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Belgorod State University “Faculty of Medicine”


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Belgorod State University is one of the oldest universities of Belgorod and the largest university of the Belgorod region. Belgorod State University was established in 1876 as a pedagogical institute. In 1919 Belgorod Pedagogical Institute was converted into Belgorod Pedagogical Institute and in 1920 — in Belgorod Institute of Education. In 1923, the Belgorod Institute of Education was reorganized into Pedagogical College which in 1939 was converted in Belgorod State Pedagogical Institute. In 1967, the Belgorod State Pedagogical Institute named after M. Olminskogo. In 1994, the Belgorod State Pedagogical Institute named after M. Olminskogo renamed into Belgorod State Pedagogical University named after M. Olminskogo. In July 1996, Belgorod State Pedagogical University named after M. Olminskogo, Faculty of Financial and Economic Institute of the Russian State Committee for Higher Education and the Medical College of Belgorod in Belgorod region became one university which is today known as Belgorod State University. In the national ranking of universities the Belgorod State University holds 37th place among best 100 universities. Today Belgorod State University has 25 thousand students from 85 regions of Russia, 1800 foreign students from 76 countries, 72 institutes and faculty, 2 branches, 98 departments and 74 research centers and laboratories.




  • Faculty of Medicine
  • Faculty of Pediatrics And Medical Business
  • Faculty of Dentistry
  • Faculty of Pharmacy
  • Faculty of Law
  • Faculty of Physical Education
  • Faculty of Pre-School, Primary, And Special Education
  • Faculty of History And Philology
  • Faculty of Mathematics And Science Education
  • Faculty of Foreign Languages
  • Faculty of Psychology
  • Faculty of Intercultural Communication And International Relations
  • Preparatory Faculty
  • Faculty of Management
  • Faculty of Economics
  • Faculty of Business And Service
  • Faculty of Engineering Technology And Science
  • Faculty of Information Technology And Applied Mathematics
  • Faculty of Engineering Physics
  • Faculty of Biology And Chemistry
  • Faculty of Mining And Environmental Management
  • Faculty of Journalism
  • Faculty of Social And Theological

Faculty of Medical Affairs and Pediatrics

The process of education
The faculty offers the following specialty “General medicine”, “Pediatrics”, “Dentistry”, “Nursing”. There are 448 foreign students from different countries studying in the faculty. 178 of them are studying in English.

The term of study in the field of:
General medicine – 6 years;
Pediatrics – 6 years;
Nursing full-time – 4 years, part-time – 5 years;

Graduates in the field of:
“General medicine” and “Pediatrics” get qualified “physician”;
“Nursing” – receive the qualification “nurse”;

The material-technical base of the faculty allows each student to a high level to master all the disciplines of the curriculum. Equipped with the most modern equipment available to students are:
Anatomical hall.
Laboratory of molecular human genetics.
Morphological laboratory.
Laboratory of clinical biochemistry.
Laboratory frontierlike and chronophotography.
Laboratory of immunohistochemistry.

Students of the medical faculty have access to all departments of medical institutions of the city. This allows you to fully prepare for future practical activities as medical therapy books, pediatricians, dentists, and managers. For homework, the students have a solid library and free access to the global computer network Internet. Students, in parallel with the main specialty, can absentia in addition to obtaining the second higher economic or legal education.

Residency and internship
For graduates of the faculty on a specialty “Medical business” open the following post-graduate specialization programs of two-year clinical residency:

  • surgery
  • obstetrics and gynecology
  • therapy
  • anesthesiology and resuscitation
  • infectious diseases
  • psychiatry
  • neurology
  • ambulance
  • cardiology
  • family medicine
  • regenerative medicine
  • reflexology
  • manual therapy
  • pathological anatomy,
  • and one-year clinical internship:
  • surgery
  • obstetrics and gynecology
  • therapy
  • neurology
  • ambulance
  • pathological anatomy.

The faculty is functioning successfully graduate in 7 specialties:

Obstetrics and gynecology the Department of obstetrics and gynecology)
Psychiatry (Department of Psychiatry and narcology)
Genetics (Department of Biomedical Sciences)
Pathological anatomy (Department of Pathology)
System analysis, management and information processing (Department of propaedeutic of internal diseases and clinical information technology)

Heads of clinical residents, interns and graduate students are leading specialists of the faculty – professors and associate professors of clinical and theoretical departments.

