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Bussines courses


Business and Economics Degrees


A Business Degree, such as an MBA or a Master’s in Management will cover all aspects related to conducting business. It includes managing and motivating the business team, understanding the way the company makes money and how to reinvest it, how products are advertised, and helping the company grow and develop business both at home and internationally.

Graduates of Business and Management specialties in our partner Universities in Ukraine, Russia, Poland, Uzbekistan, Latvia, and Georgia have a huge amount of career opportunities and overseas internships after graduation and can choose any career path they wish, but the most popular are: 

  • Management Trainee
  • Financial Management Consultant
  • Operations Analyst
  • Junior Portfolio Manager
  • Junior Economist
  • Underwriter Trainee
  • Economic Research Assistant
  • Purchasing Associate
  • Sales Representative
  • Market Research Analyst
  • Financial Advisor/Analyst
  • Audit Consultant
  • Client Associate
  • Securities Broker
  • Public Administration Assistant
  • Financial Planner
  • Investment Analyst
  • Investment Operations Associate

Business Administration is a branch of Business and Management that will teach you how to lead a company or business venture, keep track of performance and make crucial decisions that will result in developing a better and more profitable business.

A Business Administration program in our partner Universities offers many benefits and development potential, but will also demand a lot from you. Universities are looking for determined, motivated students who will become the entrepreneurs of tomorrow.

A Master in Business Administration (M.B.A.) is the perfect degree for people who either consider themselves or aspire to become natural leaders. Business students will learn how to manage a company or small business more intelligently and efficiently.

Business Administration programs are also suited for students who already have work experience in a business-related or management field for 5-10 years, and are interested in taking their knowledge up a notch. Online M.B.A.s are also popular and rewarding study options for international students who can’t afford to go abroad or have any other circumstances to choose online studies.

As a graduate of a Bachelor’s or Master’s in Business Administration (B.B.A. or M.B.A.) in Ukraine, your job offers will be varied and quite impressive, allowing you to become a business owner, risk management consultant, financial planner, purchasing agent, research analyst, marketing representative, quality assurance specialist, office manager.

The study of Economics examines the production, allocation, and consumption of resources, how markets function, and consumer behavior. A Bachelor’s degree in Economics and Business Administration is a 4-year Undergraduate degree that is one of the most demanded specialties among students worldwide.  Students of Economic specialties at our partner Universities in Ukraine, Russia, Poland, Uzbekistan, Latvia, and Georgia will examine economics on macro and micro scales, so students interested in the consumption behavior of households or the global market will gain a fundamental understanding of economics principles and systems. 

Bachelor`s of Economics focuses on topics such as International Trade and Finance, Economics and Public Policy, Natural Resources, the environment, and research in economics and management sciences. Graduates of Undergraduate Economics programs at our partner Universities in Ukraine, Russia, Poland, Uzbekistan, Latvia, and Georgia can go on to entry-level positions in educational institutions, financial institutions, international organizations, private sector corporations, or government, to name a few options.

A Master’s in Economics goes deeper into the study process; studying processes allows every student to choose a specialization and develop oneself in the chosen field of Economics on a higher level. Master’s in Economics degree from our partner Universities in Ukraine, Russia, Poland, Uzbekistan, Latvia, and Georgia allow its graduates to experience the importance of the financial flow and critically analyze a growing financial market.

Modern technologies made a great impact on economic world development, therefore students of Master in Economics programs focus on modern theories of finance, quantitative analysis skills, and how economists can apply these in real-life situations.

A higher degree in Economics from our partner Universities in Ukraine, Russia, Poland, Uzbekistan, Latvia, and Georgia will not only allow you to work for world-famous corporations but also as a government adviser or as a consultant in the public sector. 

Management Degrees


Project Management is an essential aspect of conducting business. People who study this specialty for Bachelor’s or Master’s degrees in our partner Universities in Ukraine, Russia, Poland, Uzbekistan, Latvia, and Georgia will learn how to be responsible for projects and strategies within an organization. Studying Project Management will teach you to meet deadlines, manage budgets and achieve the objectives set by the company.

Students who graduate with degrees in Project Management from our partner Universities in  European and Asian countries find job opportunities such:

  • Project Coordinators;
  • Project Analysts;
  • Industrial Production Managers;
  • Administrative Managers;
  • Quality Experts;
  • Project Assistants;
  • Project Administrators;
  • Administrative Assistant;
  • Marketing Coordinator;
  • Customer Service Manager;
  • Project coordinator;
  • Event manager;
  • Training Coordinator.

