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Bukhara State University


About University


Bukhara State University received its governmental accreditation in 1992. Bukhara State University ranked 1st in Uzbekistan in the 2018 national rankings in graduates quality. Studying foreign languages and social science is a great opportunity to improve your level of knowledge in various study fields and get a higher degree in a top-ranked University. 

In 2021, University become the best study destination for more than 22,000 students, who wanted to study pedagogy or languages in Undergraduate or Postgraduate Courses. The number of prominent and professional academic staff is nearly 900 in 13 faculties. They are ready to assist students at every step of the education process and consult them about every research project.

There are more than 100 international cooperation agreements of the university with foreign partners. The number of international students in Undergraduate and Postgraduate courses has reached 500. Special attention is given to double-degree programs. In 2021, 4 Bachelor’s and 4 Master’s double degree programs are operating with high-ranked foreign universities.

Bukhara State University ranks among the top universities in Uzbekistan and Central Asia with a developed international partners network. The university is a constant member of international educational projects, such as Erasmus+, UNICEN, and others, close ties are established with international organizations like JICA, KOICA, British Council, etc.  


  • Faculty of Pedagogy
    • Psychology
    • Labor Education
    • Pedagogy 
  • Faculty of Physics and Mathematics
    • Information Technologies
    • Mathematics
    • Physics
  • Faculty of Natural Sciences
    • Biology
    • Chemistry
    • Ecology
  • Faculty of Philology
    • Uzbek Literature
    • Uzbek Philology
    • Russian Language and Literature
  • Faculty of Foreign Languages
    • German and French languages
    • English Philology
    • English Literature
    • Department of Foreign Languages in Humanitarian Direction
    • Department of Foreign Languages in Natural Directions
  • Faculty of Preschool and Primary School Education
    • Elementary Education
    • Preschool Education
    • Elementary Education Methodology
  • Faculty of History and Cultural Heritage
    • History and Source-Study of Islam, Philosophy
    • National Ideas, Foundations of Spirituality and Law
    • History of Bukhara
    • World History
  • Faculty of Physical Education
    • Theory and Methodology of Physical Education
    • Physical Education
  • Faculty of Basic Military Education
    • Basic Military Education 
  • Faculty of Economics and Tourism
    • Economics
    • Tourism and Hotel Management
    • The Economy of the Service Sector
  • Faculty of Art
    • Fine Arts and Engineering Graphics
    • Musical Education
  • Faculty of Agronomy and Biotechnology
    • Soil Science and Geography



The accommodation provided for the students of Bukhara State University will allow them to enjoy their independence in safe, welcoming, and sociable surroundings. The university provides comfortable conditions for all willing international students. The administration of the University is ready to do its best to make the life of international students in Uzbekistan comfortable and remember, that is why all places are renovated and pleasant to live and study in.

Rooms are fully equipped with furniture: beds, tables, desks, chairs, and wardrobes. One of the main features of the Student Dormitory is round-the-clock security, video surveillance, and a pass-through system. Due to it every resident can feel safe on the territory and enjoy its privacy. Every room is equipped with full bedding that changes three times a month. All furniture is modern and new in every room of the hostel. Studying and reading rooms are in permanent access to study and relax. An uninterrupted supply of cold and hot water is guaranteed for every resident. For comfortable rest, free WI-FI in the lobby and rooms is also available.

International Cooperation


Bukhara State University has a huge amount of signed collaboration agreements and memoranda with 128 foreign universities and educational organizations. It opens for students several possibilities to live and study abroad, get into new cultures and traditions, improve their level of foreign languages and get new experiences during international internships

Foreign partner of Bukhara State University is a famous education institution abroad, educational organization, international organization, and funds. There are some of them:

  • Fukuoka Education Research Center – Japan
  • Aquila University – Italy
  • Yongsan University – Korea
  • Omsk State Pedagogical University – Russian Federation
  • Sultan Idris Pedagogical University – Malaysia
  • Novosibirsk State University – Russian Federation
  • Moscow State Pedagogical University – Russian Federation
  • University of Pisa – Italy
  • University of Padua – Italy
  • Alikante University – Spain
  • South Kazakhstan State Pedagogical Institute – Kazakhstan
  • Kazan Federal University – Russian Federation
  • M.V. Lomonosov Moscow State University – Russian Federation
  • Kurnakov Institute of General and Inorganic Chemistry of the Russian Academy of Sciences – Russian Federation
  • Sh. Kokshetauskim State University named after Alikhanova – Kazakhstan
  • Riga Technical University – Latvia
  • School of Information Systems Management – Latvia
  • Porto University – Portugal
  • International Institutes of Central Asian Studies
  • Chelyabinsk Academy of Culture and Arts – Russian Federation


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