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Chechen State University


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Chechen State University dates back to 7 February 1938 when Grozny Teacher Training Institute was founded with a two-year study period. The Institute was reorganized into Chechen-Ingush State University on 9 March 1971 and the new place received the name of Lev Nikolayevich Tolstoy. On 28 February 1995, Chechen-Ingush State University named after Lev Nikolayevich Tolstoy was renamed into Chechen State University.  Currently around 15000 full-time students are receiving education at the Chechen State University, 10 Faculties and 4 Institutes lead the learning process.

The Centre of Collective Use at the university serves as a launchpad for the staff and students to conduct research in priority development areas of science and technology.  Education at Chechen State University is the beginning of the big way to a promising (viable) employment and a successful career. The teaching process at the University is operated (provided) at nine faculties and five institutes.

Educational Process is organized using modern technologies. The classrooms are equipped with interactive whiteboards, hardware essential for videoconferences. Extensive resources of online-library, both Russian and international databases are at students’ service. The university administration assigns (attaches) great importance to the development of academic mobility of the lecturers and works actively on inviting Russian and foreign explorers (scientists) well-known in the scientific and educational environment. The university offers different areas of training in specialist’s, bachelor’s and master’s programs, as well as a postgraduate course.



Institutes and faculties

  • Institute of Medicine
  • Faculty of Information Technology
  • Agriculture technology institute
  • Institute of Economics and Finance
  • Biology and Department of Chemistry Faculty of Physics and Information and Communication Technologies
  • Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science
  • Faculty of Geography and Geoecology
  • International Law department

Medicine Institute

The development of the country’s health care system depends directly on the quality and quantity of young health workers being released. The Medical Institute of the Chechen State University has been established and is functioning in the country to carry out this important task. The institute has a great responsibility to train highly qualified specialists and reduce the existence of medicine shortages in the country. The institute’s educational programs are designed to train specialists with university-level knowledge in natural, humanitarian and professional disciplines. A lot of attention is paid to the study of a foreign language, the development of modern information technologies in medicine, based on the professional focus of the specialists produced.


  • Normal and topographical anatomy with surgical surgery
  • Faculty and Hospital Pediatrics
  • Histology and Pathological Anatomy
  • Faculty therapy
  • Hospital therapy
  • Humanitarian, natural science and social disciplines
  • Public health and health
  • Hospital surgery
  • Obstetrics and gynecology
  • Normal and pathological physiology
  • Polyclinic therapy
  • Chemical disciplines and pharmacology
  • General dentistry
  • Microbiology and Biology
  • Safety and disaster medicine



All international students are free to use a university-managed accommodation. The building of student halls is situated within 3 km from the main building of the university. It is a 5-story building, wherein each story has 2 shared laundry rooms and 1 study room.

There are 2 types of rooms that can accommodate 170 students in total.

 Double rooms include features as private WC, shower, kitchen and balcony;
Suite-style rooms are divided into several categories:

  • double and triple rooms share such amenities as WC, shower and kitchen with another room.
  • 5-person suite is comprised of one double room and one triple room that are connected by a shared private hallway, WC, kitchen, shower and balcony.



Grozny, also spelled Groznyy, city and capital of the Republic of Chechnya, Russia.  Grozny is a city in Russia, the capital of the Chechnya Republic, standing on both banks of the Sunzha River, the tributary of the Terek River. Grozny city climate is temperate continental with mild winters, long and hot summers. The average temperature in January is -2 degrees, in July — +24 degrees. Large-scale reconstruction of the city was carried out in recent years. The airport “Grozny” offers flights to Moscow.

In the center of the city, you can see a large Islamic complex with a total area of almost 14 hectares. On its territory, there is the mosque “Heart of Chechnya” (the largest in Europe). Grozny is the home city of the Russian Premier League football club “FC Terek” playing in Sultan Bilimkhanov stadium.


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      1. Shahriyar says:

        Hello my name is shahriyar .I am airplane mechanical technical student in my country. I would like to join in your university. I have an ielts .my ielts number is 5.5 .please help me about joining. Thank you

      2. Belete Mekonnen says:

        I graduated with BSc in public health in the background of nursing and I want to study master’s in public health .Can I get an opportunity and the details ,pls

        • Edugain Overseas says:

          Greetings! Sure, we will send you all the information about courses via email. Have a nice day!

      3. Adelrahman says:

        I am an Egyptian guy who wanna study engineering ( michatronics or michanics ) or computer science .
        But i don’t know how much it cost for te college per a year

      4. Henrietta Afenya Barry says:

        I’m interested
        How do I apply?

      5. Muhammad Jameel says:

        May I know the fees for Medical degree in the Chechnya?

        Also what is the basic academic requirement?

        Is there age limitations?

        • Edugain Overseas says:

          Hello! There are no age limitations. We will send you all the necessary information about fee structure and requirements via email. Have a nice day!

      6. Colin Williams says:

        I will like to enroll

      7. Ali tamer says:

        Business administration

        • Edugain Overseas says:

          Good day! We will send you all the information about this course at the university via email. Have a nice day!

      8. Faculty of Information Technology

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