Retail management is a subdiscipline of the general field of Management that deals with overseeing the distribution and selling of products directly to consumers, in specific vending points such as shops, chain stores, markets, and malls. Retail managers are in charge of everyday operations within a retail store or department. They make a plan of promoting merchandise, organize employees, handle customer service, and supervise inventories. Retail managers also have to understand client profiles and empathize with their needs to adjust product supply and anticipate demand, to increase profits. 

Management graduates in European and Asian countries have a wide range of career opportunities and overseas internships and can work as managers of hotels, catering, food and beverages companies, travel agencies, and franchise chains among many others. Examples of professional positions include purchasing manager, logistics and distribution manager, personnel manager, merchandise planner, store director, or division merchandising manager.

Risk Management is the business discipline that deals with anticipating, evaluating, and addressing possible consequences of strategic actions within an organization. Risk managers are financial experts that have the necessary knowledge, skills, and experience to identify and evaluate risk factors, and implement strategic plans to prevent or minimize losses. They are required to protect an organization’s assets and incomes, employees, reputation, and shareholders.

Career prospects in European and Asian countries include titles such as financial business risk analyst, risk manager, director of corporate risk management, market risk quantitative analyst, etc. Typically, graduates in risk management are already young professionals working in small or large national companies, corporations, banks, audit firms, insurance companies, financial consultancy agencies, or governmental agencies. 

Strategic Management is a business sub-discipline concerned with the coordinating of material and human resources within an organization, to achieve long-term business goals. Strategic managers hold front roles in the process of decision-making and deal with specialized operations such as setting company objectives, evaluating the means of attaining them, formulating and implementing plans, or anticipating outcomes.

Career prospects for graduates in Strategy Management include administrator, organizational manager, marketing manager, business consultant, planning specialist, brand manager, corporate service manager, development manager, or executive assistant.

Technology Management deals with the design, development, operation, and use of technological products and services to help increase efficiency and deliver value to an organization. Technology management is closely related to other disciplines such as business intelligence and analytics, IT, user experience design, innovation management, and strategic management.

Career prospects for graduates in European and Asian countries include job titles such as IT analyst, network administrator, business information manager, IT director, e-business developer, and others. Professionals operate in various areas including network technology, internet services, cyber security, system development, technical sales, or IT consulting.

Transport Management also referred to as transportation and logistics management studies the processes involved in the planning and coordination of delivering persons or goods from one place to another. Transportation managers are responsible for the complete reception and effective shipment of cargo for a trading company. They also deal with the safe and reliable transportation of passengers, as well as developing shipment relationships and partnerships.

Graduates of a Masters’s program in Transportation Management typically work in international trading and commerce, in passenger transport companies on road, rail, air, or sea. They also operate in the construction industry, national or local administration, travel agencies, supermarket chains, manufacturing companies, and many more. Some clients prefer outsourcing logistics to experts, so transportation managers can also practice in special consultancy firms.

Master in Management (MiM) Degrees


Master in Management, or MiM, is a Postgraduate academic degree that provides obtaining general management and organization knowledge and skills. Recently, the Master in Management has developed as an affordable alternative to the Master of Business Administration (MBA), for graduates from diverse disciplinary backgrounds with little or no professional business experience who wish to transition towards a management career. 

Graduates of Management Masters from our partner Universities in Ukraine, Russia, Poland, Uzbekistan, Latvia, and Georgia benefit from extensive career choices in many fields and industries such as Marketing, Accounting and Finance, Human Resources, Healthcare, Supply Chain Management, Consultancy, Public Administration and others. They may work as Marketing Managers, Account Managers, Financial Analysts, Budget Strategists, Business Consultants, Investment Brokers, and more.

Other Specialties


Entrepreneurship can be defined as a business-related area where leaders of organizations are not afraid to take risks and tackle innovative solutions to boost their business performance and ensure the highest income. Good entrepreneurs use their creativity and apply strategic thinking to create effective business plans.

Career prospects for graduates in Entrepreneurship in European and Asian countries are business managers and administrators for different departments in various companies or organizations, business or financial consultants, research developers, management analysts, franchise owners, project managers, and more.

Finance is a subject that analyses and interprets financial markets, economic trends, banking, assets, and liabilities, as well as investments. People who work in Finance can analyze data and then make long-term financial planning, offering recommendations based on their findings. The aim is to help governments, companies, and people make better financial decisions.

Students who graduate with degrees in Finance from our partner Universities in Ukraine, Russia, Poland, Uzbekistan, Latvia, and Georgia pursue careers such as financial analyst, commercial or investment banker, stock, insurance or real estate broker, economist, tax adviser, financial manager, and others.

