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I.S. Turgenev Orel State University


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Orel State University was founded in 1931. Orel State University is located in the city Orel, the distance between Moscow and Orel is 325 kilometers. 

Orel State University is unique in many aspects. Orel State University provides training on a wide range of areas and specialties of higher and postgraduate education. Currently, Orel State
University implements 110 basic educational programs of higher education in large groups of 14 training areas and specialties. Today the university is the successor of the best tradition
of  Russian medical education. At present, the Orel Medical institute has 17 departments, that employ more than 100 Professors.

Clinical bases of the Institute are leading medical diagnostic and Medical institutions of the city of Orel and Orel Region: Regional Hospital, Children’s Regional Hospital, City Emergency
Hospital named after NA Semashko, the Regional Perinatal Center, Regional TB Dispensary, Botkin City Maternity Hospital, Regional Cancer Center, Regional TB Dispensary, Regional Skin, and
Venereal Diseases Hospital, clinic & Pharmacies in the City of Orel.

Moreover, Orel university has significant position at international platforms. University is recognized by UNO and WHO. Research, conducted in the university, is utilized at all international medical
forums. That is the reason Orel university always remains in prominent positions, in international rankings.



S. Turgenev Orel State University is the first flagship university in Russia, the only multidisciplinary center in the region that conducts continuous training of specialists of all levels in the
field of pedagogical, engineering, medical, natural science and humanities education.

Nowadays, the structure of the university is represented by 3 branches (Karachevsky, Livenskiy, and Mtsensk), 12 institutes, and 13 faculties. This is 297 educational programs, teaching more than 940
doctors and candidates of science. About 19,000 students from 55 countries study at our university. More than 4,000 students have graduated annually. 

The University consists of:

  • ● Center for attracting talented youth;
  • ● Center for Advanced Continuing Education;
  • ● Center for Innovative Development of the Region.

The main university is also the center of socio-cultural development of the region. For this purpose, the following was created:

  • ● The regional acceleration program for the development of voluntary initiatives — acceleration, consolidation, support and conversion of voluntary initiatives.
  • ● Center for a literary heritage: «Turgenev’s language — the language of the world» — popularization of the literary heritage of I. S. Turgenev
  • ● Agronomical Pedagogical Institute — preparation of the teacher who studied in the rural school.
  • ● Association «Dvoryanskoye gnezdo» as the core of social initiatives — the creation of socio-educational, cultural and educational services.

The University’s ecosystem is innovative and includes the following:

  • ● The University clinic;
  • ● Center for collective use of scientific equipment;
  • ● Center for Interdisciplinary Studies;
  • ● Business incubator;
  • ● Center for Technology Transfer and Commercialization;
  • ● Center for Technology and Innovation Support;
  • ● Translation agency;
  • ● Center for Publicity Activity;
  • ● Project office.

Youthful specialized research schools are a project that is aimed at creating a new model of additional education for the younger generation, who will be able to work in the future in high technology
and high-tech industries:

  • ● School of Robotics;
  • ● School of Nanotechnology and Nanochemistry;
  • ● School of the young architect;
  • ● School of Biotechnology;
  • ● School of Electronics and Instrumentation;
  • ● School of the young businessman.

Membership of the university and individual scientists in specialized associations:

  • ● CDIO Initiative
  • ● International Association for Continuing Education;
  • ● Network of language partners of the French Embassy;
  • ● Association of foreign students of Russia;
  • ● Association of Russian-Azerbaijani Universities.

Academic Mobility Programs:

  • ● Erasmus Mundus;
  • ● Jean Monnet;
  • ● DAAD

Turgenev OSU is a comfortable environment for life, work, and study:

  • ● University campus (16 academic buildings and 9 student hostels);
  • ● Student polyclinic;
  • ● University clinic;
  • ● Network of power objects;
  • ● Sports and physical training complex;
  • ● Swimming pool and indoor ice rink;
  • ● Holiday Village «Zelenyy bereg»

The university also created all the conditions for developing the creative potential of the students:

  • ● The regional headquarters of the Russian student detachments;
  • ● Center for Culture and Aesthetic Education;
  • ● Center for History and Exposition Activities;
  • ● Joint Board of Students;
  • ● Trade union organization of students.

Students of Turgenev OSU have an active, creative, and sports life. There are various theatrical, vocal and dance studios, as well as 20 sports sections at the Orel State University.

Sport is an integral part of students’ life: football teams of the University, mini-football, basketball, volleyball, work with individual athletes. Women’s mini-football team, men’s football team,
women’s basketball team and men’s volleyball team achieved high results in sports.

