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Kalashnikov Izhevsk State Technical University


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Kalashnikov Izhevsk State Technical University was founded in 1952. At present Kalashnikov ISTU is a leading higher educational institution in the region and one of the leading technical schools in Russia, a training center of engineers and academics. University is currently developing cooperation in education, research, and academic exchanges with 48 foreign universities and research organizations from Europe, Asia, Near East, and Africa. Currently, over 1220 international students from various countries are studying at Kalashnikov ISTU.

Kalashnikov ISTU is entitled to provide educational services in 49 programs of bachelor studies, 38 programs of master studies, 8 specialties of higher professional education, 48 specialties of Ph.D. and 18 specialties of Doctoral studies and 16 programs of secondary professional education. Currently, Kalashnikov ISTU educates over 20,000 students, among them more than 5000 international students. The classes and research works are conducted in 8 buildings, the new one opened on 1 September 2009.


  • ● Kalashnikov ISTU is a leading higher educational institution in the region and one of the leading technical schools in Russia, a training center of engineers and academics. 
  • ● The university has all modern facilities to assist students in their studies and research. 
  • ● For over 60 years more than 70,000 engineers have been trained at the University. 
  • ● Izhevsk State Technical University has been constantly developing its international relations in which academic mobility programs are implemented and promoted. 



Two language centers are functioning at the Institute of Professional Translation of Kalashnikov ISTU: Center of Spanish Language and Culture “Hola!” opened together with University of Granada (Spain) and Center of Czech Language and Culture opened together with Brno University of Technology (Czech Republic) and South-Moravian Center of International Mobility (Czech Republic). Every year over 70 students of Kalashnikov ISTU attend these courses taught by teachers from Spain and the Czech Republic.

Russian Language Center

Russian Language Center deals with the organization and provision of educational, scientific, methodological, cultural, adaptive, marketing activities in the field of studying, teaching, popularization, and propaganda of the Russian language.

International students undergo a special Russian language preparatory program comprising the 8-month intensive Russian language course, as well as basic courses in physics and mathematics. The center gives international students the following course: “Russian for everybody” (Russian language spoken course, Russian language and speech standard, Russian language grammar, Russian language written course, Russian language course for international students in natural and engineering studies, Russian language business course). Besides the center provides training for the state testing of Russian as a foreign language (TORFL) in elementary, basic, I, II, III and IV certifying levels.



The Institute of Continuous Professional Training was founded in 1998 to provide secondary professional education with a possible subsequent training of its graduates for a bachelor’s or engineer’s degree at Kalashnikov ISTU. During the years of its existence, the institute has trained over 5,000 specialists with secondary professional education. Every year about 800 students are enrolled in the institute and about 300 of its graduates continue their studies in higher education programs at Kalashnikov ISTU.

The time period required to complete the course is one year for primary and two to three years for secondary professional education. Graduates of the institute are issued state diplomas and awarded the qualification of a technician.

Kalashnikov ISTU also provides supplementary education: skill-update courses and professional retraining, additional qualification “Professional Translator”, courses for prospective students, as well as language courses – English, German, Czech, and Spanish.



Kalashnikov Izhevsk State Technical University is currently developing cooperation in education, research and academic exchanges with 45 foreign universities and research organizations from Europe, Asia, Near East, and Africa. Currently over 260 international students from 29 countries are educated at Kalashnikov ISTU, namely from Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, China, Egypt, Ethiopia, Gambia, Georgia, Ghana, Guinea, Jordan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Lebanon, Liberia, Mozambique, Namibia, Nigeria, Pakistan, Senegal, Slovakia, Somali, Sudan, Syria, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, and Zimbabwe.



Students of the university live in comfortable hostels on campus. They have their meals in canteens and snack bars placed in the university buildings.

Health services for students and employees are provided by the university polyclinic. The university has its own health center for 100 persons.

The students have all the necessary facilities for going in for sports. The university has a stadium, 8 gyms, a tennis court, and a brand new swimming pool at its disposal. For the students and personnel to have a good and substantial rest, there is the university sports camp on the bank of the river Kama.

There is also a Palace of Culture “Integral” for entertainment. It is the venue of conferences and exhibitions, as well as multiple amusement festivities. The university Municipal Theater “Young Man”, the winner of many competitions and festivals, is very popular. In the estate-museum of Peter Tchaikovsky in Votkinsk the cultural and educational center of Kalashnikov ISTU has been founded.



At present ISTU comprises 11 faculties and 1 institute, they are:

  • Faculty of Mechanical Engineering

The faculty was founded in 1952 to provide training in design, production, and maintenance of complex machinery and it celebrated the 65th anniversary in 2017. During the years of its existence, the faculty has trained over 8 000 engineers, many of them are directors of enterprises, leading specialists, shop managers, heads of designing bureaus, research departments, and divisions. Its resources include a unique collection of various arms and a research shooting gallery equipped with advanced measuring instruments. The faculty comprises a number of research centers, institutes, and laboratories: scientific and educational center “Nanotechnologies in Mechanical Engineering”, special designing bureau “Precise Mechanics”, M.T. Kalashnikov Institute of Small Arms, traffic safety laboratory and some others.