Marketing refers to activities a company undertakes to promote the buying or selling of a product or service. Marketing includes advertising, selling, and delivering products to consumers or other businesses. Effective Marketing strategies address the right people and turn them into loyal customers who will return for future services and who will recommend your services.

Graduates from Marketing Courses from our partner Universities in Ukraine, Russia, Poland, Uzbekistan, Latvia, and Georgia have a wide range of career opportunities and overseas internships as Market Researchers, Advertising Account Executives, Media Planners, Public Relations Officers, Social Media Managers, and many others.

Management, Organizational and Leadership studies comprise the knowledge necessary for planning, organizing, and supervising the resources of an organization. The Manager of an Enterprise focuses on maintaining the business competitive and meeting the goals and objectives settled by the strategic plan while employing both human and material resources.

Graduates in Management, Organization, and Leadership from our partner Universities in Ukraine, Russia, Poland, Uzbekistan, Latvia, and Georgia can build their careers in any area or industry that implies following a business plan. 

These areas include Retail, Construction, Hospitality, and Tourism, IT, Supply Chain and Logistics, Manufacturing, Or Public Administration. After graduating, young specialists in Management could be part of the sales staff as Assistant Accountants or even Area Sales Managers. By mid-level, they should have positions like Sales and Marketing Manager or Operations Manager. Finally, advanced professionals become part of the Board of Directors, General Managers, or Chief Executive Officers (CEO).

Accounting is the process of communicating financial information about a business entity to relevant users or entities such as potential shareholders, creditors (including banks or vendors), financial analysts, economists, and government agencies. Accounting can be divided into two major fields: management accounting and financial accounting. Management accounting concentrates on reporting to people inside the business entity and provides information to employees, managers, owner-managers, and auditors.

Accounting graduates in European and Asian countries choose from career options such as Accountant, Payroll Clerk, Economist, Tax Adviser, Management Consultant, Retail Banker, Auditor, Treasury Analyst, Cost Estimator, Anti-Money Laundering Specialist, and Chief Financial Officer.

Public Administration is concerned with the implementation of governmental policy that serves the wide population, carrying political activity and decisions into action, and developing public programs for the well-being of the society and the citizens. The aims of public administration are linked to democratic values like equality, security, and justice.

Graduates with a Public Administration Degree from our partner Universities in Ukraine, Russia, Poland, Uzbekistan, Latvia, and Georgia can follow careers as Charity Officers, Civil Service Administrators, Local Government Officers, Social Researchers, Education Or Healthcare Administrators, Public Affairs/Administration Consultant, Urban Planner, Budget Analyst, Labor Relation Specialist.

Human Resource Management is a subdiscipline of Business and Management studies. Human Resource Management is an essential part of any business and deals with recruiting the right people for the right positions, as well as managing and offering guidance for employees during their stay in a company.

Students who graduate with degrees in Human Resource Management from our partner Universities in Ukraine, Russia, Poland, Uzbekistan, Latvia, and Georgia can engage in the following careers: Human Resource Officer, Office Manager, Occupational Psychologist, Career Adviser, Recruitment Consultant, Training and Development Officer, and others.

Supply Chain Management and Logistics is a subject that deals with sourcing raw materials and components required by companies to manufacture their products. People who work in Logistics focus on improving the overall performance of the supply chain, to ensure the fastest possible delivery.

A Bachelor’s or Master’s Degree in Supply Chain Management and Logistics from our partner Universities in Ukraine, Russia, Poland, Uzbekistan, Latvia, and Georgia will allow you to choose from a wide range of careers paths as a Project Manager, Industry Analyst, Global Logistics Manager, Transportation Director, Supply Chain Consultant, and others.

Agribusiness is a sub-field of business, management, and organization studies that deals with making a profit from agriculture and corporate farming. Agribusiness includes the production, processing, and inventory of agricultural goods. It involves the management of agronomic equipment and technologies, raw materials, suppliers, workforce, and other resources involved in agriculture. 

Graduates in Agribusiness from our partner Universities in Ukraine, Russia, Poland, Uzbekistan, Latvia, and Georgia can work in a diverse range of industries and positions from Accounting, Insurance, and Banking, to Managing Seed Production, Farm Management, International Marketing or Retail Sales. Professionals can practice in product development corporations, retail marketing firms, food processing companies, consultancy agencies, and public, governmental, or financial institutions.

Auditing refers to the process of examining financial reports and documents of an organization by a third party, independent of that organization. Ukrainian universities usually offer Postgraduate-level courses in Auditing, such as certificates, concentrations, training programs, or degrees. Auditors generally have a Degree in Accounting or Finance, and sometimes they have years of professional economical experience.