There were many significant events for the university during the existence of the main university:

  • The university switched to education using the CDIO approach.
  • Our university has also become a venue for the basketball competition – Stars Match ASB 2017 in Orel.
  • Orel State University became the organizer of the Championship of the universities on the workout.
  • The University Clinic is opened – the structural subdivision of I. S. Turgenev Orel State University.
  • Our university is regularly visited by foreign teachers and scientists for conducting lectures.

Students of the university become winners and prize-winners of the Olympiads not only of regional and all-Russian, but also international levels. They take part in various international conferences,
such as:

  • Participation in the international conference on photonics «European Conference on Biomedical Optics» (Munich, Germany);
  • Participation in the II International Conference «Tourism Dynamics and Trends» (University of Seville, Spain).
  • Participation in the Summer School on Photonics and Optics (Oulu, Finland), etc

In addition, the main institution of higher learning itself becomes the platform for conducting international conferences and seminars:

  • Workshop on the international ERASMUS + program and academic mobility;
  • International scientific and practical conference based on the Institute of Economics and Management, etc.

 The University is visited by foreign delegations from all over the world: France, America, Iran, Vietnam, Armenia and others.



The University has a rich tradition of training for foreign countries. Over the past 40 years, various forms of training were more than five thousand foreign students from nearly 60 countries.
Currently, the university on the basis of interstate and intergovernmental treaties and agreements, and contracts with various organizations and individual contracts trained more than 250 foreign
students and trainees.



The University has successfully developed international activities. Continues active integration of Oryol State University in the world educational, research, and innovation space. Due to the
significant positive changes in all areas of the university has increased markedly the importance of Oryol State University at the international education market and its attractiveness to foreign
students. As a confirmation of increased international university status significantly increased the number of foreign citizens from different regions of the world who wish to study at Orel State

The international relations play an important role in Orel State University.

At the present time, a number of cooperation agreements with higher education institutions of France, Germany, Italy, the USA, and India have been signed and function. In the realm of academic and
student exchanges, the Orel State University named after I.S. Turgenev maintains contacts with different Programs.



High level of specialist preparation in Orel State University named after I.S. Turgenev is achieving through the specialist knowledge and orientation of the educational process to practice. The
graduates are strictly oriented on modern market demands and have a wide range of demanding professional competences. High professional qualification, active participation of specialists-practitioners
in the educational process, application of modern educational technologies allow Orel State University named after I.S. Turgenev to train competitive professionals that can work within their specialty
in Russia and abroad after graduating the university.




Medical Institute: therapeutic case (medical doctor), pediatrics (pediatrician), dentistry (dentist), pharmacy (pharmacist). The medical institute of the OSU is the only one in its composition
training specialists in these areas. Distinctive features of training at the Medical Institute:

  • ● A multidisciplinary approach to teaching students.
  • ● Attraction to the educational process of practitioners.
  • ● Presence of author’s courses and visiting lectures by leading scientists of the Russian Federation.
  • ● Possibility to form and develop scientific practical skills, to pass foreign practices and internships.
  • Development of practical skills based on the Center for Practical Skills, equipped with simulators for practicing manual skills and abilities to act in extreme situations.

Training specialists: 34 doctors and 95 candidates of science.


The Faculty of Philosophy provides fundamental training in the field of humanitarian knowledge. A feature of modern philosophical education is the combination of fundamental academic training in the
field of social and human sciences, with the study of applied disciplines oriented to practical activities in the field of social communications, which allows you flexibly react to changes in the
labor market situation.


The Faculty of Technology, Entrepreneurship, and Service is intensively developing in the field of service and education, being a regional leader in the training of qualified personnel for the
hospitality industry, tourism, service, vocational training and teacher education in technology. Training is conducted on the educational programs of bachelor’s, master’s, and postgraduate courses
using the technologies of project training in the educational process.


The modern philological faculty has more than five hundred students who can realize their scientific and creative potential in five departments. The most talented continue their scientific activities
in graduate schools, which are created at each department of the faculty. There is a possibility at the faculty to protect not only the candidate’s but also the doctor’s thesis both in language and
literature, as well as the methodology of their teaching because two dissertational councils are active. 


The graduates of the Faculty of History open many doors to all educational, managerial, social, and cultural institutions of our country. After all, here you get a classical humanitarian education.

  • LAW

Today the Law Institute of the Federal State Educational Establishment of Higher Professional Education «Orel State University named after I.S. Turgenev» is one of the widely known regional centers of
educational and scientific activity in the field of theoretical and practical jurisprudence. It consists of eight doctors of legal science and three doctors of historical sciences, professors in the
field of law, 46 candidates of law sciences, associate professors.