Social Activities
Apart from studies, the faculty provides students with various pastime activities. The academic year starts with the Knowledge Day on the 1 of September, followed by an official student welcoming ceremony later on. In spring there is a Healthcare Day at Titovka — the University’s recreational base, where students play games, socialize and get to know each other. During the school year, there are sport competitions, concerts, and miscellaneous contests. We also celebrate national holidays of students from African, Latin American, Arabic and Indian cultures. Students have access to the University Sport and Health Care Center where they can use the swimming pool and fitness equipment, take dancing classes and more.

Faculty of Pharmacy

The Pharmaceutical Department of Belgorod State University was established in 2003 years. From 2007 years Pharmaceutical Department of Belgorod State University (BelSU) started functioning as an independent Pharmaceutical Faculty.

The process of education

Faculty of Pharmacy includes such chairs as: Pharmaceutics, Pharmacy Organization and Economics, Pharmaceutical Chemistry, and Pharmacognosy. The high level of education is provided by 128 people of teaching staff, among them 16 professors, more than 70 lecturers, headteachers and Candidates of Science that work in BelSU. Modern educational technologies are used in academic activity, which includes business games, case studies, modeling practice situations and etc.

Students are greatly interested in the future profession. During five years of study the students learn different subjects from fundamental to narrow special such as Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Pharmacy Organization and Economics, Pharmacognosy, Pharmaceutics and Pharmacology. In the future specialists can work at pharmacies, different pharmaceutical organizations, chemistry plants.

Degree offered on Pharmaceutical Faculty graduation – Pharmaceutist – Technologist for new drug production; Pharmaceutist – Analyst for drug quality control; Pharmaceutist – Manager. Qualification in Pharmacy – Pharmaceutist. Today Pharmaceutical Faculty has a day time department (the 5 years of education).

The material and technical base
The material and technical base of chairs provides the professional preparation of future specialists. Internet technology, the newest informative program workings in Pharmacy Organization and Economics, the modern instrumental methods of analysis remedy are used in academic activity. The Pharmaceutical Faculty has buildings reserved for studies and such specialized
laboratories as the Facility of Pharmaceutics, Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Pharmacognosy. The Pharmacy of BelSU is a training and production facility of the Pharmaceutical Faculty.

Research work
The high potential of teaching staff is realized through the following scientific researches:

  • the perfecting of pharmaceutical management in Pharmacy and pharmaceutical marketing;
  • the methodology of creating drug forms with using modern informative technology;
  • the analysis of natural and synthetic biologically active substances in subjects of different

The staff members of faculty participate in numerous grants. The results of their studies are reconfirmed by numerous licenses and implementations in practice public health.

Students interested in research activities can join scientific societies that work at all chairs of the Pharmaceutical Faculty. There they can master their knowledge and research talents that can be useful for continuing studies.

International Contacts
The Pharmaceutical Faculty collaborates on contractual terms with German pharmaceutical company “Naturwaren”. Annually the best students attend this company and have training courses on their grounds.

Social and Educational Activities
Although studies are the most important part of students’ life, there are wide ranges of opportunities for entertainment and sports. Pharmaceutical Faculty has such good traditions as a celebration of The Day of Pharmacist; the Days of Health and many others. The Pharmaceutical Faculty has the team of Club of the cheerful and sharp-witted.



The faculty established a research laboratory and preventive regenerative medicine. Clinical faculties are located in the leading medical institutions of Belgorod.

  • Belgorod regional clinical hospital of Saint Joasaph
  • City clinical hospital № 1
  • City clinical hospital № 2
  • Regional infectious diseases hospital
  • Regional clinical psychiatric hospital
  • Regional perinatal center
  • Regional skin and venereal dispensary
  • Regional TB dispensary
  • Urban polyclinics
  • Children’s regional hospital
  • City children’s hospital
  • Dental clinic
  • Fourth children’s clinic.

To train students in the clinical disciplines are also a number of specialized diagnostic and treatment centers, Belgorod:
Centre of Coloproctology
Centre of surgery of the liver and pancreas Nephrology center and other




The history of the campus of the Belgorod State National Research University begins with the transfer of a pedagogical institute to a new educational complex on Studentskaya Street. In 1970, the student hostel number 2 was commissioned, in 1977 – the hostel number 3, in 1979 – the hostel number 1, in 2003 – the hostel number 4. In 2010, campus accepted into his family hostels № 6 and 7, located on the street. At the end of 2013, the hostel number 5 was put into operation – the pride of the university.