Internal auditors with Degrees from Asian and European Universities typically work in the private sector, independently, or as members of an accounting team. Their services are employed by trading companies, professional firms outsourced by client companies, corporations, charity organizations, and others. External auditors usually work for governmental bodies or as associates of certified accounting offices.

Business Intelligence and Analytics is a discipline that uses digital tools and strategies to analyze business data. The gathered information is used to improve business operations, make future predictions and adapt strategies to fit observed trends.

Business Intelligence and Analytics graduates from our partner Universities in Ukraine, Russia, Poland, Uzbekistan, Latvia, and Georgia have successful careers as system analysts, senior stats analysts, program developers, business operation consultants, business intelligence managers, and others.

Commerce is a sub-field of business and economics that comprises all the activities that lead to the exchange of goods and services from producers to clients. It deals with buying, selling, and investing, the distribution of products, covering market demand, and creating new business opportunities, among others. E-commerce is a branch of commerce that has rapidly evolved over the years, which implies the acquisition and sale of products via the internet.

Graduates in Commerce from our partner Universities in Ukraine, Russia, Poland, Uzbekistan, Latvia, and Georgia can easily find positions in corporations, small businesses, non-profit organizations, banks, outsourcing, insuring, audit and consulting firms, in governmental agencies or the E-commerce industry because trading is an essential day-to-day activity.

Corporate Communication deals with the exchange of business information within and outside an organization. Corporate Communication involves mostly preserving a coherent corporate identity and promoting a positive brand icon.

Graduates of Corporate Communication Courses from our partner Universities in Ukraine, Russia, Poland, Uzbekistan, Latvia, and Georgia will be prepared to work as communications specialists in business, industry, public administration, and non-profit organizations. Career prospects include various positions such as Business Spokesman, Marketing Specialist, Technical Copywriter, Public Speaking Trainer, Publicity Manager, Campaign Director, or Media Planner.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) deals with the impact of organizational activities on society and the environment. Socially responsible enterprises offer donations and support charitable activities, and social actions, as well as degrees related to environmental studies.

Graduates of CSR at our partner Universities in Ukraine, Russia, Poland, Uzbekistan, Latvia, and Georgia practice in different work environments from non-profit organizations, to corporations to governmental bodies or consultancy firms. Career prospects include strategic communicator, sustainability consultant, environmental and social risk manager, sustainability commercial director, corporate governance manager, senior ecologist, etc.

Executive MBA, or EMBA, is a Graduate Academic Degree in Business Administration designed especially for working business professionals and senior executives. EMBA graduates in European and Asian countries pursue a wide range of advanced management careers in public and private organizations heads of company departments, senior decision makers, or CEOs.

Forensic Accounting or Forensic Accountancy is an interdisciplinary field that involves the use of specific accounting procedures to investigate financial statements or irregularities. Forensic accountants analyze business reports and financial evidence, and their findings can be used in legal proceedings.

Graduates in Forensic Accountancy in European and Asian countries can develop careers within insurance companies, accounting and law firms, banks, police forces, government bodies, law enforcement agencies, and other organizations.

Innovation Management is a subdiscipline in the general field of management that implies creating, planning, and supervising new organizational trends, to support business growth. It deals with discovering new niches, imagining new services and technologies, testing breakthrough corporate practices, establishing brand extensions, and foreseeing market trends.

Innovation managers in European and Asian countries typically have strategic positions in corporations, IT firms, governmental agencies, and financial institutions. They may also practice in the Investment-Banking field or may choose consultancy positions, as well as careers in research or academia.

International Business is a great study choice in the increasingly connected modern world. By completing a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in International Business, you’ll discover the processes behind the commercial exchange of goods and services and learn how international markets work.

With a Bachelor’s or Master’s Degree in International Business from our partner Universities in Ukraine, Russia, Poland, Uzbekistan, Latvia, and Georgia, you can become a Business Development Manager, Data Scientist, Financial Trader, Sales Executive, Supply Chain Manager and others.

Taxation refers to the practice of collecting money from citizens and trading companies by government institutions, to finance public institutions, goods, and services. Tax professionals can help organizations take important business decisions, by providing financial counseling and guidance.

Graduates in Taxation from European and Asian Universities can work as Tax Advisors and Analysts, Investigators, Auditors, tax partners in Accounting and Law Firms, Revenue Managers, Policy Makers, and Tax Inspectors, among others. Professionals can work in accountancy and law firms, investment, insurance agencies, software companies, the public sector, or charities.


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