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Daugavpils University


About University


Daugavpils University was founded in 1921 based on Teacher`s College in the city of Daugavpils, Latvia. DU received its present name on 13 October 2001. It has become the largest educational institution in Eastern Latvia and is a member of the European University Association and the European Union association of universities of small member states. Since 2004 it has benefited from EU Structural Funds for campus expansion and renovation.

University offers a European level of education in Business, Management, Engineering, and medical study in Latvia. The DU offers 50+ programs for Undergraduate, Postgraduate, and Doctoral levels of education. The institute has plenty of Bachelor’s and Master’s programs in the English language in various specialties for global students.

Currently, University assists in obtaining high-level education for over 5,000 international and national students. They are residing on the University campus for the programs in which many of them are from Non-Eu regions. The Daugavpils University provides its students with renovated apartments in Student Dormitory with a convenient location and developed infrastructure, also the dormitories here are the largest in the nearby region.

​​All programs, realized in Daugavpils University, are licensed and accredited which guarantees their state, European and worldwide approval. Daugavpils university diploma has been certified by European Commission.


  • Faculty of Natural Science and Mathematics;
  • Faculty of Education and Management;
  • Faculty of Social Science;
  • Faculty of Humanities;
  • Faculty of Music and Arts.

International Cooperation


University administration provides active expansion of international cooperation to promote exchanging experiences and knowledge between educational institutions and foreign organizations and implement the transfer of scientific research results of the DU studies from the academic environment to the wider community. Within bilateral agreements our partners are the next universities:

  • Universitas Katolik Parahyangan;
  • Steinbeis Hochschule University;
  • The University of Vechta;
  • The University of Applied Sciences Würzburg-Schweinfurt;
  • Qufu Normal University;
  • Warsaw University of Life Sciences;
  • WSB University in Toruń;
  • Wesleyan University;
  • Texas Tech University.

In 2014 the Daugavpils University launched a new European Union support program in the field of education, training, youth, and sport – Erasmus +. The Erasmus + program supports the mobility of people for learning purposes, cooperation to promote innovation, and the exchange of good practices and support for policy reforms.

DU has received the Erasmus Higher Education Charter 2021-2027 which provides an opportunity to participate in all Erasmus + activities. The Charter sets out the basic principles that higher education institutions must follow in organizing and implementing the activities of the Erasmus program.


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