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How to Get a Visa

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How to Get a Visa Russia



It can be quite hard to get a visa. But if you apply with one of the Consultancies that specializes in education for foreign students abroad it can make your life so much easier. In Edugain Overseas we provide a range of services that simplifies for you a visa getting process. We’ll help you to comply with instructions and save your time. Edugain Overseas specializes in providing such services since 2005, we helped thousands of students all around the world.

The most part of international applicants that interested in getting an education in Russia need to obtain a visa in order to arrive to Russia.

 For international applicants from Azerbaijan, Abkhazia, Southern Ossetia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Tajikistan, Armenia and Uzbekistan a visa is not required. 

Please check the detailed information on getting an educational visa:

For Indian, Bangladeshi, Shri Lankan and Nepali Students

For African, Asian and Arab Students



Usually, it takes not more than half-an-hour to conduct an interview. No worries, there will be no new questions for you, just confirm the information you have already submitted during your visa obtaining process.

You need to be ready to answer the interviewer’s questions! 
They would want to know:

  •  Your motivation and whether you are capable to meet the requirements of the course, country’s laws and culture.
  •  Whether you are financialy capable to cover all the expenses while you are studying.

Generally speaking, the interview is conducted to assess you, and put clarity on all the documents you have already submitted. In brief, the interviewer needs to make sure that you should be granted a visa.

Here are some recommendations:

  • Our most crusual recommendation is: Provide full and correct information! There is no need to exaggerate or lie about anything while you are interviewed. Keep in mind that the authorities have already got all your educational and financial documents, and the consular officer has enough experience to tell whether someone is telling them a lie.
  • Get through the information about the chosen university. Take a closer look into the course you’ve picked and ask yourself whether your choice meets your educational goals or not. Recall the main subjects necessary for admission.
  • If the interviewer asks you about the reasons behind your country and a specific program and university choice you have to answer directly and with no hesitation.
  • You will be asked questions about your financial status; for that reason you have to examine your bank statements and be solid on your financial plan. In case of insufficient funding or retirement of your parents, the interviewer will have the full right to ask you about your plans on financing of your staying in the country.
  • Pay close attention to your  look, comply with the dress code and try to stay calm during the interview. There is no need to learn your answers by heart. The interviewer just needs to know if you are being frankly with them about your goals.
  • Keep the main rules of social behavior. To make a good impression stay polite and courteous while responding. Listen closely to the questions and do not interrupt the interviewer. Good manners will serve you well.
  • During the meeting with the visa officer stay confident and try not to nervous. Furthermore, do not get into a debate with the officer in the course of the interview.

If you know that the language is your weak spot try to work on your grammar and speaking skills. The visa officer has to be convinced that your competence in English is sufficient to study in a foreign country.

If you need to provide any documents for the interview, make sure you have arranged all of them before entering the room. It may be required to present a passport, different forms, passport-size photos, educational certificates, transcripts, test scores, bank statements and other supporting documents. If you took a gap after school, it would be better if you bring all your educational documents, some letters from work, training certificates etc.

You will feel more confident and prepared having all necessary documents with you and being there in advance on the day of the interview.

We understand that it’s a great pressure and you may stake everything to get to this interview, but you’ve done a great job, so show your best on this interview. From now on take it easy (but not too much), answer calmly and confident, and present yourself well.


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