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Collegium da Vinci, Poznan


About the University 


Collegium Da Vinci is one of the best private universities in the Greater Poland Voivodeship. Collegium Da Vinci is proud to onboard more than 12.000 students including 5.000 international students to create and represent the ideal of combining knowledge and practice, according to Leonardo’s message. 

The high quality of education at Collegium Da Vinci is guaranteed by the implemented and constantly improved Internal Quality Assurance System considering the specific needs of the university. The university is accredited by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education, Polish Accreditation Committee. 

IT studies at CDV are focused on teaching practical skills. Students are provided with up-to-date knowledge and the latest solutions only. Collegium Da Vinci cooperates with numerous major IT companies, including Trecom, Whalla Labs, and Netguru. Management in CDV revolves around the use of Design Thinking, teamwork focused on creative, imaginative problem solving as well as the search for innovative product and service ideas. 

The unique study system lets students decide what they want to learn during their studies, they are free to choose the modules that interest them and shape the path of their development! Up to 85% of the courses in CDV are practical classes and workshops. Students gain knowledge and experience by participating in workshops, training, or internships cooperating with lecturers-practitioners. 

Collegium Da Vinci is a modern university implementing the use of modern technology and computerization. Students can use all necessary for studying processes equipment and high-tech software on a daily basis. The aim is to promote the usage of digital technologies with old European studying methods to make the educational process faster and easier.  CDV Library comprises the Reading Room of the Women’s Association Konsole presenting an extremely rich collection of publications on feminism, gender, queer, and anti-discrimination. 

Study Modules: 

  • Structured Programming
  • System Programming
  • Graphic Interface And Web Design
  • Advanced Object-Oriented Programming
  • Machine Learning
  • Web App Design 
  • Creative Marketing 
  • Innovation Project Management 
  • Marketing Communication
  • Brand Building
  • Relationship Marketing 



Collegium Da Vinci provides accommodation in a comfortable dormitory located 400 m from the university building. The territory of the building is safe and surrounded by surveillance cameras. The conditions in dormitories offered are comfortable with all the modern conveniences included. 

Students are provided with a large single room with a personal kitchen or they can choose a smaller room for a single living. Students are free to choose an independent studio, fully furnished and locked with individual keys. It has 2 or 3 individual beds, desks with chairs and wardrobes, bookcases, and a kitchenette with a refrigerator and a microwave oven. There are fully furnished bedrooms, bathrooms, laundry rooms, kitchens, and studying and meeting rooms.  A wall-to-wall carpet makes the rooms cozier. Rooms are perfect to study and rest comfortably in it. Students can also enjoy their private bathroom with a shower. 

All-Inclusive fee includes fast Wi-Fi, a gym, unlimited media consumption, access to the work and chill zone, 24/7 security, and help from a technician.

Student Life in Poznań


Poznań is a city on the River Warta in west-central Poland, within the Greater Poland region. Poznań is a city in Poland that’s packed with great things to see and do. The city is steeped in history, yet enjoys a youthful and laid-back vibe with flourishes of modern architecture and public artwork.

Similarly to many cities across the world, the city’s main square is the best place to start your visit to Poznań. Established in the 13th century, many of the brightly colored buildings that surround the square are faithful reconstructions of baroque and renaissance-era buildings that were destroyed during the Second World War. Despite their young age, they are still a wonderful sight. There are numerous bars and restaurants that spill out into the square. At night, the bars become a tad livelier, but they mostly retain a casual atmosphere with many still serving a decent menu of top-quality food.


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