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Saint Petersburg State University of Industrial Technologies and Design


About University 


The Saint-Petersburg State University of Industrial Technologies and Design is a public educational establishment that was founded in 1930. It is located in Saint Petersburg. Now the university is a multidisciplinary educational complex, which includes 2 high schools, 18 institutes, and 2 colleges, training specialists in 225 educational programs in design, engineering, humanities, economics, and pedagogy.

Nowadays there are about 16,000 students in Undergraduate, Postgraduate, and Doctoral Studies. High standards of professional education for graduates are maintained by famous scientists and qualified university teachers. There are more than 30 honorary figures of culture, higher education, and members of creative unions – designers’ union and artists’ union. More than 112 theoretical and practical courses and educational programs in the English medium of instruction were prepared for teaching foreign and Russian students participating in international academic mobility programs. 

Quality education is provided by high-qualified teaching staff. More than 90 % of academics have Professors and Candidates in Sciences. They are prominent specialists in art and design, that use modern teaching methods and give students the ability to gain new knowledge and skills. All classes are held in English medium of instruction, to provide students with experiences in studying engineering science in a foreign language. 

The university complex includes 10 large educational buildings, most of which are located in the historic city center, and 6 student dormitories. All international students are provided with accommodation. Modern equipment of departments, educational and scientific laboratories, lecture halls, and educational-scientific-production centers allows to successfully carry out training on educational programs at various levels. 

The university is actively implementing international scientific and educational projects. As for the field of international cooperation, a project has been implemented to formulate an algorithm for the International Semester educational program, which has been approved by the Association of East European Universities. 

Faculties and Courses


The studying process at the Saint-Petersburg State University of Industrial Technologies and Design is provided in such institutes and schools:

  • Institute of Graphic Design
  • Institute of Art and Design
  • Institute of Costume Design
  • Institute of Design of Spatial Environment
  • Institute of Textile and Fashion
  • Institute of Applied Art
  • High School of Press and Media Technology
  • Institute of Business Communication
  • Institute of Economics and Social Technologies
  • Northwestern Professional Pedagogical Institute
  • Regional Institute for Continuing Vocational Education
  • Institute of Information Technologies and Automation
  • Institute of Applied Chemistry and Ecology
  • Institute of Supplementary Professional Education
  • Higher School of Technology and Power Engineering



The Saint-Petersburg State University of Industrial Technologies and Design offers all full-time students accommodation in the Student Dormitory. The Campus comprises six 15-story high-rise buildings in the city districts with well-developed infrastructure. One room accommodates 2-3 people. Room equipped with all needed equipment and furniture, such as beds, wardrobes, chairs, modern TV, computers, and free Wi-Fi.

Campus territory has a convenient location. It is surrounded by a huge park, a few food stores, a big shopping mall, and a bus stop. Every hostel resident can visit every room in a dormitory, including reading rooms, library, canteen, resting rooms, and gym. Students can spend their free time in any place they want and make resting more comfortable. All hostels are protected by the police under CCTV surveillance and every student can feel safe and comfortable during studying or resting.  Dormitories are located near the educational buildings (the greatest distance is 10 minutes on foot).


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