (Russian Federation)
  • Izhevsk State Medical Academy (Russian Federation)
  • Kharkiv National Medical University (Ukraine)
  • Uzhgorod National University (Ukraine)
  • Institute “Medanta the Medicity” and clinic “Orion Medicity” (India)
  • Scientific and Clinical Center for Otorhinolaryngology under the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation
  • Smolensk State Medical University (Russian Federation)
  • Kursk State Medical University (Russian Federation)
  • North-West State University named after I.I. Mechnikova (Russian Federation)
  • Kazan State Medical University (Russian Federation)
  • University named after Pavel Josef Shafarik (Kosice, Slovakia)
  • Slovak Medical University (Bratislava, Slovakia)
  • Agricultural University (Nitra, Slovakia)
  • Ural State Medical University (Russian Federation)
  • Ternopil State Medical University was named after I.Ya. Gorbachevsky (Ukraine)
  • The higher educational institution named after Paul Jon Paula (Bialaka Podlaska, Poland)

Exchange programs at Samarkand State Medical Institute aim to improve students’ mobility and ability to assimilate in an unfamiliar environment. Every student will have to ability to implement their skills and theoretical knowledge in the medical environment, conduct educational research in healthcare and medicine, take part in internships abroad and study medical science in the most prominent educational institutions in Europe.


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