The Institute of Economics and Management is a large scientific and educational center that organizes the educational process of training specialists with higher economic education, ensuring the
formation of their competences in the field of economics and management. The distinctive features are high level of professionalism of the teaching staff, active participation of students and teachers
in scientific projects, and educational programs of international exchange, as well as the functioning of a number of scientific schools, research centers, and laboratories.


On the basis of the Institute of Natural Sciences and Biotechnology are trained the specialists in the field of natural science and biotechnology. The Institute of Natural Sciences and Biotechnology
is intensively developing. An integral part of the organization of work in the institute was the involvement of leading specialists in the field of teaching; this excludes the retraining of graduates
for work in real conditions.


The Institute of Foreign Languages is the only structural unit in the region providing professional foreign-language training. Highly professional teaching staff are the Institute’s teachers who
possess not only academic degrees and titles, but also are certified by foreign language centers; regularly undergo advanced training based on cultural and linguistic centers of foreign countries. The
graduates are demand in the labor market.

  • ARTS

Competitive advantages of the Institute are the traditionally high quality of educational services recognized by the professional-pedagogical community, confirmed by 65 years of experience. In
addition, the leadership in the training of psychologists and educators for educational organizations implementing programs of pre-school, primary, basic general, and special education in the region.
Moreover, possibility of students mastering professional competences in quasi-real conditions based on specialized laboratories that imitate the educational space of a kindergarten and school.


At the faculty in accordance with the Federal State Educational Standards training is carried out in many areas. Training is carried out by highly qualified faculty of four departments of the faculty,
as well as by teachers of other departments of the university.


The faculty of Physical Education and Sports is the only one in the region that provides training bachelor’s degree — full-time and part-time in many areas.


One of the main components of the university’s international activity is the export of educational services. The university has been accepting foreign students for training since 1974. The Preparatory
faculty conducts a one-year pre-university training in the Russian language and general educational disciplines for the successful continuation of education within the framework of the basic
educational programs of the university. The educational process is carried out by the Department of Russian as a foreign language and intercultural communication, as well as by teachers of specialized
disciplines of other departments.


The programs developed in accordance with the requirements of GEF, professional standards, the customer. 100% of training sessions are organized using modern educational technologies, taking into
account traditional and innovative methods. The programs are oriented to meet the needs of the modern market, take into account the trends in its development. Training by programs is possible
according to an individual plan, using distance learning technologies and e-learning.




The library is a focal point of study in any educational institution. OSU’s libraries have over 8, 00,000 copies of books. Each student accounts for over 240 copies of tuition literature annually. The
library offers a pleasant environment in which students can study and with extensive opening hours that include evening and Sundays. All books are provided free of cost to all students studying in
English medium course. Easy access to computers is an essential part of any study program & the IT facilities at Orel State University are of first-class. You can also access the internet on the
campus of Academy and internet facility is also available in every hostel room for unlimited free downloads.



The University is proud of its modern dormitory housing 1100 people . Every section has two Cozy rooms, a kitchen, a shower, and a bathroom. The hostel for international students is located
in the very center of the city 30mtr from the University’s main building. The hostel has well-equipped rooms with all modern facilities for 3 seated big rooms upgraded comforts, central heating.
Reception, laundry, cleaning & washing personals, reading room, computer hall. The cost of living in Russia can be completely affordable and can also make it a comfortable place to live in.



Oryol or Orel is a city located in the European part of Russia, on both sides of the Oka River and its tributary, the Orlik River, about 364 km south-west of Moscow. It is the capital of the Oryol
region, an important transport, educational, cultural, and tourist center of Central Russia.

Oryol features

In Russian, the name of this city means “eagle”. There is a legend about the origin of the name. According to it, it happened during the foundation of the fortress, in 1566. When builders began to
chop down an oak standing on the river bank, at the confluence of the rivers Oka and Orlik, an eagle flew off from the top of the tree. “And here is the owner”, said one of the men and Ivan the
Terrible ordered to name the town in honor of this bird.

The climate in Oryol is of moderate continental type. Winters are usually moderate cold, with occasional thaws and frosts. 

City Day in Oryol is celebrated on August 5. On this day in 1943, in Moscow, an artillery salute was given to honor the troops that liberated Orel and Belgorod. This was the first salute during World
War II in the USSR, that’s why both Orel and Belgorod received the nickname “the city of the first salute.”

The Oryol tram, opened in 1898, along with the Nizhny Novgorod and Kursk trams belongs to the oldest tram systems in Russia, one year older than the Moscow tram, and nine years older than the St.
Petersburg tram.

“Oryol”, a nuclear submarine in the Northern Fleet of Russia, is named after the city of Oryol. On the conning tower of the submarine, you can see the coat of arms of the city.

The main products manufactured in the city: food, machinery and electrical equipment, non-metallic mineral products, metallurgical production, and production of finished metal products.


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