Rybinsk State Aviation Technical University

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Rybinsk State Aviation Technical University named after P.A. Solovyov is a federal state budget educational institution of higher professional education, providing the possibility of continuing education, including pre-university education, primary, secondary and higher vocational education, training and professional re-training, post-graduate and doctoral studies, protection of masters and doctorate theses in the university councils.

Rybinsk State Aviation Technical University is considered the best university of Yaroslavl region. Rybinsk State Aviation Technical University was established in 1932 as a Rybinsk Aviation Institute. S. Ordzhonikidze. 

RSATU trains specialists for aircraft building, mechanical engineering, metallurgy, power engineering, electronics, communication, economics, management, service and tourism. The University graduates are highly demanded in the labor markets, they hold senior roles at all levels in industrial enterprises and design organizations.

RSATU is a higher educational institute with a modern approach to the arrangement of educational process with a firm position in the Russian market of educational services. The University is equipped with expensive industrial and test installations.

The aim of conducted educational conditions of RSATU not only at acquiring profession, but also at gaining experienced assistance in how to be settled in life, to be successful and competitive.

The University provide the modern level of training specialists with competencies in the field of implementation of innovative technologies for the aviation, aerospace, energy, information and defense industries, the generation of knowledge and synthesis of innovations in priority directions of development of science and technology on practical applied research. Moreover, commercialization of innovation and creative development of engineering and technological schools in the field of aerospace and engineering on the basis of achievements of modern science and technology.

Framework behalf of the P.A. Solovyov – aviation technical university, leading the countdown of its activities since the beginning of the 30s of the last century and associated with the history and achievements of Soviet and Russian aircraft engine.

The mission of the University is:

ensuring the current level of training, with special competence in the implementation of innovative technologies for the aviation, space, missile, energy, information and defense industries.

Knowledge generation and synthesis of innovation in priority areas of science, technology and engineering in the practical application of research; commercialization of innovations;

creative development of engineering science and engineering schools in the field of aerospace engineering and instrumentation based on the achievements of modern science and technology.

The priority directions of development of the University are scientific research, technology and equipment used in the production and operation of aircraft and gas power plants, power machinery, ships, aerospace navigation devices; as well as training with core competencies in the aerospace industries.

Currently Rybinsk State Aviation Technical University enroll 7 thousand in 23 departments. The teaching staff of Rybinsk State Aviation Technical University 240 full-time teachers, including 60 doctors and 138 candidates of sciences. Till now Rybinsk State Aviation Technical University has trained over 24000 professionals.



During World War II Rybinsk State Aviation Technical University was evacuated to Ufa city, where after some time Rybinsk State Aviation Technical University transformed into the Ufa Aviation Institute. New Aviation University in Rybinsk was opened on May 25th 1955 as an evening Aviation Technology Institute with two faculties – Aircraft Mechanics and technology. In 1964 Rybinsk evening Aviation Technology Institute was reorganized into the Institute with all forms of education – daytime, evening and correspondence. In 1994, Aviation Technology Institute received status of Academy. In 2011, Rybinsk Aviation Technical Academy was granted the status of State Aviation Technical University. At present Rybinsk State Aviation Technical University provides training in design and production of aircraft engines, general engineering, instrumentation, and control of the economy, socio-cultural service and tourism, quality management, information technology, programming and computer technology.


RSATU specializations:

  • aviation engines design;
  • power engineering;
  • IT-technology;
  • electronics and nanoelectronics;
  • general engineering technology;
  • metallurgy;
  • materials technology, nanomaterials;
  • service;
  • economics;
  • management;
  • quality management.



  • Faculty of Aeroengines

Faculty aeroengine founded in 1955. The engineers of this profile is carried out the development of new aerospace technology and test technology training and support for new and batch production, so they are successfully working in the structures of the settlement – the research, design, testing and technological preparation of production of aerospace engineering, as well as service production. Now there is no research that would not come into contact with its ideas and laws. These fields and professions require such training of students, which provides the most optimal system of knowledge in various fields of technical applications of physics and mathematics. Graduates work as calculators – researchers in the design organizations of teachers or exact sciences (physics, mathematics) in educational institutions.

  • Faculty of Aviatechnologies

Faculty traces its history since inception in Rybinsk evening institute in 1955. The area of professional activity of bachelors on the direction of training includes: a set of tools, techniques and methods of operation, aimed at creating a competitive engineering products, improving national technological environment; study, design, implementation and monitoring of the rules, regulations and requirements of engineering products of various official purposes, its production technology and quality assurance; the development of new and improvement of existing technological processes of manufacture of products of machine-building production, the means of their equipment; the creation of new and the use of modern means of automation, design methods, mathematical, physical and computer modeling of technological processes and engineering industries; providing a highly efficient operation of technological processes engineering industries, their means of technological equipment, automation, control, monitoring, diagnostics, and product testing, market research in the field of engineering and technological support of machine-building production.

In some places of the professional activity of the graduate may be engineering, machine tool, tool factories, repair machine building enterprises, design and research organizations for machine building.

  • Faculty of Radioelectronics & Informatics

Blast professional activity includes a set of technical tools, techniques and methods of human activity for the production, transmission, distribution, transformation, use of electrical energy, control energy flows, development and manufacture of elements, devices and systems that implement these processes.

Objects of professional activity of bachelors are power stations and substations, electric power systems and networks, electricity, electrical, electrical and technological installations for high-voltage, automatic control and relay protection, electric machines, transformers, electromechanical complexes and systems, including their management and control, electrical and electronic devices, automatic devices and energy flow control systems, electric drive and automation machinery and technological systems, electro-technological installations and processes, electrical household industries.

  • Faculty of Sociology & Economics

Formed in the Framework in 2002, in connection with the expansion of graduate departments and an increase in the number of students. The faculty trains specialists in full-time education at the expense of state budget financing and on the basis of full cost recovery contracts. A graduate in this specialty is ready for professional activity, ensuring a rational management of the economy, production and development of enterprises of all legal forms, taking into account industry-specific, technology, technology, organization of production. The basis of the study constitute the discipline of social and humanities: psychology, philosophy, law, political science, cultural studies, sociology, as well as special subjects: local history, art and religion, people and their needs, service activities, fundamentals of design, public relations, advertising, management , marketing, information technology, economics and entrepreneurship, psycho-diagnostics, state and municipal administration, and others.



All University buildings have unlimited Internet access. The University has two comfortable dormitories with double or triple rooms. There are kitchens, showers, library and medical post. The dormitories are also equipped with reliable security system.



Library of university has the same age as the Academy, organized in 1955, her Foundation has more than 660 thousand books. It is educational, scientific literature, periodicals, normative – technical documents, dissertations, reports on research, university papers, publications STI, literature, electronic resources (e-learning publications, works full-text database of university educators, FBS). It offers readers 6 tickets and 9 reading rooms with 210 beds.



The hotel of the University is welcoming, cozy and comfortable place to stay in the city center with very reasonable prices. It is a good variant of inexpensive and comfortable accommodation for students, tourists, travellers, non-resident teams and those, whose budget does not allow them to stay in expensive hotels. It offers cable TV and free WI-FI. You can rent an appropriate room or space in the room.

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