  • Institute of Modern Technologies in Mechanical and Automotive Engineering and Metallurgy

The institute was founded in 1952 together with Kalashnikov ISTU and celebrated the 60th anniversary in 2012. Previously it was called Mechanical-Technological Faculty, Faculty of Robotics and Faculty of Advanced Technologies and Automobiles.

The institute trains specialists in the field of designing technological processes for cutting, forming, and welding metals; assembling machine-building items; designing of technological equipment and tooling; designing, exploitation, and maintenance of automobiles. During the years of its existence, the institute has trained over 10 000 specialists.

  • Faculty of Instrumentation Engineering

The faculty was founded in 1961. The following Izhevsk enterprises participated in the establishment of the faculty: Izhevsk Motorcycle Plant, Izhevsk Radio Engineering Plant, Izhevsk Electrical-Mechanical Plant, etc.

The faculty trains specialists in study programs in instrumentation engineering, electronics design and technology, radio engineering and telecommunications, electrical engineering, fiber engineering. Students study mathematics, physics, computer science, electrical engineering, optics and laser engineering, radio engineering, and communication. A wide range of general engineering and special disciplines studied by the students, good knowledge of CAD application packages give the graduates the possibility to easily accommodate in the complicated environment of the market economy, perform designing, organizational and technological, manufacturing, and managerial and research activities.

  • Faculty of Computer Science
  • Faculty of Management and Marketing
  • Faculty of Economics, Law and Humanities
  • Faculty of Civil Engineering

The faculty was founded in 1972. At present, it trains specialists in the field of industrial and civil engineering, municipal construction and economy, building and road-building machinery, building design. Apart from humanitarian and general technical disciplines, the students also study hydraulics; engineering geodesy; constructional materials; engineering geology; architecture; computational methods of ferroconcrete and stone, metal and wooden structures; technology, organization and economics in construction, etc. Every year the theoretical course is supported with educational and industrial training.

  • Faculty of Quality Management

The faculty was founded in March 2000 on the basis of the Department of Machine Science and Robotics that dates back from over 50 years ago. The faculty trains specialists in the field of robotics, mechatronics, quality control of products and services, merchandising and product expertise, system analysis and control, technospheric safety, environmental protection.

  • Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences

The faculty was founded in 2011 on the basis of the Faculty of Applied Mathematics, Department of Physics and Optical Engineering, and Department of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering. It provides the high-quality fundamental training of students together with the institutes of Ural Division of Russian Academy of Science, sectoral research institutions, and enterprises of the Russian Federation. The faculty comprises the research and educational centers in energy saving; nanostructural, energy-rich, and high-duty materials; chemical physics and mesoscopic; perspective materials and technologies; mathematics and information technologies.

  • Faculty of Heat Engineering

The faculty was founded in 2003 on the basis of the Department of Hydraulics and Heat Engineering. The faculty comprises the following divisions: Institute of Municipal Economy, Designing Bureau «Heat Engineer», Heat Engineering College.

  • Faculty of Advertising and Design

The faculty was founded in 2002. The faculty has been steadily growing, thus within the last 5 years, the number of students has increased 4 times and currently exceeds 1 000 (including those obtaining secondary professional education). Every year the students participate in institutional, regional, Russian, and international contests, festivals, and exhibitions winning various diplomas and awards. The faculty comprises the studios for drawing, painting, chromatics and composition, design and graphics, advertising; 3 computer rooms; wood processing and machining shops; wood engraving and painting shops; shop for metal artistic working.

  • Tikhonov Institute of Physical Training and Sports

The institute named after the fourfold Olympic biathlon champion Alexander Tikhonov was founded in 2012. The institute is fully equipped with portable devices and modern computer systems. Institute Staff are 7 lecturers, among them 1 Doctor of Science, Professor, 4 Candidates of Science (Ph.D.), Associate Professors.



Scientific schools have been organized in the field of strength, reliability, complex automation, CAD systems, computer science, chemical technology, testing of complex machinery. The university scientific schools direct their efforts to solve the basic problems of machine-building, instrument-making industries, computer science, and ecology. 

The university has all modern facilities to assist students in their studies and research. Over 2 500 PCs and workstations of Kalashnikov ISTU are combined into over 80 LANs linked to the Internet via the university Internet-portal.

In the frameworks of innovative activities, the electronic library of Kalashnikov ISTU, which currently comprises over 500,000 entries, was implemented and successfully functions. In virtual laboratories of the university young specialists can do research, as well as exchange information with their colleagues all over the world via the Internet.



The university campus is located in picturesque outskirts of Izhevsk near the park and forestry area. It comprises 8 educational buildings, 6 students’ hostels, the palace of culture «Integral», health center, polyclinic, stadium, swimming pool, etc. The students live in comfortable hostels with cooking and laundry facilities, where they can work in computer rooms, as well as relax after studies. They have their meals in the hostels, and canteens and snack bars on campus.