Hostel number 1, 3
Provision with the soft and hard inventory at the established standard rates – 100%; Fitness for use by persons with disabilities – the presence of a lifting platform with the vertical open movement for disabled persons in an unaccompanied chair; additional lighting; Buffets, canteens

Hostel number 2
Provision with the soft and hard inventory at the established standard rates – 100%; Fitness for use by persons with disabilities – the presence of handrails; additional lighting; Buffets, canteens

Hostel number 4, 5
Provision with the soft and hard inventory at the established standard rates – 100%; Fitness for use by persons with disabilities – the presence of a ramp; extended doorways; elevators; special equipment for bathrooms and showers; specially equipped furniture; additional lighting; Buffets, canteens

Hostel number 6, 7
Provision with the soft and hard inventory at the established standard rates – 100%; Fitness for use by persons with disabilities – the presence of handrails Buffets, canteens

Places in the dormitories are provided for temporary residence and accommodation: for the period of study of nonresident citizens who study full-time under the undergraduate programs, specialties, master’s programs, programs for the training of scientific and pedagogical personnel in graduate school, residency programs; students of correspondence courses for the period of intermediate and final certification in the presence of an appropriate specialized housing fund. The living room is assigned to the residents for the entire period of study, subject to the contractual obligations in the educational institution, and subject to positive certification of the student living in the dormitory.

Campus today
Today the campus of the National Research University “BelSU” combines 7 hostels, designed for 3,739 places inhabited by students and graduate students from Russia and other countries of the world, studying at our university. All the dormitories are equipped with a modern fire alarm system and emergency notification of people in case of fire with access to the control panel of the university’s single dispatching service. Each resident has the ability to access the Internet from his room. At night, the dormitories are under the supervision of private security (there is a call button). Residents and guests who come to the university each time note that the campus of the Belgorod State University with its flower beds and the original embankment is a great place
not only for students but also for city walks. 

In 2010, the campus of the National Research University “BelSU” was recognized as the most comfortable according to the results of the All-Russian competition for the best student dormitory. Belgorod State University became a laureate in the nomination “The best-landscaped area of ​​the student campus”. The competition was attended by over 200 universities.

In the All-Russian competition in 2013 for the best student dormitory among universities, our university won the nomination “The best organization of student access to public information systems in the dormitory (campus)”. The activity of the campus administration is aimed at rallying the multinational student body and at creating a sense of pride in their hometown and the entire university. Each nonresident student of the National Research University “BelSU” can get a place in one of
the university hostels.



Belgorod Overview
Belgorod is an administrative center and capital of Belgorod oblast of Russia standing on the banks of the Seversky Donets River about 700 km south of Moscow and 40 km from the Ukrainian border. There is an international airport in Belgorod (EGO). Belgorod population is 374,000 (2012), land area – 153 sq. km.

Belgorod Features
Belgorod from the Russian language means “a white city” (the area of the city was rich in limestone). It is the cultural, economic, scientific, and transport center of the region. The City Day is celebrated on August 5. Belgorod is one of the cleanest and well-planned cities in Russia. There are several educational centers in the city: Belgorod State University, Belgorod Technological
University, Belgorod Agricultural Academy and Belgorod Financial Academy.

Belgorod History
The first time the settlement on the present Belgorod territory was mentioned in 1237. That time the village was completely destroyed by the Batu Khan invasion on Russian lands. The settlement was founded again in 1596 (official foundation date) by Boris Godunov’s order. The settlement was playing the role of the fortress on the southern border of the Russian state defending the country from Crimean Tatars raids. Later the border of Russia moved to the south and the fortress lost its importance. The area of the town became the part of the Kursk guberniya of the Russian Empire. Belgorod was captured by the Nazi Germany army in October 1941, and finally liberated by the Soviet army in August 1943. The city was heavily damaged during the numerous battles and was completely rebuilt after the war. In 1954, the city received the status of the administrative center of the Belgorod region.

Belgorod Attractions
There are museums of various types: Historical and of Local Study, Arts, Literature, Diorama “Kursk Battle – Belgorod direction”, Folk Culture Museum. The largest traditional cultural events of Belgorod are as follows: International Festival of Puppet Theaters “Belgorodskaya Fun”, All-Russia Theater Festival “Actors of Russia – to M.S.Shepkin”, cultural exchanges of cities and districts of the oblast as parts of cultural relay-race, International competitions of violinists, guitar-players and folk instrument players, Chorus Festivals named after S.A.Degtyaryov and G.Ya.Lomakin and others.


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