Kalashnikov ISTU has all the necessary sporting facilities for students and employees: sports halls, tennis court, stadium, ski center, gyms, aerobics halls, a brand new swimming pool and sauna. Sport days and various competitions form an integral part of students’ life. Every year on May 2-9 the run organized by Kalashnikov ISTU and Belorussian National Technical University dedicated to the Victory Day is held. 

There is also a Palace of Culture «Integral» for entertainment. It houses the well-known university municipal theatre «Young Man» – the winner of many competitions and festivals, rock-club «Integral», jazz band, vocal studio «Rec.time». It hosts many students’ amusement festivities as well, such as intellectual and entertaining games Balda, multiple faculty parties and discos. In the estate-museum of Peter Tchaikovsky in Votkinsk a cultural and educational center of Kalashnikov ISTU has been founded.



Kalashnikov Izhevsk State Technical University provides vast opportunities to improve health, as well as to go in for sports. Health services for students and employees are provided by the university polyclinic and health center. There is also a sports center for 100 persons located in the pine forest outside Izhevsk on the bank of the river Kama with 16 summer houses and 1 winter house. It also has a canteen providing 3 meals a day, sport grounds for football, volleyball, basketball and badminton, as well as a sauna.

The safety of international students of Kalashnikov ISTU is provided by the Department of Complex Safety. Its personnel supervised by Vice-Rector for Security and Regime arrange and conduct meetings with international students on safe stay on the territory of the Russian Federation with the participation of representatives of Department of Internal Affairs, acquaint them with the rules of accommodation in the hostel and campus. The pass entry system to the university objects has been introduced. The campus territory is safeguarded by representatives of police, student security squad «Rys» («lynx»), and the Department of Complex Safety. All buildings on the campus are equipped with automatic fire alarm systems, fire extinguishers, and smoke ventilation systems. Besides, all university buildings and hostels are equipped with video surveillance systems.



Kalashnikov ISTU library was founded in 1952. It is the largest technical library in the Udmurt Republic. Its role in the educational process – to assist the university in educational activities and research, in training highly skilled specialists and education humanization.

Today the library consists of 12 departments, 2 branches and 22 departmental offices. It contains material and information relevant to the whole range of courses at the university. Over 20,000 users annually get over 800 000 copies of scientific books, textbooks and teaching aids, on CDs as well, and over 300 titles of periodicals. Every day the library serves nearly 1 000 readers in 6 circulation departments, 7 reading rooms, 3 computer rooms.

The electronic catalog of the library comprises 14 databases with over 500 000 entries. The library LAN is integrated into the university network with Internet access. The readers can use the information services center with DED (document electronic delivery) sector and get access to the dissertation database, as well as operate copying machines, scanners, and printers.

The library staff is 60 persons providing informational and bibliographical, as well as cultural and educational services. They actively participate in workshops and conferences in Izhevsk and neighboring regions. The work of the library is aimed at the support of the educational processes and researches with modern information resources and potential development.



Izhevsk is a major administrative, industrial, commercial, scientific, educational, and cultural center of the Urals and the Volga region, Russia. It is the capital of the Udmurtia Republic, standing on the Izh River, about 1,200 km from Moscow.

Izhevsk features

Izhevsk, along with Tula, is known as the capital of Russian weapons. Russia’s first motorcycle was assembled here in 1929.

Izhevsk pond, the main body of water created in the second half of the 18th century, has an area of 2200 hectares.

Today, people of more than 100 nationalities live in the capital of Udmurtia. As a result of the 2010 census, more than two-thirds of locals are Russians (68.8%), Udmurts – about 14.8%, Tatars – 8.9%, Ukrainians, Belorussians, Mari, Bashkirs, Chuvash, Armenians, and other nationalities – 7.5%.

Izhevsk is a developed industrial center of Udmurtia and the Urals. The city is known in the country and the world for the production of quality steels, advanced engineering, in particular: the production of arms and military equipment, small arms and hunting rifles, vehicles, instrumentation, food processing industry.

Izhevsk has an airport located near the village of Zavyalovo. Izhevsk Airport is the only airport in Udmurtia offering regular flights to Moscow, St. Petersburg, Samara, Kirov, Nizhny Novgorod, Ufa.

Izhevsk places of interest

Izhevsk has more than 300 objects of historical and cultural heritage. 4 archaeological sites, 164 architectural objects, 99 objects of monumental fine arts, more than 100 plaques. All the best Izhevsk historical monuments are built in the classical style.

The Monument of Friendship of Peoples, opened in 1972, is one of the main attractions of Izhevsk. It is dedicated to the voluntary entry of Udmurtia in the Russian state. The monument consists of two parallel 53-meter steles made of stainless steel. They symbolize the two nations – Russian and Udmurt. The monument has an inscription in Udmurt and Russian: “Glory to the great friendship between Russian and Udmurt peoples.”


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